Panasonic Reverse-Cycle Wall Mounted Split System – RZ Series TKR Review


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Product highlights
  • Advanced features
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Compact outdoor units
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Key Features

R32 Refrigerant

Enables increased energy efficiency and a significant reduction in 'Global Warming Potential Factor' - great for the environmentally conscious.

Fast Cooling

Directs airflow downward, delivering a concentrated stream to deliver quick comfort.

Smart Adaptor

Allows users to monitor consumption and make adjustments using a smart phone or tablet.

Nanoe-G Technology

An air purifying system that deactivates or removes unwanted airborne and surface based particles, offering an air conditioner and air purifier in one unit.

Intelligent Eco Sensors

Targets airflow at where you are in the room. Adapts heating and cooling to your daily schedule.

Covers A Wide Temperature Range

Built to cope with Australian conditions, cooling is possible during extremes of 46 degrees and heating is possible at -15 degrees.


Front Panel Colour
Reverse Cycle
Indoor Type
Wall Mounted
Power Supply
1 phase, 240V, 50Hz
Manufacturer Warranty (Years)
5 years
Number of fan speeds

Panasonic Reverse-Cycle Wall Mounted Split System – RZ Series TKR

Specification2.5 kW 3.5kW 5kW 6kW 7.1kW 8kW
Cooling Capacity (kW)
Heating Capacity (kW)
Energy Star Rating – Cooling
Energy Star Rating – Heating
Indoor Sound Level (H/SL)C: 43/25/19
H: 42/27/21
C: 44/26/19
H: 46/29/21
C: 47/34/31
H: 45/33/29
C: 47/36/33
H: 47/35/32
C: 49/37/34
H: 49/37/34
C: 51/38/35
H: 50/38/35
Outdoor Sound Level (H/SL)C: 47/-
H: 47/-
C: 49/-
H: 50/-
C: 48/43
H: 48/43
C: 53/48
H: 53/48
C: 54/49
H: 54/49
C: 55/50
H: 55/50
Indoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)290 x 799 x 197290 x 799 x 197302 x 1120 x 244302 x 1120 x 244302 x 1120 x 244302 x 1120 x 244
Outdoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)542 x 780 x 289542 x 780 x 289619 x 824 x 299 619 x 824 x 299695 x 875 x 320795 x 875 x 320

* C = Cooling H = Heating

Links and Documents

Operational manual and other product-related documents 

Controller features

  • Countdown On/Off Timer
  • Circulation Airflow
  • Quiet Mode
  • Personalised air
  • Power Mode
  • Humidity controls
  • Optional mobile controller

Other Features

  • Power mode for quick comfort
  • Reduces room humidity
  • Longer lasting coil


Excellent quiet unit

Just had one installed in a bedroom. Quiet quality unit that has kept us warm on cold nights. We are happy with both the cooling and heating of this unit. Love the fact that it looks classy, it is very neat. It is a nice quiet unit in my opinion. The unit is very easy to use and we are very happy with its performance. Has kept us both cool and warm this year.

— jaxsohwooligan, 27 September 2018

Saved us from the extreme weather!

We have now installed the Daikin ducted system for almost a year and I have to say we are very happy with it! It cools and heats quickly and the machine outside is fairly quiet. Having zoning saves on electricity and is more environmentally friendly too.

— Tim, April 2018

Does the job

Does the job fairly well, cooled the room on a hot summer day set to 23. Power consumption is excellent. Getting the right setting is a bit finicky and if fan set to Auto it’s way too slow. Better to be set manually. Didn’t try heating as of yet.

— Yusuf, 30 January 2019

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