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Ezy Air provides a reliable and helpful service, installing a variety of air conditioners in Melbourne. They source air conditioning units from many of the main providers, including Fujitsu, Toshiba and Mistubishi. Our Ezy Air review found that they are happy to help you select the unit that is most suited to your particular needs and requirements. Their staff are knowledgeable about the details of installing air conditioning units in Melbourne, and are happy to assist with assessments and quotes over the phone, online and in person. For air conditioning installation in Melbourne, Ezy Air arrange a thorough and reliable service. When reviewing them, we found Ezy Air provided professional and prompt service.

Our Ezy Air review found that this company provides good, reliable installation of air conditioning units for buildings and apartments in the Melbourne region.


Ezy Air is one of our top 5 rated air conditioning installation Melbourne companies, providing competitive rates compared to other companies in a similar bracket. Of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Melbourne, they rated the best for price, tying with Optima for the most cost effective air conditioning provider in Melbourne. Unfortunately, they don’t generally provide volume discounts for purchasing multiple units. Ezy Air can assist customers to access cash back offers from the air conditioner manufacturers, or other promotional deals that are on offer from the manufacturers from time-to-time. This can help customers to maximise value at a reduced price, though we note that the manufacturers generally offer these deals in winter. For example, our Ezy Air review found that Ezy Air was willing to help customers lodge forms for cash backs with Fujitstu and Mitsubishi when those brands are running promotions.

The below graph outlines the relative cost effectiveness of our top 5 air con companies in Melbourne. Ezy Air rates an exceptional 5 out of 5, and in this regard ranks top when compared against our top 5.

Ezy Air review cost effectiveness graph

Quotation system

Our Ezy Air review found they are willing to discuss quotes over the phone, however for a more precise quote, they recommend sending through photos of your switchboard and relevant rooms in order to get an accurate assessment. When conducting our Ezy Air review, we also found them willing to come to customers and provide a free on-site quote, so if you prefer not to send through photos, they are able to provide direct quotes face-to-face. Our review found that Ezy Air are knowledgeable about their various products, and happy to take into consideration your particular needs and circumstances.

Below is an image of Ezy Air’s online form. Using this form, customers are able to obtain a quote in an efficient manner for the air con solution that suits their needs.


Ezy Air review team online form
(Source: https://www.ezyair.com.au)



Ezy Air offer financing options for installing their air conditioning units in the Melbourne area. These options are offered through a third party provider, offering up to 24-months interest-free finance (subject to certain conditions). Eligibility for this offer can usually be determined via a phone consultation with the finance partner, which Ezy Air are happy to help facilitate.

Customer Service

Ezy Air provide consistent customer service that compares favorably to other air conditioning installation Melbourne companies. Our Ezy Air review noted that staff provide regular updates for Melbourne-based customers on the air conditioning installation process, keeping them in the loop about any changes or issues that arise. Online reviews of Ezy Air repeatedly give them a high customer satisfaction rating, with an average rating of about 4.9/5. For air conditioning installations based in Melbourne, they are willing to repair units they have installed if there are any issues.

The graph below demonstrates the customer service ratings from our review team of our top 5 Melbourne-based companies. Ezy scored a strong 7.5 out of 10 for customer service by phone and 7 out of 10 for customer service by email.

Customer service graph by Ezy Air review team

Our Ezy Air review found staff to be fairly helpful, providing feedback in a timely manner and with a pleasant attitude. Staff have a good understanding of the requirements of air conditioning installation Melbourne, and are happy to assist customers to make informed purchases. Their phone manner is helpful and professional, with simple and direct communication about their products and services. We found they follow up with customers in a timely manner to ensure their needs are being met.

The graph below demonstrates how quickly Ezy Air respond to online requests for a quotation. This company generally acknowledges a a request for an online quotation within 24 – 48 hours, and generally takes more than 4 days to provide the quote following the initial request.

Our Ezy Air review response time graph

Although Ezy Air are happy to provide air conditioning installation services in the Melbourne area, they don’t generally service regional areas, meaning they are generally only available for those in the Melbourne region. Also, unlike some other companies, they don’t operate on the weekends, so if you can’t be home during the week, installation and callouts could result in some difficulties or additional fees.

It is clear from the image below that each of our top 5 companies had strong customer service. Ezy Air impressed with a fast response time and a customer service score of 3.8 out of 5.

This air conditioning installation Melbourne company customer service

When it comes to communicating via phone and email, Ezy Air performed on par with the competitors for phone communications, but a little on the slow side when it came to responding to emails. That being said, their communication levels are still of a reasonable standard compared to the general market offerings, with an average response time of 24 to 48 hours. Overall, Ezy Air provide customers with helpful and efficient service across phone, email and face-to-face.

Product range

Ezy Air have a good range of products, with a fairly wide range of models to choose from. They install all types of split systems (reverse, inverter, multi) and ducted air conditioning (heating and heating/cooling). Staff have sound product knowledge, and can help you review your options of Ezy Air’s selection of air conditioning units. When researching air conditioning providers, our Ezy Air review found that Fujitsu, Toshiba and Mistubishi are their recommended brands of air conditioner to install in Melbourne. However, they are happy to help you investigate the best option for your needs, with plenty of practical tips and guidance. Online reviews of Ezy Air highlighted that staff are willing to assist with product selection, and will happily explain the pros and cons of each product, depending on your particular requirements. According to our review, Ezy Air will help you consider various features (such as noise, size, etc) and will ensure you get the most suitable option for you.

Technical expertise and experience

When it comes to air conditioning installation in Melbourne, our Ezy Air review found they promote themselves as the split system specialists. Their customer service representatives are eager to help you select the correct type of air conditioner to install for Melbourne. That being said, in our our Ezy Air review, we noted they do not install evaporative cooling, hydronic boiler or steam boiler systems, so if you would like to have these installed in your home, Ezy Air may not be the best option.

They are willing to provide a range of services, including installation and repair for a variety of building types, including apartments. Ezy Air provide fully qualified technicians and an ARCtick license. They also provide 5 years installation warranty for added protection, although it should be noted that other similar competitors offer 6 years warranty. Ezy Air provides good support for their customers, and our Ezy Air review found that they have a good level of experience compared to other air conditioning companies in Melbourne.


Ezy Air review team picture
(Source: https://www.ezyair.com.au)

In summary, our Ezy Air review found that this company provides good, reliable installation of air conditioning units for buildings and apartments in the Melbourne region. Although they don’t rate quite as highly for the variety of types of air conditioning systems they installs, they provide a high quality overall service, and have very competitive prices compared to similar installation companies. They are a particularly good option for those looking to install a wall hung split system.

As the image below indicates, we were impressed by Ezy Air, and they rated as our fourth best value Melbourne-based air con installation company.

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