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* Up-to-date as at 13 January 2021. We review our comparison tables regularly to ensure our data is up-to-date.
* The ARC Tick identifies businesses authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

BT Airconditioning is the best value air conditioning installation company in Cairns

From our analysis of the air conditioning installation market in Cairns, the team at Compare Air Conditioning confidently recommend BT Air conditioning, to customers looking for an installation company that is cost effective and easy to deal with.
Our determination of BT Airconditioning as the best value air conditioning installation Cairns company was based on their:

  • Prices being amongst the cheapest in our top 5
  • Outstanding responsiveness to email and phone enquires
  • Knowledgeable and helpful customer service staff, and
  • Considerable expertise in the air conditioning installation Cairns market

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Compare Air Conditioning has ranked BT Airconditioning as the most cost effective air conditioning installation company in our Cairns top 5

Covid-19 update

To operate within government guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic, installation companies have had to implement stronger hygiene and safety procedures when dealing directly with their customers. Government directives and training have informed these changes, with Cairns companies implementing the following:

  • BT Airconditioning has provided their tradespeople with sanitisers, which are kept in their vehicles. Staff can use gloves as required or if requested by customers.
  • Northern Air Repair uses both sanitising sprays and PPE; gloves and masks as required by customers. They sanitise their tools and any areas they come into contact with after completing a job.
  • AlphaCool’s staff is using sanitisers, PPE and social distancing to keep customers and staff safe. They can cover the whole gamut of customer requirements, including wearing masks if requested.
  • Cairns Cool Air have instructed staff in government directives and suggested safety procedures. Staff has access to sanitiser and can discuss the use of any other safety equipment customers require.
  • Simpson Air aim to get their staff inside the residence to get work done quickly, reducing exposure time for customers. This is done while using sanitiser kept in the car and by practicing social distancing


Compare Air Conditioning has ranked BT Airconditioning as the most cost effective air conditioning installation company in our Cairns top 5. That their prices are competitive is impressive in light of the fact that they only install Daikin products. Daikin is a premium air conditioning brand that sits at the top end of the market. So in our determination, we believe that BT Aircondtioning offers the best value installation on the Cairns market. Other excellent price related components to BT Aircondtioning’s service include their:

  • ability to provide comprehensive quotes quickly
  • capacity discount the installation of multiple units, and
  • helpful staff willing to provide customers with the information to enable them to install cooling and heating for the cheapest possible price
Air Conditioning Installation Cairns expert fixing split system

Other members of our air conditioning installation Cairns top 5 offer competitive prices and other price related highlights. Notably:

  • Our Northern Air Repair review team found that this company offer prices comparable to that of BT airconditioning, and are open to price matching another company for an equivalent service.
  • Our AlphaCool review team found that this company’s prices are at the median in our top 5. However, they are open to providing volume discounts and matching the price of another installation companies who provide a genuine like-for-like quote
  • Our Cairns Cool Air review found that this company was determined to be the least cost effective of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Cairns, and can sometimes take longer than a week to respond to an email enquiry with a quote. That being said, we note that they are open to giving discounts on volume installations, and their quotes are generally detailed and easy to understand.
  • Simpson Air is a small operation that offers honest work for a competitive price. Although their size limits their ability to provide extensive discounts, they are happy for the customer to obtain air conditioning systems straight from a supplier in order to take advantage of special offers and discounts. This is in contrast to other air conditioning installation companies which will only install products that they themselves supply.

Customer Service

The Compare Air Conditioning team found during its BT Airconditioning review that this company offer exceptional customer service. We were impressed with the almost unprecedented speed with which they responded to online enquires (sometimes as quickly as 30 minutes), and the knowledgeable and helpful nature of their customer service staff. The superlative customer interaction offered by BT Airconditioning makes using their air conditioning installation service easy and accessible, and was a major factor in their being ranked number 1 in our top 5 air conditioning installation Cairns companies.

  • BT
  • Northern Air
  • AlphaCool
  • Cairns Cool
  • Simpson Air

Other customer service related highlights from BT Airconditioning include:

  • Their flexibility and willingness to accommodate customer needs, ensuring that all enquires are resolved in a client centric manner
  • Their tendency to ask relevant and probing questions in order to understand what the needs of the customer really are and how best to meet them, and
  • The comprehensive nature of their quotes and pricing system, which allows customers to fully understand the service they are purchasing.
Air Conditioning Installation Cairns man and woman reviewing iPad

We found that all members of our Cairns air conditioning installation top 5 included some praiseworthy customer service related features. In particular

  • Northern Air Repair generally responds to email enquires within 24 hours, and are a breeze to deal with; their staff being friendly and helpful.
  • The Compare Air Conditioning team found that AlphaCool can sometimes take more than a week to respond to online enquries which inhibited the customer service experience. However, over the phone we found their staff to be knowledgeable and professional.
  • We found Cairns Cool Air somewhat difficult to deal with via email, this was due to their taking longer than a week to respond to enquiries, and the generalness of their responses. However, over the phone Cairns Cool Air is easy to deal with, and it is possible to resolve enquiries immediately.
  • Our Simpson Air review team found that this company’s owner and operator is a pleasure to deal with. Because he is in control of all parts of the installation process he can usually answer all questions immediately without having to transfer customers to other staff (like other installation companies). However, because there are no dedicated customer service staff he may not be able to respond immediately, but in our experience, email enquiries were resolved within a few days, and we could expect a response to phone enquiries within the day.
  • Response time for quote
  • Response time to initial email request

Product range

BT Airconditioning only supply and install Daikin air conditioning products and solutions. Although they offer a good range of systems including, reverse cycle, inverter and multi systems, and ducted heating and cooling, customers wanting a brand other than Daikin would be best served using another Cairns based air conditioning installation company. We do not that Daikin products are often top of the range, and high quality. Post installation problems will be minimised with BT Airconditioning because they are authorised Daikin warranty agents, meaning customers do not have to deal with a third party post installation should they encounter difficulties with the unit.

Cairns-based air conditioning installation technician on roof

Others in our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Cairns offer a broader range of air conditioning brands:

  • Northern Air Repair prefer Daikin and Fujitsu branded product but will also supply and install Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry systems.
  • AlphaCool install Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, TemperZone, ActronAir and Quantum products. They offer the most extensive product range in out Cairns top 5.
  • Cairns Cool Air prefer Daikin and ActronAir solutions.
  • Simpson Air will only install Panasonic because they believe, on the whole, it is the best product on the market.

Technical expertise and experience

All members of our Cairns top 5 air conditioning installation companies offer a 12-month installation warranty. However, BT Airconditioning, as mentioned above, are authorised Daikin warranty agents. This ensures that all installation faults within 12 months, and all product faults within 5 years can be resolved through BT Airconditioning themselves.
BT Airconditioning was established in 2002, meaning that they have over 15 years of experience in the Cairns air conditioning installation market.
Other members of our Cairns top 5 air conditioning installation companies offer considerable experience and expertise. In particular:

  • Northern Air Repair and AlphaCool were both established in 2011.While neither company has many online reviews, those that do exist give Northern Air Repair a high satisfaction rating, whilst AlphaCool reviews tend to be lower.
  • Cairns Cool Air was established in 1996, making them the longest running installation company in our top 5. Cairns Cool Air also maintains a high online satisfaction rating from many reviews.
  • Simpson Air purportedly has its roots in a long family history of home appliance experience, being connected to Simpson washing machines.

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