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Commencing as a small family business in 1984, ActronAir remains an Australian company who apply their local knowledge in engineering world-class air conditioners to meet the extremes of the Australian environment.

ActronAir’s engineers take these extremes into account when developing their units, designing them with a superior operating range and protections against corrosion. They offer an on-site call centre to assist their customers.

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Why ActronAir

  • Local knowledge
  • Zone control
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Bio filters
  • Accessible master control

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Residential Solutions

Split Systems
Multi Systems
Ducted Systems

Commercial Solutions

Ceiling Cassette
Split Ducted

ActronAir pride themselves on designing money saving units for both residential and commercial markets. These units have hardware with inbuilt protections, allowing them to last longer.


Residential Solutions

ActronAir offer a range of home systems that can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and home, whether it be a small apartment or a large, multiple storey house. Design advantages include flexible maintenance, with outdoor units offering vertical release to deliver comfort and reliability.

These split, multi and ducted units are made to handle a diverse operating range of -25°C to 50°C+. Comfort is delivered via a powerful fan and an efficient DC inverter compressor, which is up to 35% more efficient than AC technology.

Split Systems

ActronAir’s Serene Wall Hung Split Systems are generally cheaper than a ducted system and ideal for conditioning single rooms, or smaller open plan areas. The 2.65kW model has 7 star energy rating out of 7 stars, and all models use a refrigerant, R32, that offers low global warming potential, with a reduced impact on the environment.

These units are designed to keep operating in conditions of up to 60°c. The units are able to maintain better capacity in extreme heat than comparable systems, providing users with continual comfort.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
Serene Wall Hung Split System2.65 kW, 3.55 kW, 5.0 kW, 7.10 kW, 8.0 kWFrom $220


Offering durable materials and a capacity range from 5kW to 14kW, these units have standard features that allow for easy and accurate installation. An additional service valve allows for quicker commissioning and auto wiring corrections, saving time and money.

Thease systems allows for individualised comfort, delivering different temperatures in different rooms at the same time, to match personal preferences. Actron Air’s multi-systems can be matched with a range of indoor unit formats including ducted, wall hung and mini-cassette.

ProductCapacity optionsPrice
MultiElite Multi Split System7.10 kW, 9.85 kW, 10.95 kW, 13.50 kWFrom $1595

Ducted Systems

Ducted air conditioning offers a whole home solution, with ActronAir’s range offering a high capacity option of 23.59 kW. Some of the indoor units have a height of 249 mm, allowing them to be installed in tight of spaces, ideal for apartment buildings and homes with limited wall space. The series has a number of options including; the Add On Series 2, Classic Series 2, Ultra Slim Low Profile, ESP Plus Series 2, and ESP Platinum Que.

The units are designed to deliver required airflow to quickly, with an innovative indoor fan that produces quieter, smoother airflow to deliver a high level of comfort under harsh conditions.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
Add On Series 212.28 kW, 14.94 kW, 16.65 kW, 16.85 kW, 18.77 kW, 22.28 kWFrom $2500
Classic Series 210.56 kW, 12.75 kW, 15.29 kW, 17.38 kW, 13.0 kW, 15.27 kW, 17.56 kW, 19.69 kW, 22.95 kWFrom $5000
Ultra Slim Low Profile7.10 kW, 10.0 kW, 12.5 kW, 14.0 kWFrom $2400
ESP Plus Series 212.75 kW, 14.67 kW, 19.33 kW, 17.45 kW, 20.10 kW, 23.59 kWFrom $6000
ESP Platinum Que12.77 kW, 14.25 kW, 14.45 kW, 16.40 kW, 17.55 kW, 19.40 kW, 21.55 kWFrom $2500


ActronAir offer a range of smart controllers and apps, which include the Actron Connect, Easy Connect and Que. The apps offer an easy to use Click Wheel Function to turn the temperature up and down by sliding your finger. A master timer offers a simpler scheduling function to help save energy use; it can be programmed to switch off say when everyone leaves for work or study.

User friendly features also include colour coding, which makes things easier to identify for users who may not be tech savvy. The colours breaks down into blue for cooling, red for heating, green for fan-only operation and purple for our set and forget auto function. An innovative energy history feature allows users to keep an eye on system performance, monitoring and keeping a record of energy usage. This helps to plan schedules and look at high usage times.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
Actron ConnectN/AFree download
Easy ConnectN/AFree download
QueN/AFrom $395

Commercial Solutions

Offering a moderately sized range for commercial use, ActronAir are designed in Australia to meet our extreme and harsh weather conditions. This means even when exposed on a rooftop the units have protections in place to help them resist corrosion etc.

ActronAir’s commercial range aims to deliver comfort and convenient maintenance solutions for a wide range of commercial applications from shopping malls to office buildings.

Ceiling Cassette

The Cascade Cassette 7.10kW - 13.75kW is a twin system, allowing users to connect two smaller indoor units to an outdoor unit, conditioning more than one space. The indoor units deliver 360o airflow from four sides and four corners, projecting the air to the corners of the room.

As well as a range of solutions to deliver comfort, these ceiling cassettes features an easy to access on/off switch, in case the external controller has been misplaced or isn’t working. A vane control feature allows the flexibility to set different angles in each direction, to direct air where it is needed most.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
Cascade Cassette7.10 kW, 10.50 kW, 12.50 kW, 13.75 kWFrom $2980

Split Ducted

ActronAir’s split ducted series has BMS compatibility, flexible controls and a wide capacity range. Units in the range include Variable Capacity 29kW - 33kW, Commercial Ducted 25kW - 41kW and
Tri-Capacity 47kW - 73kW. They are built to be reliable, even under extreme conditions.

Offering energy efficiency, the units in this series are engineered to precise control, through less temperature swings, reducing wear and tear, particularly due to compressors cycling on and off. This helps maintains temperatures to within +/- 0.3°C at the sensor location. Smart fans and control upgrades make these units a cost-effective option for light commercial applications.

Capacity OptionsPrice
Variable Capacity 14kW – 33kW14.00 kW, 16.00 kW, 19.00 kW, 21.00 kW, 30.05 kW, 30.70 kW, 33.20 kW, 33.90 kWFrom $3400
Commercial Ducted 25kW – 41kW25.0 kW, 29.50 kW, 34.66 kW, 28.90 kW, 35.22 kW, 40.80 kWFrom $7700
Tri-Capacity – 47kW – 100kW 47.00 kW, 53.50 kW, 63.00 kW, 73.13 kW, 82.50 kW, 100.00 kWFrom $7000
Hercules 140kW – 195kW40.00 kW, 195.50 kWFrom $10,000

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