What to look for when engaging an AC installer?

Air Conditioning FAQs

It is as important to find a good reputable installation company as it is to purchase an air conditioner which is right for you. Here are some things to think about or to look for when you are hiring an air conditioning installation company.

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Investigate licence and insurance requirements

Knowing the regulations and licensing requirements for air conditioning installation companies is the first step in knowing who to hire.

A simple Google search will allow you to find out what licence and insurance requirements a contractor or air conditioning installation company will need in your state. This allows you to check with companies before hiring them, to ensure that all their credentials are up to scratch and that they are legally allowed to install your air conditioner.

Anyone wanting to install, service or repair an air conditioner must be a licensed technician with a Refrigerant Handling Licence. With this licence, you can be certain that they are qualified and meet the licensing requirements.

If a split air conditioner is not installed properly or in the right place it can cause noise for your neighbours. Local councils can issue on the spot fines or enforce that the air conditioner should not be used due to the impact on neighbours. The Environmental Protection Regulation (1998) details noise limits for air conditioners and it requires that all domestic air conditioners must have a Sound Power Level (Lw) reading.

Find an installation company

Look for an established and reputable and reliable company. Find their profile or website, check what industry experience and any service warranties they may offer.

It’s also important to be aware that there are different tradespersons that could possibly install an air conditioner for you, including air conditioning installers, plumbers and electricians. However, they all need to be licensed to carry out the installation.

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Referrals and reviews

Seek out word of mouth referrals, by asking family members, friends, co-workers or even the air conditioning salesperson to which contractor or companies they recommend or have used.

Check online reviews or conduct an online search on Google of the installation company. Review websites are handy as they give personal experiences of other people who have used or hired that contractor before, to give an idea about the service they provide.

Plan your installation

Look at the space of where the air conditioner needs to be installed. Take into account the location of windows and doors in the room and also possible noise issues arises from the location of the external unit. The external unit can make a considerable amount of noise and maybe disturb your neighbours if placed too close to sleeping areas or windows.

Ask questions! Ask the potential installation companies any questions you may have, like what types or brand of air conditioners they usually work with, service warranties or installation timeframes, before making a decision.

Know the approximate installation costs. So, installation labour costs can reach to between $600-$750 per unit depending on the size and placement of a split system. Knowing the approximate costs allows you to understand whether the are a reasonable amount to be charged.

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Get Quotes

Initial quotes can be given over the phone, however for a more accurate quote contractors need to come and visit your home. Air conditioner installation companies may offer a free onsite quote, where they will assess your house and needs. If the installer wants to go forward with an installation without seeing the space or understanding your needs, consider it a red flag.

It’s a good idea to get a number of quotes from different reputable companies and compare them before making a decision.

This guide probably seems over extensive, but getting the installation right is just as important as choosing the best air conditioner for you.  A poorly installed air conditioner, by an unregulated or unlicensed contractor, can lead to issues of noise complaints, technical difficulties, cooling inefficiency, or wrong installation positioning. Even with an installation warranty, the poorly installed air conditioner may lead to additional problems, further costs, more time and a lot of headaches down the track. Finding a good air conditioning installation company will save you headaches, money, time and also protect your investment into your home in the future.


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