Mitsubishi Electric ERACS2-Q Air Source 4-Pipe Heat Pump Review


From $400 per square metre

Product highlights
  • Multi-purpose outdoor unit
  • Thicker soundproofing cladding
  • Set up for remote connectivity
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Capacity (kW) of systems in this series
1062.0 kW, 1162.0 kW, 1362.0 kW, 1562.0 kW, 1762.0 kW, 1962.0 kW, 2022.0 kW, 2222.0 kW, 2422.0 kW, 2622.0 kW, 2722.0 kW, 3222.0 kW

Key Features

Sound Emission Control

Up to 8 different acoustic casings for a total sound emission control of -1dB (A) up to -13 dB (A) compared to the standard configuration.

Extended working range

Ensures the working operation of the unit all year long and in any working mode.

Problem Solving

Can be used in environments with complex and variable thermal loads.


These units effectively follow each combination of thermal loads, always providing the exact thermal energy required by the system. This results in top-level efficiency values and very low energy consumption throughout the year.

Designed for Lower Environmental Impact

Combines annual efficiency with the use of a low GWP refrigerant, tackling both indirect and direct global warming factors.

Space and Cost Savings

A gas network and thereby its fittings are no longer needed, freeing up space and decreasing expenditure


Mitsubishi Electric
Front Panel Colour
Reverse Cycle
Indoor Type
Power Supply
3-phase 400V 50Hz
Manufacturer Warranty (Years)
5 years
Number of fan speeds

ERACS2-Q Air source 4-pipe heat pump - Specifications

Specification1062.0 kW 1162.0 kW 1362.0 kW 1562.0 kW 1762.0 kW 1962.0 kW 2022.0 kW 2222.0 kW 2422.0 kW 2622.0 kW 2722.0 kW 3222.0 kW
Model Number - Outdoor Unit1062 1162 1362 1562 1762 1962 2022 2222 2422 2622 2722 3222
Cooling Capacity (kW)210 248 302 329 380 425483 525 554 624 701 826
Heating Capacity (kW)218 259 310 340 397 435493 543 572 616 713828
Outdoor Sound Level (H/SL)C: 97
H: 100
C: 97
H: 100
C: 97
H: 101
C: 98
H: 102
C: 98
H: 102
C: 99
H: 102
C: 99
H: 101
C: 99
H: 103
C: 101
H: 101
C: 101
H: 101
C: 101
H: 101
C: 102
H: 102
Outdoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)2150x 4610x 22202420x 4610x 22202430x 5610x 22202430x 5610 x 22202430x 6610 x 22202430x 6610 x 22602350x 6300 x 22602350x 7200x 22602350x 7200 x 22602350x 7200 x 22602350x 8400 x 22602350x 9700 x 2260

* C = Cooling H = Heating

Links and Documents

Operational manual and other product-related documents

Controller features

  • Individual options dependant on inside units
  • Weekly timer
  • Supports open protocols
  • Thermostat sensor
  • On/off control
  • Real time information
  • Off site control access
  • Temperature Limit

Other Features

  • Network can be expanded
  • Can be used in buildings with large glass surfaces
  • Off site control can reduce costs


Great aircon

Hello since I have had my aircon installed it has been on 24/7 with no hiccups always. Cool even when it’s 38 degrees outside, remote is easy to use buttons

— Matthew, 14 February 2020

Sleeping made easy

Works great in the bedroom
The system and remote control is easy to use, so u can preset times and to turn on and off as u wish.
This split system works great for the average size bedroom that’s for sure.

— Jo Jo M., 11 December 2019

Can't fault it

I inherited this when I moved in recently – it is quiet with only the noise of air moving, rather than machinery, and one unit does the whole bottom floor, up the stairs and the landing upstairs (but not the bedrooms), so I am happy with the performance. The remote (wall mounted) has a lot of settings on it, but easy enough to get the basic settings you need done – I need to look at the manual to do automatic timings etc all the fancy stuff.

— RT, 2 August 2018

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