Why book with a professional installer over a retailer?

Air Conditioning FAQs

This article addresses the benefits of going with a professional installer. When looking for a new air conditioning unit some people are now preferring to go straight to retailers like Harvey Norman and The Good Guys to buy an air conditioning unit that is then installed by the retailer’s sub-contractor.

Customers believe this may save them money if they wait for a sale, but in fact, this strategy can risk extra costs down the track and a large amount of frustration.

When getting air conditioning installed we recommend researching installers, their reputations and what kind of service and brands they provide.

Retailers do not generally reveal their subcontractors until the day of installation, meaning you can’t look into them or ask questions prior to installation. Having FAQs on a retailer website may answer some of your queries but dealing with an installer directly means they can explore your questions further, give examples and show they are confident in their work or able to be flexible on price. This contact helps consumers find the right installer and systems for them.

There are many benefits to booking your installation with a professional installer.

Choices: The right size and brand

Knowing if an air conditioning unit is suitable for your space is essential. Ending up with a system that is too small, too big or simply not appropriate for the space will fail to cool your home efficiently and could lead to excessive energy bills. Installers will come and look at your space before making a recommendation; they consider the design of the system and your home to maximise efficiency. If the size you prefer is not appropriate for your space they will let you know.

An installation company generally has a good selection of brands. They have built a relationship with manufacturers that can result in extended warranties, promotional prices and follow up service. This means you won’t need to go for your second or third best choice simply because a retailer has it on special.

Safety, coverage and extra costs

If you do not know who your sub-contractor is you can’t answer more direct questions about insurance coverage and licences for the installers. If not properly licensed and something goes wrong with workers sub-contracted through a retailer, you could end up spending a lot more money than first planned. This includes voiding manufacturer’s warranties if the installation is not done professionally.

A quote from a reputable installer will generally break down any parts or accessories required including fittings and extension hoses, whereas a retailer may add these on as extra costs before you know it.

When placing an outside unit, you may choose to mount it on brackets or bases and these are not included in the standard service as part of a retail package. If they are required they will be added as an extra cost, charged as additionally at the point of installation.

Getting it right the first time

Professional installers have the experience and knowledge to work with, repair and recommend different brands. In terms of this, as a consumer, you can build a commercial relationship with them based on visibility and the quality of others’ experiences. This relationship is one in which you choose who you will trust with your installation rather than that choice being made by a third party.

In terms of direct contact you can let professional installers know the ins and outs of your job by booking a free onsite quote. This way installers can plan for issues rather than turning up on the day and facing issues without all the correct equipment or parts.

An installer has the professional skills to do a good job; it’s what they do every day and are liable for. Whereas sub-contractors may be experienced only to a certain extent and not have knowledge of specific brands. Electrical contractors may have some knowledge of air conditioning installation, but what if you end up with a shoddy installation that will then need to be fixed by a professional installer? That’s extra money that hasn’t been saved by going with a retailer.

Follow up

A top professional installer takes pride in their work and will check in on customers to deliver after service care. This means you have direct access to assistance and the ability to get questions answered when you have concerns. This direct contact is not always possible when your installation is done by a sub contractor, thus paving the way for frustration and delays should things go wrong. An installation company can also provide servicing and will already have some knowledge of your property, which will help them navigate any issues.

It still may seem like an attractive option to take advantage of specials offered by retailers. As a consumer, however, you’re setting yourself up for increased risk.

A professional installer provides transparency, someone who is answerable for their own work and a service in which you can put questions before installation rather than running into issues and extra costs on the day.

Building a relationship with a professional installer cannot only save you on energy costs and warranties but it also provides piece of mind. You know there is someone you can contact who will provide support and who will take pride in doing the work correctly. This reassurance and flexibility is a great benefit that you hopefully won’t need to think about much once your installation is complete.


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