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* Up-to-date as at 13 January 2021. We review our comparison tables regularly to ensure our data is up-to-date.
* The ARC Tick identifies businesses authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

The Heat Shop is the best value air conditioning installation company in Geelong

Taking into consideration many aspects of their service, The Heat Shop impressed the team at Compare Air Conditioning, and is ranked by our team as the leading air conditioning installation Geelong Company.
Because we believe that The Heat Shop offers premium service for a competitive price, it is our determination that The Heat Shop of the best value air conditioning installation company in our Geelong top 5. This was based on their:

  • High levels of responsiveness by phone and email
  • wide range of products and solutions offered
  • extensive experience, having been established more than 30 years ago
  • friendly and amiable customer service employees
  • excellent online ratings from various review platforms, and
  • prices that place them at the cheaper end of the Geelong air conditioning installation market.

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The Heat Shop responds to online enquires quickly, ensuring customers needing an approximate quote can have their queries resolved swiftly.

Covid-19 update

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on how we interact with one another. Geelong-based installers are instituting practices to protect the health of customers and technicians and are taking steps to act compatibly with guidance from the federal and Victorian governments:

  • The Heat Shop are taking sensible steps to protect their staff and customers, including by using sanitiser and will comply with request from customers such as not shaking hands.
  • Specialized Heating and Cooling are taking precautions as required and can use masks, distancing, sanitisers and follow customer requests.
  • Coldflow are using PPE and are following state and federal OH&S regulations. All technicians are told to stay home if they are unwell and have not been overseas in some time.
  • GJ Bradding make your safety a priority and practice the highest of hygiene and social distancing practices.
  • Climatic discuss any hygiene requirements with customers, to ensure their customers are comfortable


In relation to Price, The Heat Shop review team found that this company offers exceptional value. The Compare Air Conditioning team ranked The Heat Shop the most cost effective air conditioning installation Geelong company. As well as competitive prices, The Heat Shop has other impressive features on the topic of price. Notably:

  • The Heat Shop offers discounts on installation of multiple air conditioning units.
  • When requested, The Heat Shop are open to matching the price from a different installation company for a comparable job, if it is truly like-for-like.
  • The Heat Shop responds to online enquires quickly, ensuring customers needing an approximate quote can have their queries resolved swiftly. Additionally, the Compare Air Conditioning team found that over the phone, the staff at The Heat Shop were extremely knowledgeable. This is important for customers wishing to have their price related enquires resolved instantly.

Other companies in our list of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Geelong offer exceptional price related highlights. In particular:

  • Specialized Heating & Cooling offer financing options for customers through a range of third party finance companies – GE money and Lombard Finance.
  • Our G.J Bradding Heating & Cooling Systems review team found this company offer competitive prices, and assist customers to take advantage of deals and special offers from manufacturers with strong relationships with this air conditioning installation Geelong company.
  • Our Climatic review found this company does not offer pricing discounts like price matching or volume discounts, but their prices are competitive and indicative of the high quality provided by Climatic.
  • Coldflow are open to many different forms of price discounting, including volume discounts and price matching (if the competitor quote is truly like-for-like). Coldflow are not the absolute cheapest installation company in Geelong, but this enables customers to get a lower price.
Geelong-based Air Conditioning Installation expert viewing air con


Regular servicing is an essential ongoing cost of having air conditioning in your home

Installing air conditioning in your home is an expensive undertaking. During winter and summer periods, air conditioners can add a significant amount to your energy bills. So it is important to keep your air conditioner running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Like your car, they need regular check-ups to make sure everything is working OK and helps ensure you aren’t spending more than you need on electricity bills. A regular service of your air conditioner can also make sure that a minimal amount of dust or allergens are being blown into your home. This is particularly important if someone in your home suffers from asthma or has respiratory issues of any kind. 

While there are small things you can do yourself to maintain your air conditioning system, servicing should always be completed by a professional with a licence to handle refrigerants. A qualified professional will check for:

  • Leaks and fix any seals that are letting coolant out
  • Chemical levels of things such as refrigerant and take away any excess
  • Check the thermostat is accurate
  • Inspect any electrical parts
  • Check that the motors and belts are working properly, replacing broken ones and oiling them as necessary

But how often should you book a service to keep your machine running at optimum efficiency? Experts generally agree that if your unit is functioning properly then once a year is best for a service. If your system is showing signs of irregularity, then that’s probably a good time to call a technician straight away. You don’t want it causing you issues unexpectedly during a mid-summer heat wave and dealing with the cost of an emergency visit.

To avoid the rush during summer, it is best to book in your service during the time of year when you least use it. Any time with milder weather, early spring or autumn is ideal.

Here are some tips that you can do yourself to ensure your air conditioning system is working at peak performance:

  • Set the energy saver on timer when you are home. This will avoid it continuing to run if you nod off on the couch.
  • Resist the temptation to have the unit set at a very low temperature. This will make the system struggle a bit more to work, wearing out the motor and seals.
  • If you have a split system, check the outside unit on a regular basis. Dirt, leaves, weeds and other debris can get caught in it and obstruct the flow. Clear all around it and make sure nothing is in the way.
  • Remove dust. You can go over the outside of the unit and its grills with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.
  • Put your remote somewhere safe, away from little hands and replace the batteries as needed.
  • Consider the location of your furniture. Try to ensure the path in front of the unit is clear so the air can get to you. This will avoid the need to overwork the air conditioner
  • During the summer months, keep your windows, curtains and blinds closed during the day if possible. This will keep some of the heat out so that you won’t need to pump your system up to full power. Properly sun backed curtains are also a great investment and can maintain the inside temperature too.

So in summary, a regular service of your air conditioner will ensure you:

  • Manage electricity usage/spending, conserving energy which is good for your hip pocket and the environment
  • Make sure the unit is working at maximum efficiency
  • Identify any problems which may become bigger later or, potentially harming your family
  • Identify broken or malfunctioning equipment
  • Make sure the unit is ready for peak use times.

Customer Service

Customer service is an integral component of an interaction with an air conditioning installation company, ensuring that communication is clear and efficient makes for a swift of easy install without complication. The Compare Air Conditioning team found that every interaction with The Heat Shop went forward in this manner. For this reason, we feel that The Heat Shop offer the best customer service in our top 5 air conditioning installation Geelong companies. Additionally:

  • The Heat Shop respond quickly to online enquires. We found that they respond to an inquiry generally within 2 days.
  • The customer service staff at The Heat Shop are knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring that queries are resolved with ease.
  • Heat Shop
  • Specialized
  • Coldflow
  • GJ Bradding
  • Climatic

Other companies in our top 5 offer notable customer service related highlights. In particular:

  • Climatic has a strong and competitive online rating from its customers online with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.
  • The Compare Air Conditioning team found that G.J Bradding Heating & Cooling Systems offer a very professional and comprehensive approach to customer service. This ensures customers will feel well looked after by this company.
  • Specialized Heating & Cooling respond to enquires quickly. We found that they typically respond to an initial email within 24 hours.
  • Coldflow staff of friendly and answer questions in a clear and detailed manner, and we found that we were able to be connected to someone who could answer technical questions within minutes of placing a call.
  • Response time for quote
  • Response time to initial email request

Product range

The Heat Shop review team found that this company can supply and install a range of air conditioning products and solutions. Despite preferring Daikin, they also regularly install Toshiba, Hunt Heating, Fronius, Rehau, Apricaus Australia, Bean, Brivis, Devi, Immergas, Nobo and Archer products. Additionally, The Heat Shop are able to install a range of different types of products, including ducted heating and cooling, evaporative cooling and hydronic boiler systems. We do note that The Heat Shop do not supply or install steam boiler units.

Air Conditioning Installation Geelong technician

Other air conditioning installation companies in Geelong offer a wide range of products. Notably:

  • Climatic prefers to install Mitsubishi Electric products.
  • G.J Bradding Heating & Cooling Systems prefer to install Brivs and Bonair products, but will also supply ActronAir, Daikin, Fujitsu, Bosch, Rinnair and Nobo units.
  • Specialized Heating & Cooling supply and install all types of air conditioning units, and recommend Daikin and Fujitsu as their premium branded products.
  • Coldflow install all major brands of air conditioning units, but mostly deal with Daikin, Mitsubishi and Seeley products.

Technical expertise and experience

Established in 1985, The Heat Shop has over 30 years of experience in the Geelong air conditioning installation industry. The Compare Air Conditioning team believes that they offer premium technical expertise. This is based on:

  • The 5-year workmanship warranty they offer, guaranteeing their labour for 5 years after installation.
  • They maintain high satisfaction ratings across a range of forums, currently 4.7 out of 5 rating on Facebook and 5 out of 5 Google rating.
  • The wide range of units they offer
Air Conditioning Installation Geelong expert on air con

Other Geelong based air conditioning installation companies, offer considerable experience and expertise:

  • Climatic offers the standard 5 years warranty on installation workmanship
  • G.J Bradding Heating & Cooling Systems were established in 1982, so bring significant knowhow to air conditioning installation in Geelong.
  • Specialized Heating & Cooling was established in 1983, putting them on par in age with a few other Geelong based air conditioning installation companies. Specialized heating a cooling offer a 6-year workmanship warranty.
  • Established in 1966, Coldflow is the longest running air conditioning installation company in our Geelong top 5. With over 50 years of experience, Coldflow ensures customers an excellent service. This is confirmed with their maintenance of a high online rating (above 4 our of 5) from a high number of reviews, and over multiple platforms.

Heating solutions

The Compare Air Conditioning team questioned our top installers about the available and recommended heating options they offer.

The Heat Shop

The Heat Shop are a Daikin Super Dealer, specialising in the most popular types of heating including reverse cycle, gas ducted, split systems and hydronic. They are also able to install and work with a wide variety of brands such as Hunt Heating, Toshiba, Bean, Fronius, Apricaus, Rehau, Brivis, Devi, Immergas, and Nobo.

Ducted systems are the most popular for the region, generally fuelled by gas with heat flowing gently from ducts located either in the floor or through the ceiling. These systems are ideal when heating the whole house and their use can be controlled through zoning. This allows each room to operate at a different temperature according to its use or to be closed off altogether when the space is not populated. Hydronic heating runs by heating water, which then travels through pipes to heat the house. When buying split systems it is possible to install these wall mounted units in every room. This may seem costly at first but these units are designed to run efficiently, which will be reflected in your utility bills.

For smaller spaces The Heat Shop can install ducted Nobo electric panel heaters and gas log fires. The log fires are beautifully designed but expensive to purchase. The Heat Shop can also do under floor heating, reduce the shock of a cold bathroom or kitchen floor during winter.

Specialized Heating & Cooling

Specialized Heating & Cooling’s heating selection covers Gas Ducted Heating, Gas Log Fires and Reverse Cycle Split Systems. They can also do hydronic heating. They specialise in installing gas ducted heating at a cost of around $3400, depending on the property. Their recommended brands for gas ducted heating include Daikin, Braemer, Bonaire and Haier. Gas ducted works by heated air being sent all around the house, coming out through vents in the ceiling or floor. This type of heating is ideal for those who want a gentle flow of heat throughout the house.

Specialized Heating & Cooling that hydronic heating is the best kind of heating except for the expense. For this reason they do not do a lot of it. Installation of hydronic heating, which heats water through a series of pipes and propels it around the house, can be very difficult of house is not on stumps. No access to floors complicates the installation process and a cost of about $10 thousand.

Split systems are also one of their recommended options. This means a wall mounted unit would be needed for every room that needs heating, resulting in a higher upfront cost. However, these units are generally very cost-effective and energy efficient. Most have individual remotes but can also be run with Wi-Fi as an option.


Coldflow specialise in an impressive array of heating solutions such as gas ducted, multi-head split systems and split systems.

Coldflow consider gas ducted heating to be a popular choice in Geelong. As the name suggests, gas is used to warm air through a vent system which can either be installed in the floor or ceiling. The system’s discrete appearance is ideal for those who are particular about ascetics. Gas ducted heating is also far less dry than say a wall mounted split system and will thereby be less likely to pull moisture from the air. It also has the advantage of warming a whole house. Their next recommendation, split system wall units would need to be placed in each room which requires heating as they do not have the capacity to warm the whole house at once.

In terms of brands Coldflow has strong knowledge of Brivis, Daikin, Braemer, Lennox and Mitsubishi Electric. To get a heating recommendation for your property Coldflow have a very detailed form on their website to help their technicians make

G.J Bradding Heating & Cooling Systems

Brivis and Bonaire are G.J Bradding Heating & Cooling Systems’ specialist brands. Through these they offer central heating in gas ducted and split ducted. As mentioned a ducted system can warm a whole house, moving gentle, warm air throughout, via ceiling or floor based ducts. This system can be expensive to run but offers comfort and design that will generally fit any style of décor. Bonaire ducted heaters offer an excellent 9-year warranty.

G.J Bradding Heating & Cooling Systems also install gas log fires. These are designed to look like a real log fire, providing both atmosphere and warmth. They are, however, rather pricey. Depending on the space that requires heating, a split system wall unit can be ideal for just one room, say for example the main living area. They can also be put in every room and have the advantage of lower operating costs than ducted gas systems.

G.J Bradding Heating & Cooling Systems can also install a hydronic system, through which water is heated and distributed around a home. G.J Bradding Heating & Cooling Systems suggest in choosing this system, you can avoid the airborne distribution of particles commonly associated with gas-ducted heating. While the heat of hydronic systems is highly recommended by many installers in the area it can be expensive to put in, especially if your home has no space under the floors.


Climatic are specialists in installing Mitsubishi Electric heating products, as they prefer the quality of that brand. They will however repair, maintain and service most types of heating systems and brands.

Depending on the size and structure of a property, Climatic’s heating specialisations are wall mounted split systems or ducted. Ducted systems can heat a whole house using floor or ceiling ducts fuelled by gas. On the downside they are more expensive at a cost of approximately $9,000 or $10,000 depending on the property, but they do deliver softer heating and are discretely designed.

Depending on the size of the room you want to heat a reliable wall mounted split system can cost around $5000 per unit. This is good value but will only heat one room. A split unit can be ideal for sporadic use or there is the option to have units installed in separate rooms, running them through one multi system outdoor unit. In terms of energy efficiency multiple split systems tend to be less expensive to run than gas ducted units.

Climatic’s connection with Mitsubishi Electric can also save customers by passing on promotions. Climatic can provide many different heating models, which are listed on the Mitsubishi residential site.

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