What is the best time of year to buy air conditioning?

Air Conditioning FAQs

The Compare Air Conditioning team has done extensive research for you in order to find the most cost-effective time of year to buy air conditioning.

The best time of year to buy is in spring or autumn

Avoid buying during the peak season. This would mean summer in Australia. The reason for this is that installers are inundated with jobs. You may have to wait a few weeks before your installation.

Summer is the busiest period. You won’t save any money by purchasing during the hottest months of the year and you may even pay inflated prices because of the high demand.

The best time of year to buy is when there is only a small demand for it. This would mean investing during the off-season. While it may seem obvious, it is important to remember the following:

  • It’s best not to get into in a situation where you absolutely have to do business with someone, because you need their services. Remember, you are paying them to provide a service for That’s why off-season is so important. Companies need clientele during this time of year.
  • During the chillier months, discounts are often applied in order to entice consumers. Many tend to think that just because it is winter, this would be the perfect time. However, the real off-season is in spring or autumn.

Pros for buying in spring or autumn (low season)

Set out below are some of the pros for having your new air conditioner installed in spring:

  • But you can usually find good prices in spring and autumn, as installation companies and manufacturers attempt to tempt customers during periods of lower demand.
  • Installation companies will have greater availability during these off-peak months, which means customers won’t have to wait weeks or months to find a time that is suitable for the installer.
  • The benefit for having the installation done in spring is that summer is just around the corner and you will be ready to tackle the heat, while having already organised a suitable plan that doesn’t exceed your budget.
  • Another option is to buy just after the busy season ends, at the beginning of autumn. The reason for this is that stock prices may be reduced as new models are introduced.
  • If you decide to go with a well-known company, they may have close ties to various suppliers, who may have systems on hand that didn’t sell well over the hotter months. This means they may sell the AC at a significantly lower price in order to accommodate for newer models that come out during the spring.

Autumn is the best time for maintenance  

The change of the seasons is the best time to get your AC checked. After utilising it all summer, it’s good to check it’s in good condition in preparation for winter (if your AC is reverse cycle), or next year’s summer.

If part of your AC becomes blocked with dust or pollen, it means the machine has to work harder to cool or heat the room. This would mean a higher energy bill.

If living in an area with wet seasons

If you live in an area like Darwin, north Queensland or other parts of northern Australia, the humidity can be tough on AC units. Due to this, air conditioning companies struggle to keep up during the wet season.

Have your air conditioning installed during the dry season. A bonus is that prices tend to be lower during this quieter time.

Why buying in winter sometimes isn’t the best idea

Sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control, and you can’t find the time or funds to ensure proper maintenance of your air conditioning. Appliances may break down and will need to be replaced or fixed during a peak time.

Most people would think that logically, winter would be a good time to buy air conditioning. Customers can also be tempted by deals and promotions (including cash back offers), that can sometimes become available over the winter months from the installation companies, and from the manufacturers.

However, stick to spring if you can help it.

Points to remember:

  • Off-season (spring or autumn) is the best time to buy.
  • Autumn is the best time for maintenance.
  • Start shopping around well in advance before you need a new air conditioner, not just when the warmer months come around. This will ensure cheaper prices and shorter wait times for installation.
  • Buying in winter isn’t always the best time.
  • Feel free to negotiate with prices. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no. Companies may even be able to throw in something extra for free, or offer a discount.
  • Get 2 or more quotes, to ensure you have a good understanding of the AC installation market. It may even allow you to request a price match from the company of your choice if that company is slightly more expensive. Again, the worst thing that can happen is that they say no.
  • Remember that you are the customer and you have to be happy with where your money is going. That’s why doing your research and shopping around during the off-season is your best bet.


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