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The inventor of modern air conditioning, Willis Carrier, founded Carrier in 1902. They focus on sustainable solutions, by melding energy-efficient products with controls and other components that reduce consumption.

Since 1994, Carrier has led the industry in phasing out ozone-depleting refrigerants and incorporating energy efficient technology into their range. They are committed to improving the efficiency of their products.

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Why Carrier

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No CFCs in some units
  • Smart technology
  • Performance in harsh conditions
  • Anti-corrosion materials

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Residential Solutions

Split Systems
Ducted Systems

Commercial Solutions

Air Handlers
Chillers and Heat pumps
Condensing Units
Fan Coils

Carrier offer both residential and commercial solutions with an eye for the environment. Their intelligent, energy saving features counter the price, which is more expensive than other brands.


Residential Solutions

Carrier’s residential systems are designed to heat and cool your home with a minimum of noise and energy use. Carrier Australia offers single split systems and ducted systems. Both present with a neat and tidy look while offering effective complete house heating and cooling.

Carrier’s residential units feature inverter technology, ensuring outstanding energy efficiency. Their controller range is slightly limited but with innovative features.

Split Systems

Carrier’s split system range features 3 units; the Inverter Hi-Wall Split System – Aura Ultimate, Pearl Inverter Split System Air Conditioner A 2 and K Series Inverter Cool Only System - R410A. These units offer intelligent, allergy and environmentally friendly features.

An inbuilt step filtration process ensures filtering of dust particles and common household odours with a mould reducing, self-cleaning mode that removes moisture from the indoor unit. These units have sensors built into the remote controller to regulate room temperature based on the conditions around the remote. A specialist X-ECO mode brings the electrical frequency and fan speeds down, providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly comfort.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
Aura Inverter High Wall Split System R322.1 kW, 2.36 kW, 3.55 kW, 5.05 kW, 7.0 kW, 8.0 kW, 9.10 kWFrom $635
Pearl Inverter High Wall Split System R410A2.1 kW, 2.6 kW, 3.5 kW, 4.9 kW, 5.5 kW, 6.4 kW, 8.0 kW, 9.2 kWFrom $605
K Series Inverter Cool Only System – R410A2.6 kW, 5.1 kW, 6.4 kWFrom $654

Ducted Systems

Carrier offers two ducted air conditioning systems; the High Static Ducted - SHDV Series and Slimline Ducted - SHDS Series. These feature reverse cycle comfort on an expandable network with a single phase source, allowing for easier installation and thereby lower installation costs.

The outdoor unit draws in fresh air rather than recycling existing, stale air with each room receiving personalised comfort using optional zone controls. These units can be combined to provide a whole building solution for a diverse range of spaces.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
High Static Ducted – SHDV Series4.8 kW, 7.10 kW, 8.80 kW, 9.70 kWFrom $1599
Slimline ducted – SHDS Series4.8 kW, 7.10 kW, 8.80 kW, 9.70 kWFrom $1599


Carrier’s controllers feature user friendly visual clues and simple instructions. To save energy from being wasted the unit controller can be locked at a certain temperature, avoiding it being turned to far up or down. Despite being a small range, most of Carrier’s controllers are compatible with different units.

To offer precise control micro settings can be used for the fans. Large buttons on some controllers provide accessibility for those with sight impairment. A Sleep Operating Mode helps users to save energy while maintaining comfort.

ProductCapacity optionsPrice
KJR-120A Wired ControllerN/AFrom $220
Wi-Fi ControllerN/AFrom $98
KJR-12BN/AFrom $30

Commercial Solutions

Carrier apply innovative controls and environmentally friendly solutions in their commercial range to cover large and small spaces. They provide temperature control for diverse spaces such as shopping centres, educational facilities and apartment or office buildings. Their commercial range can generally be built upon, with individual and group controllers automating operations.

Much of Carrier’s commercial range is reinforced with protections to reduce corrosion and frost. These allow Carrier’s units to perform in harsh and extreme conditions.

Air Handlers

Carrier’s air handlers offer clean design with strong materials to protect from excessive noise and thermal bridging. They have a diverse range including the 39CQ Compact, 39CQM, 39G, 39HQ
And 40LMA.

To make maintenance easier, left or right piping connection is available on some units, with removable hinged doors and universal sized filter cells on others. These units can cope with high loads and cold or hot water.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
39CQ CompactN/AFrom $200 per square metre
39CQMN/AFrom $7000
39GN/AFrom $200 per square metre
39HQN/AFrom $200 per square metre
40LMA7.3 kW, 12.0 kW, 17.7 kW and 23.6 kWFrom $200 per square metre

Chillers and Heat Pumps

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, Carrier’s Chillers and Heat Pump model range includes; 16DE/DEH, 16DN/DNH, 16JL/JLR, Aqua Edge 23XRV and Aqua Snap 30AWH. These units feature a two-stage high efficiency design that reduces energy costs. Optional advanced controls allow for remote monitoring of energy use so that behaviours can be adjusted as needed.

These units are dual purpose, operating either as a chiller or heater. They have no CFCs, meaning they are not depleting ozone. With a reduced number of moving parts, there is less wear and tear replacement required.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
16DE/DEHN/AFrom $200 per square metre
16DN/DNH528~2,321 kW, 528~5,802 kWFrom $7000
16JL/JLR528~3,516 kW, 387~2,637 kWFrom $200 per square metre
Aqua Edge 23XRV615-1,934 kWFrom $2000
Aqua Snap 30AWH3.33 kW, 4.73 kW, 5.84 kW, 10.24 kW, 13.04 kW, 10.20 kW, 13.0 kWFrom $400


The i-Vu Chiller Plant/HVAC Control System offers real time information and the flexibility to be either factory-installed on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment from Carrier, or installed on equipment from any manufacturer.

Through automation this control has the capacity to transform equipment into a network that is easy to understand, monitor, regulate and change. Both building staff and occupants can have access to this control, delivering total system control and comfort.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
i-Vu Chiller Plant/HVAC Control SystemN/AFrom $200

Condensing Units

Carrier has 5 energy efficient condensing units on offer including; 38APD, 38APS, 38AUD, 38AUZ and 38RBS. These units have flexible installation and can be installed either on a rooftop or on-the-ground operation. Most of these units can be combined with others to provide higher capacity operations or expand on existing ones.

Most units in this range feature protections including anti-short cycling and compressor overload protection. These help make the units last and thereby by cost-efficient. Many feature a R410A refrigerant, which generates no CFCs and is non-ozone depleting. Intelligent system controls help improve energy efficiency.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
38APDN/AFrom $13,000
38APS88~229 kWFrom $13,000
38AUD35~70 kW modelFrom $200 per square metre
38AUZN/AFrom $200 per square metre
38RBS19.5 kW, 22.3 kW, 24.5 kW, 27.9 kW, 31.2 kW, 35.8 kWFrom $1300

Fan Coils

There are 6 options in Carriers fan coil range including; 42CN, 42CT, 42GWC, 42HS, 42N and
42NL/NH. Most of these offer flexible installation options, generally in terms of where the unit can be placed. As is Carrier’s focus, energy saving functions continue throughout the fan coil range, including a specific energy savings button and energy saving algorithms.

Carrier have designed their fan coil range for minimal installation time and to improve long-term reliability. They offer low noise and smart controllers as part of the range.

ProductCapacity optionsPrice
42CN2.0 kW, 2.82 kW, 3.74 kW, 4.5 kW, 5.4, kW, 7.35 kWFrom $1599
42CT1.9, kW, 2.95 kW, 3.6 kW, 4.5 kW, 5.4 kW, 6.3 kW, 7.2 kWFrom $1599
42GWC3.2 kW, 3.7 kW, 5.8 kW, 6.6 kW, 8.7 kWFrom $1700
42HS6.2 kW, 7.8 kW, 9.6 kW, 10.6 kW, 11.9 kW, 12.7 kW, 14.2 kWFrom $1687
42N0.75-6.35 kWFrom $389
42NL/NH0.6 kW - 12 kWFrom $1843

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