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Morphett Air Conditioning



Customer Service

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Morphett Air Conditioning
  • Excellent pricing
  • Great customer service
  • Services rural areas
  • Quick response times
  • Deals and promotions available
  • Competitive pricing


Morphett Air Conditioning
  • Doesn't generally install apartments
  • Average response times
  • No weekend availability
  • $150 on-site quote, taken off price if install proceeds
  • No weekend availability
  • Installation only - no repair


Of the top three air conditioning installation companies in Adelaide, ScottsAir is one of the largest in South Australia and was rated third overall, receiving a good Compare Air Conditioning of 4 out of 5. By comparison Morphett Air is rated the first best air conditioning installation company in Adelaide, scoring 4.5 out of 5.

There are different factors where Morphett Air come out on top including price and the range of services on offer, as ScottsAir’s team do not repair units, they only install. ScottsAir do, however, install high quality products with professional service and sound technical advice. Whilst relatively expensive when compared against the top five, ScottsAir’s prices are within the normal range of the wider market.

With over 40 years’ experience in air conditioning industry, Morphett Air is a Multi Award winning family owned and operated business. As well as installation they provide maintenance and service air conditioners under warranty or not. They deliver on professional performance, low prices, expertise and customer service. Morphett Air clients are serviced by fully qualified and highly skilled technicians who have exceptional diagnostic abilities.


Morphett Air Conditioning


Free on-site quote

Volume discounts

Deals and promotions

Price Matching

Financing availability

ScottsAir offer a competitive price range but are not the cheapest options out of the top five Adelaide installation companies. ScottsAir received a score of 3/5 for cost-effectiveness, which is the lowest score among the top 5. Morphett Air fared better, coming in equal top for cost-effectiveness with a score of 5 out of 5.

Morphett Air is one of our top-rated air conditioning installation company in Adelaide. They tend to have some of the lowest prices we reviewed. Our Morphett Air review team ranked Adelaide based air conditioning installation company the highest cost effective company in Adelaide. They are open to matching a lower competitor quote that is truly like for like.

They do not, however, offer volume discounts, though the delivery of the units would be reduced if multiple units are purchased at one time.

Morphett Air are happy to assist customers to access manufacturer deals. In terms of cost effectiveness, our review team gave them an impressive rating of 5 out of 5.

In terms of initial outlay, ScottsAir charge $150 for a technician to perform an on-site quote. This fee will then be deducted from the final invoice if the customer chooses to proceed with them for installation. By comparison there is no initial outlay for Morphett Air in terms of a quote as they offer a free onsite service.

Both companies strive to meet their customer requirements within a reasonable budget when compared to the wider market.

Morphett does offer financing through Payright and Zip pay.

Customer Service

Morphett Air Conditioning


Clear quote

Weekend availability

Customer service rating by phone


Customer service rating by email


Response time to acknowledge request

2 - 4 days
6 - 24 hours

Response time to provide quote

2 - 4 days
6 - 24 hours

Online ratings / reviews


ScottsAir and Morphett Air both did well on customer service delivery, with ScottsAir having points deducted for a slightly delayed response. Overall ScottsAir had a fast response time. Their team came across as polite and confident, responding to questions competently and efficiently, thus expanding the customer’s knowledge base so they can make an informed decision.

Morphett Air is a family run business, and each person in the family is knowledgeable about the air conditioning systems they install. This results in an added personal touch when dealing with this company. The team appear eager to please and to assist customers to find the solution that works for them.

Morphett Air was given a score of 8 out of 10 for their over-the-phone customer interaction, and 7 out of 10 for their email-based customer service. This performance is impressive when compared to the other businesses reviewed, further cementing their spot in our top 5 air conditioning installation companies based in Adelaide.

Morphett Air typically took 48 – 84 hours to acknowledge receipt of an initial email enquiry and the same time frame was taken to respond to quote requests. Our review team classified Morphett Air’s overall response time to customer enquiries as “slow”, when compared to other top 5 local companies.

In online reviews and forums, ScottsAir have received a number of 5/5 customer reviews on Google and have strong testimonials listed on the ScottsAir website.

Neither company offer weekend hours. Both present customers with a clear quote, service rural areas and offer financing. Unusually for the Adelaide region, ScottsAir offer installation but not repairs, which customers may have to source on their own.

A unique feature of ScottsAir is their ability to design and integrate an air conditioning system into a new home about to be built. This service feature could save customers money, as the insurance will be covered by the builder’s structural warranty. It may also eliminate the need for certain kinds of work and ensures the system is completed to Australian building standards.


Morphett Air Conditioning



Commercial and residential

ARC Tick

Year established


Installation warranty


ScottsAir was established in 1966 as a family run business, and has now been around for over 45 years. Morphett Air have been around a long time too, also for over 45 years.

ScottsAir’s 45+ years make them a very experienced air conditioning installation company, reassuring customers regarding their technical abilities. They employ fully qualified and professionally certified people with years of experience.

Either company would be a great choice for installation with a high level of customer service standards and affordable pricing with the caveat that Morphett Air does not generally install air conditioning systems in apartments. They can however do so if it is a particularly straightforward job, and there is a balcony to place the external unit. 

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