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Lakeside Air



Customer Service

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Lakeside Air
  • Price matching policy
  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Good customer service by phone
  • Good customer service by email
  • Competitive pricing


Lakeside Air
  • No volume discounts
  • No weekend availability
  • Generally doesn't offer deals and promotions
  • Rigid price model
  • Will fix problem with labour, but no set warranty period
  • No weekend availability


According to our reviews Lakeside Air are the first rated air conditioning installation company based in Newcastle. They have established this status over 10 years. The outcome was a cumulating of their low prices, high standards of customer service, specialised air conditioning installation services and impressive technical skills.

Fernair have been installing and repairing air conditioning systems in the Newcastle region and surrounding rural areas for 24 years. It had been running prior to being established in 1994, when two long-standing managers, who had been working for an industry exclusive dealer network, purchased it. This leadership has produced a company delivering excellent customer service and a wealth of knowledge, seeing them rated fifth in the top 5 installation companies for the Newcastle area.


Lakeside Air


Free on-site quote

Volume discounts

Deals and promotions

Price Matching

Financing availability

Lakeside Air was found to have the lowest prices in general for the area, earning them an outstanding score of 5 out of 5 for cost-effectiveness. Fernair offers prices generally in the medium range, but received a strong score of 4 out of 5 for cost-effectiveness overall.

Fernair do not offer price matching to their customers, preferring that their comparable prices and great service speak for itself. Lakeside Air are willing to provide price matching options to customers where the units are of similar or same specifications, although they do not offer manufacturer deals on their products.

With set prices per unit, Lakeside Air do not offer volume discounts automatically, although customers can speak the manager of the company to negotiate a cheaper overall price if they are purchasing and installing more than one system at the time.

The staff at Fernair is open to offering volume discounts that may reduce the costs of labour. This is considered on a case-by-case basis with Fernair staff when contacting them initially for a quote. They do not generally provide a range of deals from differing manufacturers and prefer to stick to one brand, ActronAir, to the point where they will refer customers to their competition should the customer want a different brand.

Customer Service

Lakeside Air


Clear quote

Weekend availability

Customer service rating by phone


Customer service rating by email


Response time to acknowledge request

6 - 24 hours
24 - 48 hours

Response time to provide quote

2 - 4 days
2 - 4 days

Online ratings / reviews


Both Newcastle-based air conditioning installation companies provide customers with free on-site quotes, with the customer paying no extra fees upfront for the inspection. Approximate estimates of pricing are available through phone enquiries, but are subject to change upon completion of the site inspection. These are then delivered as a concise, fully digital and detailed quote.

Fernair can also offer a quote online when the customer provides a floor plan, so they can see the specific requirements of the installation.

Lakeside Air offers high customer service standards with honest and reliable customer service, and generally fast response times to both phone and email enquiries. Lakeside Air were rated a of 7 out of 10 for their customer service satisfaction from phone interactions, a solid result securing them a mid-range ranking. Fernair were rated higher on this front, receiving 8 out of 10 for customer satisfaction over the phone.

Upon calling Lakeside Air, customers speak with a receptionist who immediately puts them through to a technician who can respond to their questions. Staff and technicians were knowledgeable, honest and straight to the point. A technician greets Fernair customers when calling, therefore allowing them to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable person who is able to answer questions regarding prices, installation and service.

Faring better with customer satisfaction for email enquiries, Lakeside Air received a strong result of 8 out of 10, securing them an impressive equal first place ranking alongside Fernair when compared against the other companies in our top 5.

Lakeside Air offer the faster response time of the two, acknowledging a request in 6 – 24 hours, where Fernair can take double that, replying within24-48 hours. Both took 2-4 days to then supply the quote, which isn’t very fast but their quotes were concise and reader friendly.

Neither company offers financing or weekend service with only Lakeside Air covering commercial installation and Fernair the only one of the two covering rural areas.


Lakeside Air



Commercial and residential

ARC Tick

Year established


Installation warranty


Lakeside Air install and repair air conditioning systems for both commercial and residential sectors in the Newcastle area. Fernair provide residential only air conditioning installation and repair services in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley regions, travelling to rural areas when requested.

Of the two, Lakeside Air is the only air conditioning installation company that can install ducted heating, and hydronic and boiler systems, but they do not install evaporative cooling. Fernair also will not install evaporative cooling or hydronic and boiler systems.

Fernair only recommend and install ActronAir systems, preferring to pass the customer on to a competitor if they are after different brands. Lakeside Air are Daikin dealers but are more flexible in providing installation and repairs for other brands.

Fernair and Lakeside Air have the ARC tick of approval, meaning they are both licensed to handle refrigerants.

Each company has impressive technical skill and expertise, with Fernair operating in the Newcastle air conditioning installation industry for nearly 25 years. Lakeside Air, established in 2007, is the younger company with over 10 years of familiarity and experience.

Both offer an impressive knowledge and value for money, with Fernair offering great service with less brand choice and Lakeside Air offering better prices and warranty.

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