Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – FDT Series Review


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Product highlights
  • Draught Control Technology
  • Wi-Fi Control
  • Allergen Clear Operation
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Key Features

Automatic Diagnostics

An internal microcomputer runs an automatic diagnostic assessment of the unit. This helps technicians identify what has gone wrong and where.

Leave Function

Enabled using an RC-EX3 wired controller, the unit can maintain a moderate indoor temperature even with no one occupying the room. This avoids extremely hot or cool temperatures and damage.

Filter Notification

An alert comes on when filters need to be cleaned.

Motion Sensor

Inbuilt sensors can read how the room is occupied and adjusts temperatures accordingly.

Energy Saving Features

Available using an RC-EX3 wired controller, users can program a preferred set temperature. The unit will then return to this temperature each time it is switched on.

Comfort Features

A 15 minute high power operation can heat or cool your space quickly, before returning to normal operation. This would be handy after a long weekend when the system has been turned off.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Front Panel Colour
Reverse Cycle
Indoor Type
Ceiling Mounted
Power Supply
1 and 3 Phase, 230, 50Hz
Manufacturer Warranty (Years)
5 years
Number of fan speeds

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - FDT Series

Specification5.6 kW 7.1 kW 10.0 kW 10.0 kW 12.5 kW 14.0 kW 12.5 kW 14.0 kW
Cooling Capacity (kW)
Heating Capacity (kW)
Indoor Sound Level (H/SL)P-Hi:44 Hi:34
Me:32 Lo:28
P-Hi:46 Hi:35
Me:34 Lo:29
P-Hi:49 Hi:41
Me:39 Lo:32
P-Hi:51 Hi:40
Me:37 Lo:35
P-Hi:49 Hi:41
Me:39 Lo:32
P-Hi:49 Hi:42
Me:39 Lo:33
P-Hi: 49
Hi: 41
Me: 39 Lo: 32
P-Hi:49 Hi:42
Me:39 Lo:33
Outdoor Sound Level (H/SL)52 51 48 57 484948 49
Indoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)236 x 840 x 840236 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840298 x 840 x 840
Outdoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)640 x 800 (+71) x 290750 x 880 (+88) x 340845 x 970 x 370845 x 970 x 3701300 x 970 x 3701300 x 970 x 3701300 x 970 x 3701300 x 970 x 370

* C = Cooling H = Heating

Links and Documents

Operational manual and other product-related documents 

Controller Features

  • Diverse controller options
  • Eco function
  • Airflow adjustment
  • Backlit display
  • Easy to read
  • Child lock
  • Remote control options

Other Features

  • Peak-cut timer
  • Weekly scheduling
  • Fresh air intake


Works well hot or cold

The unit does its job very well in both hot and cold conditions. It is also very quiet and the controls are reasonably easy to operate. I will have no hesitation in acquiring another similar unit to cover the rest of our property.

— Malcolm, 30 June 2020

Pretty Good

Quick installation. Got one of these bad boys this year and kept me cool in summer and has never failed to keep me warm in winter. However, its long start-up time for heating is a possible detriment. Nonetheless, great product, many features, easy to use, quiet and aesthetically pleasing. 8/10

— Dan, 5 July 2017


We are very, very happy with it. It is fast and effective with both the heating and cooling. We have open living and it does not take long for the large area to warm up.

— Diane, 29 June 2020

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