Mitsubishi Electric Ceiling cassette 4-Way Flow PLFY-P VCM-E Review


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Product highlights
  • Precise control
  • Compact indoor units
  • 72 airflow patterns
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Capacity (kW) of systems in this series
1.7 kW, 3.6 kW, 4.5 kW, 5.6 kW, 7.1 kW

Key Features

Draft-less Air Distribution

The horizontal blow mode supplies airflow horizontally rather than bringing cooled/warmed air directly to occupants thus preventing discomfort due to excessive cooling or direct exposing of occupants to the air blow.

Four Way Flow

It’s possible to set the air direction four different ways using a wired remote controller or manually.


The isee sensor controls the temperature difference at the top and bottom in a room by checking the floor temperature, allowing for automatic comfort.

Improved Air Flow

A wide shaped air outlet enables the discharge air to reach a wider area, with the fan speed being decreased by 20%.

Outside Air Intake

Units are equipped with a knockout hole that can enable the induction of fresh outside-air.

Air Speed Adjustment

This setting automatically matches the air speed to the room environment. When the room temperature reaches the desired setting, the airflow speed is decreased automatically for stable comfortable in either heating or cooling operations.


Mitsubishi Electric
Front Panel Colour
Reverse Cycle
Indoor Type
Power Supply
1 phase, 230V, 50Hz
Manufacturer Warranty (Years)
5 years
Number of fan speeds

Ceiling cassette 4-Way Flow PLFY-P VCM-E - Specifications

Specification1.7 kW 3.6 kW 4.5 kW 5.6 kW 7.1 kW
Cooling Capacity (kW)
Heating Capacity (kW)1.9 5.0
Indoor Sound Level (H/SL)28-30-31 28-31-35 29-31-37 29-33-38 30-34-39
Indoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)208 ✕ 570 ✕ 570 (8-1/4 ✕ 22-1/2 ✕ 22-1/2)208 ✕ 570 ✕ 570 (8-1/4 ✕ 22-1/2 ✕ 22-1/2) 208 ✕ 570 ✕ 570 (8-1/4 ✕ 22-1/2 ✕ 22-1/2)208 ✕ 570 ✕ 570 (8-1/4 ✕ 22-1/2 ✕ 22-1/2)208 ✕ 570 ✕ 570 (8-1/4 ✕ 22-1/2 ✕ 22-1/2)

* C = Cooling H = Heating

Links and Documents

Operational manual and other product-related documents 

Controller features

  • Countdown On/Off Timer
  • Multiple controller options
  • Customisable LCD screen
  • Night setback function
  • Weekly timer
  • Simple menus
  • Set up to 8 patterns per day including temperature control

Other Features

  • Cools softly
  • Suitable for ceilings with limited space
  • Discrete design


Excellent Machine 3 Inside units 2.2Kw and one 2.5Kw unit.

This unit supplies air to 4 separate head units, (4 Bedrooms) Very quiet and very easy to use, The inside units I have are 3x MSZ-GE22VAD-A1 and 1 MSZ-GE25VAD-A1.I have used both cooling and heating, it’s very quick at cooling or heating the rooms and I was surprised at the power bill when it came in, I was a bit worried that we would have a massive bill but to my surprise it was so much less than expected, I would certainly recommend Mitsubishi Air conditioning for anyone wanting a good and economical to run unit for their home or business.

— Brian, 12 July 2018

So good for Canberra

Pretty cheap, (even with a professional install). Ideal for a large bedroom. Doesn’t use excessive amounts of power. Nice and quiet when running heat or cooling. Goes nice and hot for winter, nice and cold for summer. The remote seems to think it’s turned the unit on, when it often hasn’t. But considering cost, this is a good aircon.

— Achtlos, 13 November 2017

Sleeping made easy

Works great in the bedroom
The system and remote control is easy to use, so u can preset times and to turn on and off as u wish.
This split system works great for the average size bedroom that’s for sure.

— Jo Jo M, 11 December 2019

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