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* Up-to-date as at 13 January 2021. We review our comparison tables regularly to ensure our data is up-to-date.
* The ARC Tick identifies businesses authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

Specialized Heating & Cooling is the top choice company for air conditioning installation in Bendigo

After our Compare Air Conditioning review team conducted all of the necessary investigation of air conditioning companies, they found the Specialized Heating & Cooling company to be the current top air conditioning installation company in the Bendigo area. While there were a number of companies that performed strongly across the review categories, the number one ranking was given to Specialized Heating & Cooling. The company was found to be the top choice for Bendigo customers based on its:

  • Affordable and cost effective pricing
  • Wide range of heating and cooling options;
  • Reliable and professional service standards and excellent customer service;
  • Full range of air conditioning services, from supply and install to repair and maintenance;
  • Flexibility on pricing through further discounting opportunities
  • Interest free finance special offers.

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The Specialized Heating & Cooling team place emphasis on providing reliable service, professional standards and excellent customer service.

Covid-19 update

The Covid-19 pandemic has had significant impact on the way we engage with each other. Installers in Bendigo are implementing practices to protect the health of customers and technicians. They are taking steps to act compatibly with guidance from the federal and Victorian governments:

  • Specialized Heating and Cooling are taking precautions such as masks, distancing, sanitisers etc. and are willing to work to client requests
  • McCaig Air Conditioning is sanitising equipment and can wear masks and have all protection necessary to avoid viral transmission
  • Holloway Air are doing everything as required – sanitising, masks, practicing safe distancing and minimising person-to-person contact
  • National Heating and Cooling are still undertaking installations and adhering to the highest level of sanitation available’. They can provide online interactions including live chats, FaceTime and video calls to generate quotes, provide demonstrations and answer questions. Their showroom (appliances & surfaces) is continuously sanitised and ensuring 1.5m distancing between staff & clients.
  • Crawford carry gloves, masks and PPE. They also do sensible things like social distancing on jobs.


The Compare Air Conditioning review team found Specialized Heating & Cooling offers a highly competitive price range on their air conditioning products and installation service. Their price range was found to be comparable or lower than the other top 5 Bendigo air conditioning installation companies.

Specialized Heating & Cooling offers additional flexibility on its pricing with further discounts and offers. The company was found to be open to further discounts such as price matching of competitors’ quotes, however the final decision is at the discretion of the Specialized Heating & Cooling management.

The graph below reflects the cost effectiveness ratings given to each of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Bendigo area. Specialized Heating & Cooling received the second top cost effectiveness rating.

Specialized Heating & Cooling’s price range was found to be one of the most competitive price ranges and rated them with a score of 4 out of 5 for their cost effectiveness.

Additional findings regarding the cost effectiveness of the other top 5 companies is highlighted below:

  • McCaig Air Conditioning also were found to have a slightly higher than average range than the other top 5 air conditioning installation companies. However they offer great special deals and promotions on their website, with their sales team willing to assist customers to access promotions or cash backs at the time of quotation.
  • Holloway AIR only supply and install a leading and well known brand of split systems, Daikin, which is known for its quality and performance. Daikin air conditioning products generally carry a higher price range than other brands, which may be reflected in the company’s cost effectiveness rating.
  • Our National Heating and Cooling review team found them to have prices lower or equal to other Bendigo-based companies, with a high score of 5 out of 5 for cost effectiveness.
  • Our Crawford Refrigeration & Air Conditioning review, found the company has an affordable and standard pricing range on their air conditioners and installation services. However they do not offer further discounts due to their belief that their pricing is already competitive and give their best price from the outset.

Quotation system

As part of the Compare Air Conditioning reviews, each company’s quotation system was investigated and compared. The Specialized Heating & Cooling’s quotation process was found to be solid and well structured when compared with other air conditioning installation companies in the Bendigo area. Great features of the Specialized Heating & Cooling quotation system include:

  • For customers approaching Specialized Heating & Cooling for a quote on air conditioning installation, they can do so, by phone, email or by using one of their online forms
  • The review team found the Specialized Heating & Cooling team prefers to send a digital written quote based on floor plans, rather than to give a “ball-park” estimate over the phone
  • They also have an online quote tool form on their website, which is unique in its design as potential customers are asked relevant question pertaining to their needs and their space/home.

Differences were noted by the Compare Air Conditioning review teams between air conditioning companies in Bendigo when looking at their quotation process, with some of the variations listed below:

  • The Holloway AIR review team found the phone and email to be very fast ways to receive a basic quote from this company.
  • Our McCaig Air Conditioning review team found the company produces very comprehensive quotes, with a lot of detail regarding the design conditionings, systems description, inclusion exclusions and terms and conditions. The response times for receiving a quote via email was quite slow, however this may be due to the fact that the McCaig Air Conditioning sales team obviously spent a considerable amount of time in forming a comprehensive quote, which takes into consideration a range of factors and not just a quick ball park figure.
  • The Crawford Refrigeration & Air Conditioning review team found the phone to be fastest way to receive a basic quote from this company. Email responses to customer inquiries and request for quotes were found to be slow, generally receiving acknowledgment generally only after 4 days.

Customer Service

All of the top 5 air conditioning companies in Bendigo were found to hold high standards of customer service, by both communication methods, by email and phone on repeated occasions and found that Specialized Heating & Cooling’s customer service ratings to be of a very high standard. Their customer service rating was similar to one of the other top 5 companies in the phone category and in the email category of customer service, the Specialized Heating & Cooling team was given one of the highest ratings.

The graph below shows the Compare Air Conditioning review team’s ratings of customer service, by email and over the phone, for the top 5 Bendigo-based air conditioning installation companies.

  • Specialized HC
  • McCaig
  • Holloway
  • National H&C
  • Crawford

The high level of customer service standards of the Specialized Heating and Cooling company were demonstrated in a number of ways:

  • Specialized Heating & Cooling were found to be extremely prompt in their responses to customer enquiries.
  • Our team found their response times very impressive, generally answering enquires within a 24 hours timeframe.
  • The company also offers a guarantee on their website that all phone calls between Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm are answered by specialists.
  • Customer testimonials for Specialized Heating & Cooling were found over a number of online platforms, detailing very positive experiences and with a high overall online satisfaction rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars, which is a competitive score in comparison with our other top 5 Bendigo-based air conditioning installation companies.
  • Specialized Heating & Cooling review also offer interest free finance through third party finance companies such as Lombard Finance, Cool Finance and GE Money.

As part of the review process, email responses times for each individual company were recorded and compared. The graph below demonstrates the recorded response times of Specialized Heating & Cooling and the other top 5 Bendigo companies to customers’ inquiries via email and time taken to send a quote. Response time speeds were given a rating of between 1 and 5, with scores of 1 indicating very quick response times, generally within 6 hours and scores of 5, reflecting slower responses, generally received after 48 hours.

  • Response time for quote
  • Response time to initial email request

In the review category of customer service, all of the top 5 air conditioning installation Bendigo-based companies were found to have strong customer service standards. Examples of the high customer service standards include:

  • The McCaig Air Conditioning review team found that by phone was a very quick and easy method to gain a basic quote. McCaig Air Conditioning recorded slow email response times. However the Compare Air Conditioning review team attributed the slower response times to the detailed quotes that the McCaig Air Conditioning team provide.
  • Holloway AIR’s response rates in both email response rate categories were faster than most of the other top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Bendigo. With the company recording some of the fastest responses, on average being within 6 hours.
  • The Crawford Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Team were found to hold a very knowledgeable and comprehensive understanding of the air conditioning industry. The customer service a more of an “Old school” business and customer service style. The simple website design and email layout, were also both reflective of this customer style. The Crawford Refrigeration & Air Conditioning review team found both the phone to be a very quick method to gain a quote. However the company’s email responses to enquires and quote requests, was at a slower response speed, generally responding only after 4 days.
  • Our National Heating & Cooling review found that this company offers customers a full range of heating and cooling solutions and aim to ensure that customers find the best air conditioning solution for their needs.
Bendigo-based Air Conditioning Installation expert

Product range

The Specialized Heating and Cooling review found the company was able to expertly install and repair a wide variety of air conditioning systems. They are able to offer a great deal of knowledge and information about them all. The Specialized Heating and Cooling team is experienced and able to install and repair a variety of other high-quality brands.

According to Specialized Heating & Cooling, their two main supported brands are Fujitsu and Daikin, however they also offer other leading brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Toshiba, Bonaire, Lennox and Brivis.

With our other top 5 Bendigo-based air conditioning installation companies, our review team found that:

  • McCaig Air Conditioning supplies and installs Daikin, Toshiba, Brivis or Mitsubishi Electric as the company believes they are some of the leading and quality brands in the market.
  • Holloway AIR exclusively supplies and installs Daikin split system reverse cycle air conditioners, while Crawford Refrigeration & Air Conditioning recommends, supplies and installs Mitsubishi Electric.
  • The Specialized Heating & Cooling review found that this Bendigo-based air conditioning installation company is able to install many different kinds of air conditioning units and systems. The company’s two main supported brands are Fujitsu and Daikin, however they also offer other leading brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Toshiba, Bonaire, Lennox and Brivis.
Air Conditioning Installation Bendigo expert adjusting split system

Technical expertise and experience

Our top 5 air conditioning installation Bendigo-based companies all were found to have a high level of technical expertise in the industry. All were found to be industry accredited, with the ARC tick.

Specialized Heating & Cooling can install and repair a range of different systems and the company works with both commercial and residential properties; however they do not service or install in apartments or even second story homes.

Air Conditioning Installation Bendigo technician

Here are some important points to take into account from our top 5 companies:

  • At McCaig Air Conditioning, the team prides themselves on having the knowledge, expertise and know-how to design, install, service and maintain all domestic, commercial air conditioning and mechanical service systems. Their design and installation services cover everything from small offices and shop fit-outs to multi storey buildings, hospitals and industrial complexes.
  • Our Holloway AIR review team found this company prides itself on being a family-owned and operated business, with high service and workmanship standards. The company offers a free size and design service to ensure customers are getting the best product for their needs.
  • Some of the best features of Crawford Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is that they are a well- established company with lots of industry experience and offer a 24/7 breakdown and repair service.

The graph below indicates the warranty guarantee on installation workmanship offered by each of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Bendigo. Three of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies, including our top company Specialized Heating & Cooling offer an impressive 6 year standard warranty on their installation workmanship. The remaining two top 5 companies offer a slightly lower, 5 year standard warranty.

Heating solutions

Each of the top 5 Compare Air companies in Bendigo were investigated with regard to the different heating options they offer and their best recommended heating choice, and brands for the Bendigo areas.

Specialized Heating and Cooling

For the chilly Bendigo winter months Specialized Heating & Cooling offer expertise in gas ducted heating, hydronic, gas log fires, reverse cycle split systems. Ducted gas heating and split systems are generally the two most popular choices for the area. Ducted systems run either through the floor or the ceiling, with ducts sending out a gentle heat that is run by a gas system. Split systems are multiple wall mounted air conditioners that can be run through one outdoor pump. They have a more noticeable airflow and would generally need to be installed in each room in order to warm the whole house. Split systems have the added advantage of a cooling option and, importantly for those on a tight budget, lower operating costs.

Specialized Heating & Cooling suggest that a ducted gas system for a 3 bedroom house would cost around $3000 to $3600. This would be using one of the brands they specialise in; Bonaire and Braemar. When it comes to split systems the company mainly specialises in Fujitsu and Daikin. However they can also offer brands including Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Toshiba, Lennox and Brivis.

Of the other systems Specialized Heating & Cooling specialise in hydronic and gas log fires are less cost effective. Hydronic systems offer a radiant heat that is delivered by running pipes through the house, heating water. Specialized Heating & Cooling suggest that to install one would require access to under a property. Gas log fires give the appearance of a wood fire but are gas fuelled. While attractive they are expensive units to buy and run.

McCaig Air Conditioning

McCaig Air Conditioning don’t install space heaters (small single heaters). Their team specialise in a wide range of recommendations covering reverse cycle split systems, gas ducted heating, hydronic heating and gas log fires.

McCaig Air Conditioning indicates that when considering natural gas heating, the initial outlay may be lower but running costs will be higher. This includes their recommendation of ducted heating, which can be installed throughout the house. A ducted unit runs off gas to provide gentle heat through a system of floor or ceiling vents. They can also be controlled using a zoning system, making them ideal for a larger house where some rooms may not often be used. McCaig Air Conditioning say that a reverse cycle electric system, such as a split system mounted on your wall, by comparison, is cheaper to run but has a higher upfront cost. This is partially because even with a multi-system as each room may require its own air conditioning unit, which is then run through the same outside unit as the others. This is still an excellent option as running costs are lower than a ducted system’s.

McCaig Air Conditioning’s also provide hydronic heating and gas log fires, which have advantages such as radiant heat and attractive design. These, however, come at a higher cost and are thereby not ideal for all customers.

When working with gas heaters McCaig Air Conditioning specialise in Brivis units and for reverse cycle they specialise in Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric units. McCaig Air Conditioning recommends these as they believe them to be the leading brands in terms of quality. It is useful to note also that these brands offer periodic promotions, saving customers on initial outlay.

Crawford Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Recently switching to a more commercial focus, Crawford Refrigeration & Air Conditioning are a medium sized company that started operation in 1986 giving them over 25 years’ experience in the industry. They do not currently offer residential installations, but are able to do servicing and repairs.

Holloway AIR

The Holloway AIR team supplies and installs both heating solutions and hot water systems. A hydronic heating system, starting at $12k for installation goes under the floor and delivers a gentle, radiant heat. It works by heating water, which then travels through a system of pipes to heat the house. Overall this is the most popular recommendation among Holloway AIR’s installers.

For those with a limited budget, the Holloway AIR team recommends a gas ducted system, as this will be half the price of a hydronic system. Gas ducted systems propel gas heated air through a series of vents which can be placed either in the ceiling or floor. Holloway AIR can also install a split ducted system run by just one outdoor unit, depending on customer preference and space. Ducted systems deliver gentle air and are a great option for those who want their heating to be discrete visually.

If customers are looking to mainly heat their living areas, Holloway AIR recommends not just ducted heating, but also gas log fires which look like wood fires but are fuelled by gas, space heaters or individual heaters and wall furnaces that are generally propelled by gas. Holloway AIR suggests that individual units can work well if this is the preference of customers on a limited budget.

In terms of brands, Holloway AIR’s technicians specialise in Daikin for split systems and for gas ducted systems they work with Bonaire, Brivis and Rinnai.

National Heating and Cooling

For heating, National Heating & Cooling offer an impressive range of options including those that are not common to other companies. These cover everything from combustion fires to ducted reverse cycle, gas ducted systems, split systems gas log fires and woodfires. They can also do hydronic heating. Their range of gas log fire systems feature modern designs for those who are primarily looking for a system to fit the ascetics of the household, which is particularly useful during a renovation.

National Heating & Cooling’s recommendation is for gas ducted heating, costing around $4000+ depending on the size of the property and complexities of the installation. Gas ducted systems gently propels air around the property via vents in either the floor or ceilings.  Their presentation is ideal for those who are not keen on the look of a wall or floor mounted system.

While National Heating & Cooling can utilise their experience on a wide selection of ducted brands, they specialise in installing the three major brands; Bonaire, Braemar and Brivis. For refrigerated air, such as split systems they recommend Panasonic and Fujitsu due to these brands’ reliability and performance.

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