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* Up-to-date as at 13 January 2021. We review our comparison tables regularly to ensure our data is up-to-date.
* The ARC Tick identifies businesses authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

Camray Air is the best value air conditioning installation company in Wollongong

Our Camray Air review team has concluded that Camray Air is the best value company in Wollongong.
We were impressed by:

  • their clear and to-the-point email quotation
  • affordable prices
  • high quality customer service
  • wide range of brands, and
  • professionalism and technical expertise.

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Our team has concluded that Camray Air is the best value company in Wollongong.

Covid-19 update

To interact safely with customers during the Covid-19 pandemic, air conditioning installers have had to make changes and additions to their safety practice. With government directives providing information about best practice, Wollongong installation companies have implemented the following measures:

  • Camray Air has supplied each tradesperson with gloves, masks and sanitising equipment. Customers lead the use of these onsite – some request them, while others do not. Camray Air can quote using pictures of the property and power box or via Facetime. The company is taking care with the health of both customers and employees by not visiting those in self-isolation until the isolation period has finished and not permitting anyone who is unwell to attend work, with a number of their technicians choosing to have the flu shot.
  • Alpine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Pty Ltd have let customers decide if they require PPE, with each tradesperson having access to gloves, masks and sanitising equipment. They are minimising site attendance for quote requests, advising customers to attach as many specifications and information to their email, including floor plans and pictures. They will generate a quote through info provided and then arrange a site visit, where the technicians are strict about social distancing. Technicians are asked not to be at work if they have any symptoms.
  • ADL Services work around their clients, as they want to keep their clients feeling safe. Certain clients are vacating for the installation or staying away. If someone is at home the technicians are wiping down surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes and if requested they can limit the number of staff onsite. Their team is kept up-to-date with current government guidelines.
  • Marksmen Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have a healthy team but to keep customers comfortable and safe all technicians have access to PPE and sanitiser and can request the use of these. The tradespeople restrict population of each area to one person per room, with a minimum of 3-4 on site in order to reduce time spent inside the property and when removing rubbish. If they go to the truck and back inside they make sure to sanitise their hands.
  • Cool Blue Air Conditioning PTY LTD have provided their team with sanitising equipment which is used on hands, tools and surfaces as they go in and out of a residence.


Camray Air provides their customers with an excellent quote that is well presented and competitively priced.

Price related highlights include:

  • Our Camray Air review team found that this company offer affordable installation that is generally lower than the market average.
  • They provide an email quote that is short and to the point. Our team valued that Camray Air’s quote was concise as they managed to include many relevant considerations without overwhelming their customers.
  • Camray Air informs customers about potential cash back options and can assist customers to obtaining them.

We found that our top 5 air conditioning installation Wollongong companies each provide great quotations and excellent value for money installation services.

For example:

  • Our Alpine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning review team found that this company provide customers with an email quote that is clearly set out, divided into several sections making it easy to comprehend. In their quote they offer products across a range of different price points and give an explanation of the various options. This Wollongong-based air conditioning installation company also detail the breakdown of costs per unit, and then the total price including GST in their initial quote. Our team values that they take the time to thoroughly explain potential extra costs, such as pipework, core holes through concrete and the power supply cavity.
  • Our ADL Services review team found that this company provides customers with an email quote that is concise and easy to understand. Their quotation sets out clear recommendations and includes warranty and payment details. It can take time to receive an initial response from ADL Services. That being said, once customers provide a floor plan ADL Services can supply a personalised quote within a few hours. ADL Services requires a 30% deposit if you want to proceed with an installation.
  • Our Marksmen Refrigeration and Air Conditioning review found that this company offers affordable prices for air conditioning installation in Wollongong. They are happy to discuss pricing and can provide customers with a quote over the phone. We found Marksmen Refrigeration & Air Conditioning to be helpful in explaining potential cash options and promotions that are currently available.
  • Our Cool Blue Air Conditioning review team found that this company provides quotes that are simple and concise.
Air Conditioning Installation Wollongong split system technician

Customer Service

Our number one choice for air conditioning installation in Wollongong – Camray Air – is friendly and consistently provides great customer service.

Notable customer service features include:

  • Camray Air provides all the relevant information pertaining to air conditioning installation from the initial point of contact.
  • Excellent over the phone service, staff are polite and helpful.
  • Camray air can provide rural installations on a case-by-case basis.
  • We found that the managing director provides their quote. The managing director also supplies a direct mobile number for any follow up queries.
  • Camray Air
  • Alpine
  • ADL
  • Marksmen
  • Cool Blue A.C.

Important customer service considerations from our top 5 companies:

  • Response time for quote
  • Response time to initial email request
  • Alpine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are great at communicating both by phone and email. Through our test calls we found their receptionists to be both polite and helpful. In particular, their staff are knowledgeable and able to respond confidently to difficult to questions. We found that they generally respond to request for quote within 3 days.
  • Wollongong based air conditioning installation company – ADL Services – experienced technical issues which resulted in our test emails being lost in their systems. Yet, once we followed up with ADL Services by phone they were able to locate the emails and keen to assist. Our ADL Services review team confirmed that the sales team were extremely apologetic for the initial technical issues and overcame this by providing a quote within an hour of our follow up phone call. We found their staff to be friendly and great at answering questions. More specifically their director can provide useful information and elaborate on any further queries.
  • During one of our interactions, our Marksmen Refrigeration and Air Conditioning review found they this company’s sales team were experiencing technical difficulties which made the process of obtaining a quote challenging. However, when we called to follow up on the quote we spoke with the director who was very apologetic and working to get the system fixed. We found the director to be confident, knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to make up for this mistake. In this exceptional circumstance what really impressed us is the way Marksmen Refrigeration & Air Conditioning offered our team a discount. This example is evidence of their commitment to customer service. It is important to note that jobs can have up to a 6-week waiting period in the winter, and 8-weeks in the summer.
  • Cool Blue Air Conditioning provides valuable recommendations as to which brand would be best suited to customers’ needs and space.
Wollongong-based Air Conditioning Installation sales team

Product range

Camray Air recommend that customers install Panasonic air conditioning products. This is because they believe that Panasonic are superior to other brands in terms of their after installation service, whilst offering a high quality product which sits at the top end of the market.

Camray Air also install Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems and will install without supplying, meaning that if you have a particular product you would like and can personally source, Camray Air will install it for you.

None of our top 5 air conditioning installation Wollongong companies install ducted heating, evaporative cooling or hydronic boiler and steam boilers. The heat and humidity of the Wollongong region lowers the efficiency of an evaporative cooling system, whilst boiler systems and ducted heating are heating only options which are often not preferable given the Wollongong climate.

  • Alpine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning recommend Toshiba and Carrier products, however they also install Temperzone, LG, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Panasonic, Pioneer and Fujitsu air conditioning solutiongs.
  • ADL Services recommend the installation of Fujitsu products but will also install Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Daikin and Temperzone.
  • Marksmen Refrigeration prefer to supply and install Mitsubishi Industries, but will also install Fujitsu products.
  • Cool Blue Air Conditioning recommend ActronAir and Daikin as two reliable brands.
Air Conditioning Installation Wollongong worker checking on external unit

Technical expertise and experience

Camray Air was established in 1996, which means that with more than twenty years of operation they are amongst the most experienced companies in air conditioning installation Wollongong has to offer! Further:

  • They also offer a 5-year warranty on their installation, which is about on par with others in Compare Air Conditioning’s top 5
  • They install split systems and ducted heating and cooling, which is identical to all other companies in our top 5.

Other Wollongong based air conditioning installation companies in our top also offer significant experience, in particular:

  • Alpine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning were established in 1985, making them the oldest company in our top 5! Alpine refrigeration and Air Conditioning also offer a 5 year installation warranty.
  • ADL Services was established in 1991, but changed hands in 2013. They also offer a 5 year installation warranty.
  • Marksmen Refrigeration were established in 1988 and, impressively, guarantee their workmanship meaning that any installation fault will be repaired no matter the time from installation (although we do note that most installation fault are likely to emerge within a year after installation).
  • Cool Blue Air Conditioning provides a 5 year installation warranty. Having established in 2005, Cool Blue Air Conditioning brings considerable experience to the table.

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