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Product highlights
  • Low noise fans
  • Economical
  • Easy installation
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Key Features

Remote Interface Option

With the capacity to be installed up to 300 m away, this interface includes a box that can be mounted inside the building.

Tight Refrigerant Circuit

Brazed refrigerant connections allow for increased leak-tightness.

Multi-Season Use

The units are designed for year-round operation, and operate down to -10°C.

Environmentally Friendly

The R410A refrigerant generates no CFCs and is non-ozone depleting.

Intelligent System Controls

A control algorithm manages operation of the fans, including a Night Mode feature that looks after capacity and speed limitation that results in reduced noise levels.


Two-stage high efficiency design reduces energy expenditure.


Front Panel Colour
Reverse Cycle
Indoor Type
Interior Mounted
Power Supply
400V 3ph 50Hz
Manufacturer Warranty (Years)
5 years
Number of fan speeds

38RBS Table 1

Model Number - Indoor Unit039 045050 O60070080
Cooling Capacity (kW)19.5 22.3 24.5 27.9 31.235.8
Outdoor Sound Level (H/SL)80 81 81 81 87 87
Indoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)1330 x 2050 x 1061 1330 x 2050 x 1061 1330 x 2050 x 1061 1330 x 2050 x 1061 1330 x 2050 x 1061 1330 x 2050 x 1061

* C = Cooling H = Heating

38RBS Table 2

Model Number - Indoor Unit090 100120 140160
Cooling Capacity (kW)90.4 100.9 119.4 139.6161.7
Outdoor Sound Level (H/SL)84 84 84 90 90
Indoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)1330 x 2050 x 1061 1330 x 2050 x 1061 1330 x 2050 x 1061 1330 x 2050 x 1061 1330 x 2050 x 1061

* C = Cooling H = Heating

Links and Documents

Operational manual and other product-related documents

Controller Features

  • Easy to use
  • Cost savings modes
  • Remote options
  • Comprehensive interface
  • Individual or group controls
  • Temperature settings
  • Touch screen

Other Features

  • Chlorine-free refrigerant
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Reduced start-up noise


Good unit at good price

I bought the unit the found it one of the best in price compared to all other major brands and good quality and features. Compared to other big brands this is best option.

— Ash, 9 January 2020

Very Reliable

The system has been very reliable with no problems. I installed a completely new Carrier system 6 yrs ago along with ductwork. My AC bill dropped by $50 dollars a month in the summertime with carrier. I also love the 10yr warranty that came with the system.

— Eric, 9 June 2020

Good Service

Happy with their service.

— Lietta, January 2020

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