Daikin FXEQ-AV36 Cassette Single Flow Review


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Product highlights
  • Blends with various interiors
  • Designed for user comfort
  • Suits different outdoor models
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Capacity (kW) of systems in this series
2.2 kW, 2.8 kW, 3.6 kW, 4.5 kW, 5.6 kW, 7.1 kW

Key Features

Easy Installation

The unit is thin, allowing it to be installed in small spaces.

Allergy Friendly

An antibacterial treatment that uses silver ions has been applied to the drain pan. This prevents the growth of slime, mould and bacteria.

Versatile Applications

Can be applied as standalone units or incorporated within a wider air conditioning system.


During operating periods, control programs ensure thermal loading is generally low, thus boosting energy efficiency. This greatly reduces the amount of energy required for building air conditioning.

Easy to Clean

The smooth panel design makes it difficult for dust to accumulate, making cleaning more convenient.

Reduced Sound

The DC motor has been adopted both in the fan and drain pump of the indoor unit, reducing the operating sound and the vibration incurred to the unit.

3D Airflow

The horizontal and vertical swing can be adjusted with the remote controller, providing 3D airflow to every corner of the room.


Front Panel Colour
White or Black
Reverse Cycle
Indoor Type
Ceiling mounted
Power Supply
1 Phase, 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Manufacturer Warranty (Years)
12-18 Months
Number of fan speeds

FXEQ-AV36 Cassette Single Flow - Specifications

Specification2.8 kW 3.6 kW 4.5 kW 5.6 kW 7.1 kW 9.0 kW
Model Number - Indoor UnitFXEQ20AV36 FXEQ25AV36 FXEQ32AV36 FXEQ40AV36 FXEQ50AV36 FXEQ63AV36
Cooling Capacity (kW)2.22.8 3.6 4.5 5.6 7.1
Heating Capacity (kW)2.53.2 4.0 5.0 6.3 8.0
Indoor Sound Level (H/SL)C: 30/29/28/27/26
H: 33/31/29/28/26
C: 32/31/30/29/28
H: 35/33/31/30/28
C: 35/34/33/32/30
H: 38/36/34/33/31
C: 38/37/35/33/31
H: 41/39/37/35/33
C: 38/37/35/33/31
H: 41/39/37/36/34
C: 43/41/39/37/35
H: 46/44/42/40/38
Indoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)200 × 840 × 470200 × 840 × 470200 × 840 × 470200 × 840 × 470200 × 1240 × 470 200 × 1240 × 470

* C = Cooling H = Heating

Links and Documents

Operational manual and other product-related documents 

Controller features

  • Controller options available
  • 7 Day Timer
  • Easy to use
  • Temperature Limit
  • Remote options
  • Zone controls
  • Maintenance reminders

Other Features

  • Removable suction panel
  • Improved efficiency
  • Easy to service


Very effective and non intrusive

The unit is very efficient at heating and cooling. It seems to heat/cool until the temperature is at what it has been set at and then switch off for a bit, then turn back on. It’s not too loud, which is great, but you do notice when it’s turned on.

— Liv, May 2018

Bought two, loved them then bought two more

I started with two units, one in my lounge / dining area (3.5kW model) and one in my office (2.5kW model) and then I bought two more because I was most impressed. The one in the lounge /dining kitchen area does the most work; it’s basically heating half our house even with the other 3 units. It’s worked tirelessly. The auto cleaning dust filters have stayed spick and span (I check them every so often) The fresh air is great when we cook an Indian curry or other smelly food. The humidifier is tops in winter when it hasn’t been raining but it’s cold. The info button lets us see how many kWh we’ve consumed, what the temperature is and what the humidity is.

— Peter P, 14 August 2019

Great little ac for bedroom

The unit itself is a little bulky and sticks out a fair bit but for a quality unit it’s worth it. I’ve seen cheaper unknown brands with smaller head units but I trust Daikin as being a good brand.

— Johno425, June 2017

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