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Mitsubishi Electric began their efforts to make indoor life more comfortable in 1921, with the introduction of the first electric fan. The company pride themselves on delivering controlled comfort wherever you live, work and relax, using state-of-the-art technology that is quiet and simple to use.

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Why Mitsubishi Electric

  • Anti-allergy enzyme filter as standard
  • Corrosion of aluminium fins is inhibited
  • Wi-Fi control
  • Wide and long airflow modes
  • Streamlined design

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Compare Air Conditioning Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our research team

Residential Solutions

Split Systems
Ducted Systems
Multi Systems
Console Split Systems
Ceiling Mounted System
Bulkhead AC

Commercial Solutions

Wall Mounted
VRF Systems
Floor Standing
Controllers and Interfaces
Ceiling Suspended
Ceiling Concealed
Ceiling Cassette
Building Management and Control Systems

Offering commercial and residential solutions, Mitsubishi Electric produces air conditioning units with increased energy efficiency, environmentally friendly refrigerants and a quiet operating mode that is ideal for bedrooms.

A dual barrier coating reduces dust and greasy dirt from collecting in the air conditioner, making cleaning and maintenance simpler. Their units feature a streamlined design, regardless of the size and model.


Residential Solutions

Affordable and efficient, Mitsubishi Electric’s residential range features an ‘Econo-Cool’ airflow which is directed towards users. This allows set temperatures to be raised by 2ºC with no loss in comfort, providing a 20% gain in efficiency.
Their multi split system can run up to eight indoor units per outdoor unit. The M Series is designed to be extremely versatile, helping to make system application easier.

Split Systems

Built to last with an anti-corrosion treatment applied to the heat exchanger of the outdoor units, Mitsubishi Electric have designed a split system range that is energy efficient, with an environmentally friendly refrigerant. Their capacity ranges from low to high.

In Night Mode, the brightness of the indicator light can be reduced, disabling beep noises, and limiting the outdoor unit’s noise. The MSZ-EF series provides three colour choices to suit different kinds of décor in the style conscious home.

ProductCapacity optionsPrice
MSY-GN2.5kw, 3.5kw, 4.2kwFrom $998
MSZ-AP2.5kw, 3.5kw, 5.0kw, 6.0kw, 7.1kw, 7.8kwFrom $845
MSZ-EF2.5kw, 3.5kw, 4.6kw, 5.0kw, 6.1kwFrom $1,039
MSZ-LN2.5kw, 3.5kw, 5.0kw, 6.1kwFrom $845

Ducted System

Offering the convenience of touch-button climate control, ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for multiple room applications and can incorporate zone selection if required.

Mitsubishi Electric’s ducted system range is specifically designed for installation in ceiling spaces. Their unobtrusiveness and power make them appropriate for use in large residences with the flexibility of easy installation. They are designed to operate quietly both day and night.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
PEA-M100-125-140GAA10.0kw, 12.5kw, 14.0kwFrom $4240
PEA-M100-125-140HAA10.0kw, 12.5kw, 14.0kwFrom $3798
PEA-RP17016kw, 18.9kwFrom $6594
PEA-RP250WHA22kwFrom $7500
PEAD-M-JAAD10kw, 12.5kw, 14.0kwFrom $2598

Multi Systems

With Wi-Fi capacity and an efficient DC motor, Mitsubishi Electric’s multi systems can connect to a number of indoor units, providing convenience and choice. As multiple indoor units run off a single outdoor unit, extra space isn’t needed for multiple outdoor units. This is an ideal situation where space is limited such as in apartments or residences with small garden spaces.

Intelligent systems monitor changes in room temperature so that the most efficient waveform maintains a comfortable temperature. When the ideal room temperature has reached the desired setting, capacity decreases in order to maintain the set level, using less energy.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
MXZ-2D52VA - 2 head5.2kwFrom $1803
MXZ-2E52VAD5.2kwFrom $1803
MXZ-3E54VAD2 – 3 head5.4kwFrom $1979
MXZ-4E71VAD7.1kwFrom $2520
MXZ-4E80VAD8.0kwFrom $2699
MXZ-5E100VAD10.0kwFrom $3285
MXZ-8C140-160VAMD14.0kw, 15.5kwFrom $8570
MXZ-6E120VAD12.0kwFrom $5729

Console Split System

This system features a simple controller, self-diagnosis, energy efficiency and high capacity. Temperature settings and On/Off control can be managed using a Weekly Timer, allowing users to control energy consumption.

Simply designed and easy to install, the console has smoothed surfaces, providing linear beauty, which will fit all types of interiors. The units feature an efficient and environmentally conscious refrigerant.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
MFZ-KJ-VE2.5kw, 3.5kw, 5.0kw, 6.0kwFrom $1590

Ceiling Mounted System

Mitsubishi Electric's inverter technology provides high-speed cooling and heating, with the bonus of extra energy savings compared to non-inverter models. They are ideal for areas in which wall space is not available or where ducted systems are not an option.

Compact and whisper quiet operation makes these units ideal for master bedrooms, living rooms and other single room residential uses.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
MLZ-KP Ceiling Cassette2.5kw, 3.5kw, 5.0kwFrom $1244.00
SLZ-KF2.5kw, 3.5kw, 5.0kw, 6.0kwFrom $1673.00

Bulkhead AC

With a Compact design of only 200 mm high, bulkhead air conditioners are appropriate in limited installation space situations; for example when there is a lack of wall space or concrete ceilings.

Their quiet operation makes them ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and other single room residential uses. A 7-day programmable remote controller gives users control, while an air-cleaning filter reduces pollutants.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
SEZ-KD10kw, 12.5kw, 14.0kwFrom $735

Commercial Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric commercial air conditioners are designed to be reliable, quiet and energy efficient. With a wide variety of products on offer, the commercial range is built to perform in different types of commercial space in the tough Australian environment.

Wall Mounted

Mitsubishi Electric produce large capacity wall mounted air conditioning systems that are both elegant and compact. These are ideal for offices and retail spaces.

In terms of maintenance, drain water can be discharged easily even if there is no direct outside access. This increases the degree of freedom for installation.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
PKA-M71/100KAL 7.1-10kw10kw, 12.5kw, 14.0kwFrom $3718
PKFY-P VBM1.7kw, 2.2kw, 2.8kw, 3.6kw, 4.5kw, 5.6kwFrom $500
PKFY-P VKM-E7.1kw, 11.2kwFrom $1729

VRF Systems

The VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) series is an energy efficient large-scale air conditioning application. Its features such as simultaneous heating / cooling such and high capacity options are designed for shopping centres, apartments, hotels, motels and other commercial sites.

The range features smart technology that allows the download of operating data via USB, with self-diagnosis and maintenance alerts. An emergency backup function can be easily activated by the remote control of any indoor unit in case of system malfunction. This guarantees an average cooling and heating operation of 4 hours.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
HBC Controller - VRG Systems ControllersVariousFrom $5000
Mini VRF Single Fan PUMY-SP9.0kw, 12.5kw, 14.0kw, 15.5kw, 22.4kwFrom $4700
PQHY-P-Y-(S)HM-A - 22.4kw - 101.0kw - heat pumps22.4kw, 28.0kw, 33.5kw, 45.0kw, 50.0kw, 56.0kw, 63.0kw, 69.0kw, 73.0kw, 80.0kw, 85.0kw, 90.0kw, 96.0kw, 101.0kwFrom $400 per square metre
PQRY-P-Y-(S)HM-A - 22.4kw - 69kw - heat recovery22.4kw, 28.0kw, 33.5kw, 45.0kw, 50.0kw, 56.0kw, 63.0kw, 69.0kwFrom $400 per square metre
PWFY-EP-100VM-E1-AU ATW HEX -Heat pumps12.5kwFrom $2700
PWFY-P100VM-E-BU ATW Booster unit - heat pumps12.5kwFrom $2700
R2 Series City Multi Next Generation - VRF systems22.4kw, 28.0kw, 33.5kw, 40.0kw, 45.0kw, 50.0kw, 56.0kw, 63.0kw, 69.0kw, 73.0kw, 80.0kw, 85.0kw, 90.0kw, 96.0kw, 101.0kwFrom $400 per square metre
Y Series City Multi Next Generation - VRF systems5.0kw, 6.0kw, 7.1kw, 10kw, 12.5kw, 13.5kwFrom $1215

Floor Standing

A compact concealed unit that provides simple, effective air conditioning in perimeter zones, Mitsubishi Electric’s floor standing series has optimum air distribution. The unit is easy to clean with a removable front panel. This helps maintain the efficiency of the unit.

Floor standing units are multi-functional and easy to install. At only 220mm deep they offers heating and cooling framed by a sophisticated design.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
Concealed - PFFY-P VLRM(M)-E2.2kw, 2.8kw, 3.6kw, 4.5kw, 5.6kw, 7.1kwFrom $2062
PFFY-P VKM-E22.2kw, 2.8kw, 3.6kw, 4.5kwFrom $1492
PFFY-P VLEM-E2.2kw, 2.8kw, 3.6kw,
4.5kw, 5.6kw, 7.1kw
From $1492
PFFY-WP-VLRMM-E Floor Console2.2kw, 2.8kw, 3.6kw,
4.5kw, 5.6kw
From $1665

Controllers and Interfaces

With downloadable energy data files, control of up to 50 units, colour screens and easy to use programming, Mitsubishi Electric’s controllers and interfaces can be customised to the customer’s requirements.

At the touch of a screen you can control the temperature, fan speed and airflow options of up to 200 units. These systems allow energy consumption to be monitored by individual areas, with a touch panel showing the floor layout and facilitating easier operation of air conditioning equipment.


Mitsubishi Air offers two different ranges of chillers including the e-series Range and Climaveneta brand. The e-series modular chiller range uses efficient scroll compressor technology, advanced inverters and controls, delivering exceptional efficiency with a wide operating range.

The Climaveneta range offers energy-saving but high capacity, low-noise and innovative chiller solutions specifically designed and built to meet the most demanding building requirements and standards.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
Climaveneta - ERACS2-Q1062.0kw, 1162.0kw, 1362.0kw, 1562.0kw, 1762.0kw, 1962.0kw, 2022.0kw, 2222.0kw, 2422.0kw, 2622.0kw, 2722.0kw, 3222.0kwFrom $400 per square metre
Climaveneta - i-FX-Q2 CA400.0kw, 429.0kw, 456.0kw, 517.0kw, 598.0kw, 630.0kw, 786.0kw, 881.0kw, 1046.0kwFrom $400 per square metre
Climaveneta - NECS-WQ Water source48.4kw, 55.6kw, 64.6kw, 73.4kw, 82.8kw, 97.0kw, 127.0kw, 158.0kw, 205.0kw, 193.0kw, 224.0kw, 254.0kw, 284.0kw, 315.0kw, 363.0kw, 412.0kwFrom $400 per square metre
E-Series Modular ChillersN/AFrom $400 per square metre

Ceiling Suspended

Ceiling suspended units provide comfortable air conditioning for a wide range of applications where floor or wall space cannot be used practically. Their capacities span low to high.

The PCFY series features a single air outlet that allows the auto vane to act as a shutter when the unit is off. This allows the auto vane to swing up and down, automatically distributing air more evenly to every corner of the room.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
PCA-M50/60/71/100/125/140KA5.0kw, 6.0kw, 7.1kw, 10.0kw, 12.5kw, 13.5kwFrom $1215
PCFY-P VKM-E4.5kw, 7.1kw, 12.5kw, 14.0kwFrom $2485

Ceiling Concealed

Also designed to save space, the ceiling concealed system features include a washable honeycomb fabric filter, precise temperature control and for some models an ultra low height to fit in tight spaces.

The R410A refrigerant allows higher heat transfer than the R22 refrigerant, achieving significantly higher coefficient of performance. Maintenance for some of these units can be performed through an access door, an easy to use and cost saving feature.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
PEFY-WP-VMS1-E1.7kw, 2.2kw, 2.8kw, 3.6kw, 4.5kw, 5.6kwFrom $1667
PEFY-P VMH-E-F9.0kw, 16.0kw, 22.4kw, 28.0kwFrom $2598
PEFY-P VMH(S)-E4.5kw, 5.6kw, 7.1kw, 8.0kw, 9.0kw, 11.2kw, 14.0kw, 16.0kw, 22.4kw, 28.0kw, 9.0kw, 11.2kwFrom $2075
PEFY-P VMR-E-L_R2.2kw, 2.8kw, 3.6kwFrom $1724
PEFY-P VMS1(L)-E 1.7kw, 2.2kw, 2.8kw, 3.6kw, 4.5kw, 5.6kw, 7.1kwFrom $1665
PEFY-WP-VMA-E2.2kw, 2.8kw, 3.6kw, 4.5kw, 5.6kw From $2161

Ceiling Cassette

Designed with a compact size for handy installation and easy maintenance, ceiling cassettes offer fresh air duct facility and an “i-see sensor” in for certain units.

The sensor can check the temperature difference at the top and bottom of a room, leading to precise and comfortable temperature control. These units offer gentle cooling with wide airflow and auto start up.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
4 Way Flow PLFY-P VBM-E3.6kw, 4.5kw, 5.6kw, 7.1kw, 9.0kw, 11.2kw, 14.0kwFrom $2000
4 Way Flow PLFY-P VCM-E1.7kw, 3.6kw, 4.5kw, 5.6kw, 7.1kwFrom $1745
PLA-M71/100/124/140EA10kw, 12.5kw, 14.0kwFrom $4240
PMFY-P VBM-E2.2kw, 2.8kw, 3.6kw, 4.5kwFrom $1244

Building Management and Control Systems

Mitsubishi Electric’s building management and control systems deliver rich presentation and live data to a browser. This allows the controller to make adjustments as and when needed to individual areas.

These systems have the advantage of expansion capabilities to meet the requirements of the space. They are easy to install and can support multiple power options through a Power PC Platform. Comprehensive database management functionality, alarm management, and messaging services can all be addressed through these systems.

ProductCapacity OptionsPrice
Building Management and Control SystemsN/AFrom $371

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