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The Compare Air Conditioning team has carefully reviewed and compared a large number of air conditioning installation companies in Sydney. We believe that our top 5 companies all exhibit outstanding value, customer service, product range and technical expertise in air conditioning installation service within Sydney. We have come to the conclusion that Air Conditioning Guys are the best overall value choice for customers.

View our comparison table below.*

  • Price

  • Customer service

  • Response time

  • Residential and Commercial

  • Free on-site quote

  • Installation and repair

  • Split systems (reverse / inverter / multi)

  • Ducted (heating / heating and cooling)

  • Evaporative

  • Hydronic Boiler

  • Steam Boiler

  • Services rural areas?

  • Top recommended brands?

  • ARC Tick*

  • Weekend availability

  • Apartments

  • Financing options

  • Installation warranty (yrs)

  • Compare Air Conditioning Rating

* Up-to-date as at 6 January 2020. We review our comparison tables regularly to ensure our data is up-to-date.
* The ARC Tick identifies businesses authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Guys is the best value air conditioning installation company in Sydney

Taking into account the variety of key factors considered as part of our methodology, our team found that Air Conditioning Guys is the leading air conditioning installation Sydney company.

Other air conditioning installation companies in Sydney excelled in certain categories, however our Air Conditioning Guys review team found that this company was able to provide to best value overall.

This was based on their:

  • Competitive prices;
  • reliable custom service both by phone and by email;
  • excellent in providing comprehensive quote;
  • experience and technical proficiency; and
  • extensive product range.

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Impressively, Air Conditioning Guys normally provide a personalised quote within 2 hours of receiving a request for quotation


Air Conditioning Guys was not the absolute cheapest air conditioning installation company in Sydney, though their prices were competitive and within the market range. They mostly install Daikin systems, which tend to be a little more expensive than other air conditioning brands, but insist Daikin are value-for-money given they are a premium high-performance brand with strong post-installation service.


  • Air Conditioning Guys are open to price matching a cheaper quote, if the comparable quote is sent to them in writing and is genuinely comparable.
  • The sales team are always apprised of what special deals the manufacturers are offering from time-to-time and are willing to assist customers to access these deals. They also offers specials and promotions on occasion through their website.

The graph below illustrates the relative cost effectiveness of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Sydney

Air Conditioning Guys provide a detailed and economical quote, which stood out as compared to other Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies. Their quotation:

  • is comprehensive;
  • includes a good amount of detail and a break-down of costs;
  • includes information about promotions and cash back options available at the time;
  • is personalised, describing the dimensions of the customer’s home and visual details about the installation; and
  • includes all costs, reducing the risk of ‘hidden” or unexpected payments post-installation.

We note that it is common for quotes given initially to be confirmed upon an on-site inspection.

Other Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies also offered excellent value and note-worthy price-related features.

  • Air Conditioning Warehouse, AirOMania, as well as Air Conditioning Guys, offer financing options.
  • Our Air Conditioning Warehouse review team found this company to be the cheapest of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Sydney. However, their quote was not as comprehensive as their competitor companies, and not as clear or easily understandable.
  • Relevant Air and Endeavour Air Conditioning are open to providing volume discounts, reducing the price slightly for customers who purchase multiple units.
  • Our AirOMania review found that this company’s quotations are one of the cheaper companies we reviewed, though they take a relatively long time to respond to a request for quotation.

Customer Service

Following phone calls to dozens of companies that install air conditioning in Sydney, we found that Air Conditioning Guys stood out for their patience and ability to ask helpful and probing questions which assist customers to better understand any complexities associated with the installation and provides the technicians with the relevant information they need in order to complete the job efficiency. They are also able to respond to any questions in an authoritative and knowledgeable way.

  • Air Con Guys
  • Air Con Warehouse
  • Relevant Air
  • AirOMania
  • Endeavour Air

Air Conditioning Guys demonstrate their strong customer service skills in a number of ways:

  • Initial phone calls are with technicians who are experts in the field, and who have a detailed understanding of air conditioning installation in Sydney.
  • Impressively, Air Conditioning Guys normally provide a personalised quote within 2 hours of receiving a request for quotation
  • Air Conditioning Guys offer an array of air conditioning systems and solutions, brand options and various alternatives to suit different customers’ needs and sensitivity to price. Air Conditioning Guys placed substantial effort in finding an air conditioning system that would be appropriate for the customer’s specific type of residence.
  • Air Conditioning Guys staff are easy to contact with by email and phone. Out of the top 5 air conditioning installation Sydney companies, we found them to be particularly friendly and enthusiastic to find the best solution for their customers.
  • Air Conditioning Guys have consistenty outstanding online customer reviews, around 4.8/5 on average, from a large number of reviews.

The graph below reveals how relative ranking of our top 5 companies’ response times to an initial email sent to the sales team, and the time taken before sending back a quote. A ranking of 1 is a very quick response (within 6 hours), while a ranking of 5 is a slower response, being, in this case, more than 4 days.

  • Response time for quote
  • Response time to initial email request

Overall, our top 5 ranked air conditioning installation Sydney companies all excelled in customer service. Below we have listed some specific highlights:

  • If you are seeking air condition installation outside of regular office hours, then Air Conditioning Warehouse are a good option since they offer 7am starts and inspections and installations on weekends by appointment. They also have a very quick response time to requests for quotation.
  • Our Relevant Air & Water review team found that this company’s sales representatives offer concise and honest advice.
  • When you call AirOMania, your first point of contact is often a technician, which means they are proficient at answering any questions you may have and asking relevant and probing questions. However, the technicians can sometimes make customers feel like they are being rushed off the phone and can, at times, be more difficult to reach.
  • Our Endeavour Air Conditioning review team found this company to have an organised customer service team that makes booking air conditioning installation in Sydney quick and easy.
Couple choosing Air Conditioning Installation in Sydney

Product range

Air Conditioning Guys offer numerous product options, making them a viable choice, though they do highly recommend and prefer to install Daikin products. Air Conditioning Guys consider Daikin’s products to be of high quality, and from their experience have had very few problems reported post installation.

The top 5 air conditioning installation Sydney companies had considerable over-lap in the air conditioning products and solutions that they offer. In particular:

  • Endeavour Air Conditioning and Air Conditioning Warehouse both preferred and recommended Fujitsu systems.
  • AirOMania and Air Conditioning Guys primarily install and recommend Daikin or Actron Air, as they consider these brands to be trustworthy products.
  • Relevant Air prefer Mitsubishi Electric or Daikin because of their after-sales service and parts accessibility.
Air Conditioning Installation Sydney tech person inspecting air con

Technical expertise and experience

Air Conditioning Guys offer a 5-year warranty on parts and labour, which is very good as compared to most other Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies.


  • Air Conditioning Guys can install evaporative systems, though the technicians explain that this is the least popular systems they install due on Sydney’s climate.
  • Air Conditioning Guys have operated for 11 years and have strong technical expertise.

Our other top 5 recommended air conditioning installation Sydney companies have also displayed high levels of both technical expertise and experience in the industry. We note that:

  • Air Conditioning Warehouse has 30 years of experience, having established 1987. This is the longest running business out of our top 5.
  • Relevant Air is the youngest company of our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies, having established in 2015.
  • AirOMania and Endeavour Air Conditioning, along with the other top 5 recommended companies, are able to install air conditioning in apartments, though you may have to obtain prior approval from the owners corporation.

We note that evaporative air conditioning and hydronic or boiler heating are not common in Sydney.

The graph below indicates the installation guarantee offered by our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies.

You can find our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in other cities by clicking on the search filters on our home page.

Installing an Air Conditioning Installation Sydney system

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