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* Up-to-date as at 13 January 2021. We review our comparison tables regularly to ensure our data is up-to-date.
* The ARC Tick identifies businesses authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

Ford & Doonan is the best value air conditioning installation company in Perth

After extensive reviews and comparisons our team has narrowed down what we believe to be the top 5 air conditioning installation Perth companies. After taking into consideration multiple key factors, our team has found that Ford & Doonan is currently the leader in installing air conditioning in Perth.

While the other top 5 companies excelled certain categories, it is what Ford & Doonan can offer overall that makes them the best option when choosing an air conditioning installation company in Perth.

This was based on their:

  • competitive prices;
  • easily comprehensible quote within 24 hours of a request;
  • service to a wide range of locations;
  • broad range of high quality air conditioning products and solutions;
  • confidence in recommending a variety of air conditioning options to suit their customer’s needs;
  • professionalism, availability by phone and email and friendly customer service; and
  • technical expertise and industry experience.

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After taking into consideration multiple key factors, our team has found that Ford & Doonan is currently the leader in installing air conditioning in Perth
Air Conditioning Installation Perth installation expert checking a split system

Covid-19 update

To operate during the Covid-19 pandemic, installers have increased their safety procedures to keep customers and staff protected from transmission of the disease. Perth companies have used government directives to form new protective procedures as follows:

  • Ford & Doonan have set themselves up to provide Skype consults / initial quotes if needed. All technicians have undertaken Covid-19 testing, and staff has access to gloves, masks and sanitisers to use on site.
  • Mouritz have procedures in place such as social distancing and some PPE practice. The extent of these can be discussed and agreed upon before a site visit so that customer needs are covered.
  • All Air Services have listed a breakdown of their Covid-19 practices on their website. This includes technicians arriving unaccompanied, keeping 2 metres apart from others and washing their hands before, after and as necessary during the job. Tradespeople will disinfect the work area and items it came into contact with, including the unit’s remote/s, once the job is complete. They can also provide contactless payment options.
  • Air Conditioning WA is assisting staff in taking all precautions including the use of masks, sanitisers and gloves. They do a presite check, asking customers if anyone on the site is in isolation or unwell.
  • Austec Electrical are adapting their safety precautions as needed and using as many PPE / safety tools as they can carry. This includes masks, sanitiser and suits if necessary or desired.


Ford & Doonan offer very competitive prices in comparison to other air conditioning installation companies in Perth. The ways in which Ford & Doonan exceeded our quoting expectations in relation to its competitors are as follows:

  • Ford & Doonan provides you with an easily comprehensible quote within 24 hours of a request.
  • They offer basic pricing information and alternative unit options to ensure you have all the information need to make an informed decision.
  • Ford & Doonan provide you with a direct contact number should you wish to follow up with any questions or queries in relation to their quote. This number allows you to contact the consultant who initially provided you with a quote, ensuring the person who helped with your enquiry answers any follow up questions you may have about the air conditioning installation process.

Other price-related notable points from Ford and Doonan are:

  • Ford & Doonan are willing to match the price of other companies providing it is submitted to Ford & Doonan in writing and that the price being matched relates to the same air conditioning solution, unit, service, and guarantee.
  • Ford & Doonan are able to help their customer’s access “deals” on certain air conditioning products at the manufacturers discretion.
  • Ford & Doonan are also able to offer an attractive interest free financing options – for those who are unable to pay the entire amount upfront.

Notable price-related features from our other top 5 Perth-based air conditioning installation companies are set out below:

  • Our Mouritz review found this company is extremely transparent with their quotation, explaining the potential extra costs of additions such as wall brackets, lifting machines and extra labour. However, the initial email quotation can be slightly convoluted and at points difficult to understand.
  • Our Air Conditioning WA review team found that this company provides a comprehensive, itemised quote within 48 hours. The quotation included current promotional information and financing options.
  • Our Austec Electrical review team found this company is able to provide a succinct, itemised quote within 72 hours. It is worth noting however that their pricing does not include GST and they do not offer financing options.
  • Our All Air Services review team found this company to be a busy one, yet they generally respond to your enquiry and provide a quotation within the week. Their easy-to-read itemised quote breaks down the price so that you know exactly what you’re paying for.
Air Conditioning Installation Perth expert fixing air con

Customer Service

Based on our test calls, we found that all of our top 5 Perth-based air conditioning installation companies offer great customer service. Yet, Ford & Doonan stood out in this regard.

  • Ford & Doonan
  • Mouritz
  • All Air
  • Air Con WA
  • Austec

Ford & Doonan’s customer service skills are evident in the following features:

  • There are many stores across Western Australia, which means there is likely to be a local store in your area, allowing for more convenient and regular interactions with the technicians.
  • Ford & Doonan have sales consultants who provide their direct email addresses and number to allow for follow up questions. This is an excellent service allowing for quick and easy communication.
  • Ford & Doonan are a large and well-organised business, which means that within their team they have several people who can attend to your questions. We found their reception staff, sales team and technicians to be friendly and communicable.
  • Response time for quote
  • Response time to initial email request

When it comes to professionalism and customer interactions, we found that each company in our top 5 are willing to go above and beyond to meet customers’ needs. We note that:

  • Our Mouritz review team found that this company are very attentive to customer’s needs. From the initial point of contact they ask for your contact details in order to patiently talk you through all of the air conditioning installation options. They are also willing to respond to requests and queries by email, however during our review we received responses to a single enquiry from multiple people within the business. While this showed great initiative and eagerness to assist, we found this to be a little confusing and suggests a break down in internal communication.
  • The Air Conditioning WA sales team are professional, confident and friendly when addressing enquiries and concerns. We found that it is best to call this Perth-based air conditioning installation company because emails can occasionally get lost in their spam folder.
  • Austec Electrical have a friendly reception and sales team who can quickly respond to requests, usually within 2 hours. While the reception staff could not answer technical questions, they are helpful in directing customer calls to a member of the technical team who can. Austec Electrical prefer to do an on-site inspection before giving customers a precise quote.
  • The team at All Air Services are very professional and have a formal approach to customer service. We found that the reception staff could not respond to technical questions, yet they would pass on a customer’s details to either the sales team or the technicians. Both the sales team and the technicians are accessible and patient in answering a customers’ questions.
Perth-based air conditioning installation technician on roof

Product range

Ford & Doonan, our number one choice for air conditioning installation in Perth, are able to install many premium brands including Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Samsung or ActronAir. That being said, because Ford & Doonan have many stores across Western Australia, the specific brands that they offer can vary from store to store.

  • Ford & Doonan recommend and prefer to install either Diakin or Hitachi systems, though (as noted above) there range and preferences can vary store to store
  • Our Ford and Doonan review team found that this company supply and install all cooling solutions, including Evaporative cooling

Ultimately, each of our top 5 air conditioning installation Perth companies, have a wide range of premium brand products on offer. We found that these companies will typically recommend the brand and system that they believe will best suit your individual requirements. For example:

  • Mouritz expressed a preference for several brands including: Fujitsu, Bonaire, Actron Air, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba and Carrier. They also suggested installing a ducted system where possible and appropriate.
  • 3 out of our top 5 recommended air conditioning installation companies in Perth – Air Conditioning WA, Austec Electrical, and Mouritz – nominate Fujitsu as one of their preferred brand.
  • Air Conditioning WA primarily install Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Panasonic and Advantage Air, but are willing to install any other brand depending on the customer’s preference.
  • Austec Electrical provide all leading air conditioning brands, yet they predominantly install Samsung, Panasonic, Fujitsu and Hitachi.
  • All Air Services prefer to install Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Daikin, Actron Air and LG.

Technical expertise and experience

Established in 1986, Ford & Doonan is one of the most reputable air conditioning installation companies in Perth. With 31 years of industry experience, their technical expertise is demonstrated in their extensive knowledge on air conditioning installation.


  • Ford & Doonan offer a 12-month installation warranty and a 5 year manufacturer warranty.
  • They have branches in Kardinya (Head Office), West Perth, Canning Vale, Osborne Park, Morley, Joondalup, Midland, while also having several regional stores in Mandurah, Busselton and Bunbury.

Overall, our top 5 recommend air conditioning installation companies in Perth provide valuable technical expertise and lengthy experience in the industry. Notable features include:

  • Mouritz is the longest running air conditioning installation company in Perth out of our top 5 recommendations. Established in 1978 they offer 39 years of industry experience.
  • All of our top 5 air conditioning installation Perth companies have the expertise to be able to offer less common systems like evaporative cooling. Air Conditioning WA and Mouritz also offer ducted gas heating.
  • None of our top 5 recommended air conditioning installation Perth companies offer hydronic or boiler systems
  • With respect to Air Conditioning WA, we note that they only do installation, not repair. They were established in 1999 and provide a 3-year installation warranty.
  • Both Austec Electrical and Mouritz offer a 5-year installation warranty.
  • The director of Austec Electrical has outstanding technical knowledge. He is able to provide technical responses to customers with really useful information.
  • All Air Services has established considerable expertise across both residential and commercial air conditioning installation services. They source, install, repair and service ducted systems.

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