Daikin Ceiling Suspended SkyAir / FHQ-DAVMA Review


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Product highlights
  • Advanced features
  • Discrete design
  • Designed to cool large spaces
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Capacity (kW) of systems in this series
5.0kW, 6.0kW, 7.1kW, 10.0kW, 12.5kW, 13.2kW

Key Features


Retrofit technology provides an easy and cost-effective replacement solution.

Dry Program

A microprocessor controls dehumidification, reducing uncomfortable humidity without uncomfortable cooling of the room.

Self Diagnosis

In the event of a malfunction a message will appear on the LCD screen of the remote controller and on the unit.


Improved resistance to salt corrosion and atmospheric pollution, facilitated by an anti corrosion treated fin for specially coated heat exchangers.

Auto Restart

Operations will restart in the same mode as they were on after a power outage.

Mould Resistant Filter

An air filter reduces the amount of potential mould.


Front Panel Colour
Reverse Cycle
Indoor Type
Ceiling suspended
Power Supply
1 Phase, 220-240 V, 50 Hz / 3 Phase, 380-415 V, 50 Hz
Manufacturer Warranty (Years)
5 years
Number of fan speeds

Ceiling Suspended SkyAir - Specifications

Specification5.0 kW (1 Phase)
6.0 kW (1 Phase)7.1 kW (1 Phase)10.0 kW (1 Phase)12.5 kW (1 Phase)13.2 kW (1 Phase)10.0 kW (3 Phase)12.5 kW (3 Phase)13.2 kW (3 Phase)
Cooling Capacity (kW)
Heating Capacity (kW)
Indoor Sound Level (H/SL)37/35/3237/35/3238/36/3442/38/3444/41/3746/42/3842/38/3444/41/3746/42/38
Outdoor Sound Level (H/SL)C: 48
H: 50
C: 48
H: 50
C: 50
H: 52
C: 53
H: 55
C: 54
H: 56
C: 54
H: 56
C: 53
H: 55
C: 54
H: 56
C: 54
H: 56
Indoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)256 x 840 x 840256 x 840 x 840256 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840
Outdoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)770 x 900 x 320770 x 900 x 320990 x 940 x 3201430 x 940 x 3201430 x 940 x 3201430 x 940 x 3201430 x 940 x 3201430 x 940 x 3201430 x 940 x 320

* C = Cooling H = Heating

Links and Documents

Operational manual and other product-related documents 

Controller features

  • Weekly schedule timer
  • Group control through one remote
  • Airflow rate and temperature setting
  • ON/OFF Command
  • Capacity for remote controlled system
  • Remote sensor

Noise filter

Other Features

  • Control multiple units
  • Multi-lingual display
  • Holiday function


The best Air Conditioner ever

We used Daikin for the first time, and was very impressed, it worked quietly, changing the Menu was easy and it produced cooling or heating like it was promised by the Staff.

— Clcbeate, 28 March 2019

Good for small to medium sized rooms

We have just recently installed this into a master bedroom and a baby room and so far on a 30 degree day or so, I’ve only had to use the minimal setting to allow the medium size room to be tranquil and cool.

— Milford, 2012

Cools well

Cools my 2 bedroom unit very well and also heats it satisfactorily but mainly only when on 25 degrees.

— JZ66, 16 August 2018

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