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* Up-to-date as at 13 January 2021. We review our comparison tables regularly to ensure our data is up-to-date.
* The ARC Tick identifies businesses authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

Degree C is the best value air conditioning installation company in Hobart

The Compare Air Conditioning team takes into consideration a number of factors when determining the best value air conditioning installation company: price, customer service, product range, and technical expertise and experience. Considering all these factors we determined that Degree C provides the leading air conditioning installation service Hobart has to offer.
Noteworthy areas of Degree C’s service include:

  • the lowest prices in our top 5;
  • an ability to install air conditioning all over Tasmania, with few exceptions;
  • over 50 years of experience in the industry;
  • providing an exceptionally broad range of air conditioning products and solutions; and
  • polite and informative staff who can normally answer customer’s questions immediately.

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We determined that Degree C provides the leading air conditioning installation service Hobart has to offer

Covid-19 update

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on so many thing, including how we interact with each other. Installers in Hobart are taking steps to protect the health of customers and technicians based on guidance from the federal and state governments:

  • Degree C are using sanitisers and marks
  • Energy Solutions are following all government mandated protocols and are asking that no one be in the room while the technicians are working. They disinfect and clean anything they have touched
  • Parr’s Heat Pump Centre have increased the frequency of hand sanitising and wiping down areas with anti-bacterial wipes. Customers are asked to respect social distancing and are generally adopting a common sense approach
  • Southern Air technicians are trained in hygiene practice.They carry sanitising product and anti-bacterial wipes to all jobs.
  • EGS are applying precautions such as sanitising and hand washing. Each of their technicians are asked to adopt a sensible approach on how and if they use PPE.


Degree C usually offers the lowest prices of our top 5 air conditioning installation Hobart companies. Our Degree C review team found that this company provides quotes with information about services at a variety of prices, however their responsiveness via email is significantly slower than that via telephone.

  • By email, Degree C gives clear and concise quotes, pricing different models to cater for the customers’ price range.
  • The Compare Air Conditioning team notes that Degree C tends to quote prices that do not include GST which can be confusing, and necessitates that customers calculate the price of installation themselves.
  • In general, the Degree C sales team are helpful and polite, enabling customers to feel personally catered for. The typically friendly and efficient staff at Degree C ensure that customers can obtain an air conditioning solution relevant their needs and budget.
  • Impressively, Degree C will offer a lower price for the installation of multiple air conditioning systems, than the standard installation cost.

The graph below shows the relative cost effectiveness of each of the top 5 air conditioning installation Hobart companies, demonstrating the strong performance of Degree C in this area:

We also note that others in our top 5 air conditioning installation Hobart companies offer excellent value:
In particular:

  • Parr’s Heat Pump Centre and Southern Air both offer a competitive price. Both also will allow for volume discounts on a case by case basis, which can add value for customers who are installing multiple units in their home;
  • Our Energy Solutions review team found that the company provides a detailed and comprehensive quote, ensuring that customers understand what they are paying for. They are also willing to negotiate with customers a reduction in price if a competitor quote is provided with a truly like-for-like installation; and
  • Our EGS review team found that this company communicate clearly about all potential costs in their quotes, so that there are no surprise extra charges after the site inspection.
Air Conditioning Installation Hobart sales team

Customer Service

Compare Air Conditioning’s experience with Degree C’s customer service over the phone was excellent. We found that the staff at Degree C stood out in their pleasant and friendly nature, and ability to answer questions effectively. Degree C makes sure that the lay-customer needing an air conditioning installation in Hobart understands the complexities and intricacies associated with installation. By email, our team found Degree C’s customer service to be pleasingly personal and flexible. Although we note that Degree C took a few days to respond to our queries.

The graph below shows our teams rating of the customer service experience of each of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Hobart, both by email and over the phone.

  • Degree C
  • Energy Sol
  • Parr's
  • Southern Air
  • EGS

Degree C makes evident their strong customer service in numerous ways. Specifically:

  • The sales team at Degree C have an intimate and authoritative understanding of the installation process and air conditioning product and solutions;
  • Impressively, Degree C respond to inquiries over the phone immediately. This allows customers to resolve their questions in a timely manner;
  • Degree C staff are flexible and willing to go the extra mile to ascertain the smooth experience of customers (literally and figuratively) because;
  • Degree C will travel essentially all over Tasmania in order to do an installation; and
  • Degree C are consistently well reviewed online.
  • Response time for quote
  • Response time to initial email request

Members of our top 5 varied in their approach to customer service, but in general:

  • Energy Solutions respond to inquiries rapidly. In the Compare Air Conditioning team’s experience, the response time was within 18 hours.
  • Our Parr’s Heat Pump Centre review team found this company are also swift in their responsiveness to online inquiries, and provide itemized quotes which are clear and easy to understand.
  • EGS are contactable 24/7 for emergency service.
  • Our Southern Air review found this company offers basic and approximate quotes over the phone, which is perfect for those needing immediate price related information.
Air Conditioning Installation Hobart technician working on a split system

Product range

Degree C provides Hobart based installation of a range of air conditioning products and solutions. Whilst Degree C prefers to install Daikin products, they also are happy to install Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, ActronAir, and Temperzone. Impressively Degree C offers Hobart based air conditioning installation of split system, reverse system, inverse system, multi system, ducted heating, ducted heating and cooling, hydronic boiler and steam boiler air conditioning solutions. We note that they do not install evaporative cooling, but that this is not a popular air conditioning solution given Tasmania’s cooler climate.

In respect to the other members of our top 5 air conditioning installation Hobart companies, they all prefer to install Daikin products, as Daikin is the premier air conditioning brand, offering efficient and reliable products and solutions.
In addition to Daikin split system products:

  • Southern Air install Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu products
  • EGS provide installation services for Fujitsu and Rinnai air conditioning products
  • Parr’s Heat Pump Centre fit Samsung and Haier products and solutions.

Technical expertise and experience

Established in 1960, Degree see is by the far the longest running air conditioning installation company in our Hobart top 5. With almost sixty years of experience in the industry, Degree C brings considerable knowhow of air conditioning installation particular to Hobart. Impressively, Degree C offer a 5 year installation warranty, giving customers certainty about the products they are purchasing. Degree C provides a free onsite quote, and offers both installation and repairs.

Each member of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Hobart offer a high level of technical expertise and experience. Notably:

  • Parr’s Heat Pump Centre, established in 1976 are very experience. They also install all types of air conditioning products.
  • Parr’s Heat Pump Centre, as well as Southern Air and EGS install all types of air conditioning products, including evaporative cooling, hydronic and boiler units.
  • Energy Solutions offer a 5 year installation warranty.
Hobart based Air Conditioning Installation expert


Heating solutions

The Compare Air Conditioning team, have researched the heating options provided by the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Hobart area. Please note that some suburbs in Hobart aren’t linked to natural gas.

Degree C

For heating solutions, Degree C specialise in split and ducted systems only. Split systems are a popular choice as despite needing one unit in each room their operating costs when compared to ducted heating are far more efficient. Ducted systems can be installed throughout the whole house with zone control. They deliver a softer heat via ducts mounted in either the roof or the floor. However, they are more expensive to run than a wall mounted split system.

They recommend Daikin, for whom they are a Super Dealer, finding them a high quality, reliable brand. Degree C are also a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer for the same reasons. They suggest that the decision between the two would depend on customer taste, preference and what is most appropriate for the space. These criteria will help inform the best recommendation for your household as will providing the house plans via email. Degree C also carry, install and service Fujitsu, with the capacity to heat both large and small spaces.

Energy Solutions

Options provided by Energy Solutions include gas ducted heating, gas log fires, panel heating and reverse cycle split systems. They are also equipped to provide hydronic systems. Their specialist areas are in installation of wall mounted heat pumps, panel heating, ducted, split systems wall or floor mounted heaters.

In terms of recommendations they suggest that panel heating can be good for intermittent heating in spaces, which may not be used often. For a whole house they recommend ducted heating, split systems, wall or floor mounted units. This provides a wide range of solutions for many different types of residences.

Ducted heating delivers soft airflow through a series of ducts that are placed throughout the house, either in the floor or on the ceiling. Split systems and wall-mounted heat pumps can individually heat different rooms with the capacity for multiple units to be run through a single outdoor unit. Wall / floor mounted heat pumps can be more energy efficient, yet some home owners do not like the look of them. They are an ideal choice for the parts of Hobart with no natural gas connection.

Energy Solutions work with highly reputable brands including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Daikin. This means they can pass on any heating installation deals for these brands.

Parr’s Heat Pump Centre

Parr’s Heat Pump Centre are specialists in split, multi-split and ducted systems, but no underfloor and hot water pumps. Parr’s Heat Pump Centre are able to accommodate the heating challenges of high wall residences. They recommend floor mounts, ducted and split systems. In particular they highly recommend Daikin split systems; these don’t freeze up and continue to run in extreme conditions. Split system wall units would need to be installed in each room that requires heating. The air they blow is more drying than that of a ducted system but their running costs work out to be cheaper. This is a similar outcome in terms of floor-mounted systems. Some homeowners prefer not to use floor or wall mounted heating, as it is less discrete than a ducted unit. Ducted units can emit heat either through ceiling or floor ducts. They offer a gentler, less noticeable heat that can warm a whole house. However, these systems have a higher running cost.

Parr’s Heat Pump Centre suggest doing a heat load assessment before making their recommendation. This can help narrow down heating choices to the best for your space.

Southern Air

Southern Air pride themselves on offering a heating solution to achieve maximum efficiency and aesthetics. To do so they offer a free in-home inspection. After having a look at the switchboard, property and measuring it Southern Air will then discuss models and brands. The position of the mountain in Hobart in relation to the property will influence their recommendation.

Southern Air generally won’t give a recommendation until they see the property as the mountain in Hobart can influence how much sun a home gets and thereby what’s most appropriate. They offer wall, floor and ducted heat pumps as well as hydronic systems. A wall-mounted heat pump will generally need to be installed in each room, meaning a higher initial outlay but lower running costs.

Ducted heating can be installed in either the floor or ceiling. It delivers a gentle heat that doesn’t draw too much moisture from the air. However ducted systems can be expensive to operate and are not appropriate for properties without access to the natural gas line. Southern Air suggest that most homes will be looking at between $3 and 3.5k for a general living area.

Hydronic heating is becoming a more popular option – heating a whole house through heated water and a series of pipes. However, installation can be costly, particularly if the property does not have space under the floors.

Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu are Southern Air’s brands of choice due to their reputation for quality, performance and durability.


The electric products EGS specialise in include heat pumps, floor heating, hydronic heating, ceiling heaters, panel heaters and space heaters, underfloor heaters. For gas they can offer ducted, portable heating, flued gas space heaters, gas log flame fires and gas hydronic heating, with the caveat that some homes in Hobart won’t have access to natural gas.

EGS’s most popular option is a ducted heat pump system at a cost of approximately $12 to 13 thousand. They recommend this as it is a good all-rounder product, offering nice and even heat. Hydronic heating is another of their highest recommendations, the issue being their expense and installation requirements. They can start at about $30 thousand for installation. If ducted and hydronic systems are not appropriate for your budget individual heat pumps including panel heaters etc. start from about $5 to $6 thousand.  A heat pump paced in the living room is around $3 thousand. To warm the whole house using individual heat pumps EGS can install a multihead system, which can run a number of inside units through the one outdoor unit. EGS says that the electric heat pumps are most efficient in running costs.

In terms of brands EGS specialise in Daikin, Fujitsu, Rinnai and Brivis systems. These have a reputation for being consistently high quality.

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