Why install solar at the same time as air conditioning?

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Solar panel systems are not only great for the environment as they harness renewable, clean energy, but they can also generate electricity savings.

This means that if you get solar installed at the same time as your air conditioning unit, the increase in your energy costs from the air con can be absorbed and offset.

If you are considering solar for your home in any event, the economic benefits of installing it at the same time as your air conditioning system are hard to ignore.

Any savings made when using solar power are also long term – solar panel systems last on average about 25 years, which is longer than most air conditioning units and other appliances that will be run from the solar grid. And if you find more energy is needed to power your house more panels can always be added to your own grid.

The comforts and savings of having solar power run your air conditioning are many. With more than 2 million Australian homes now powered by solar, and there are rebates in different states for effective energy use.

Simply put, setting up solar and air conditioning at the same time is a good idea in terms of:

  1. Economic benefit
  2. Convenience
  3. The environment and
  4. The value both solar and air conditioning add to your property.

These can be explained as follows;

  1. Economic benefits: In summer, solar and air conditioning systems work in a complementary way. This means you can stay comfortable in your temperature-controlled environment without the added stress of exorbitant electricity bills.
  2. Convenience: Both solar installation and split system air conditioners need circuit breakers added to the switchboard with power cables that need to be linked through the roof. This means having both systems installed at once will be more convenient and less disruptive than if you had them done separately. There are some companies who can cover both systems or can recommend a working partner. Working with installers gives you access to advice about what will work best to cover your electric needs, with an air con system that complements those needs, and follow up services to look after both systems. Solar installers can compensate for the extra energy you will be using by providing an appropriate amount of panels to ensure your usage is covered. If you have space to install additional panels you can ask your installer about adding more to your set up, ensuring the energy consumption of the air conditioning is covered.
  3. The environment: Using renewable energy to run your air conditioning system is not only smart and economic but it’s also better for the environment as a whole.
  4. Value Adding: Once both air conditioning and solar are running they can add value to your property. If you decide to sell this would work in your favour; both jobs have already been done, new owners would just have to update the systems as necessary with the caveat that solar systems do last a while. For that reason alone you shouldn’t need to update the solar system yourself if you do decide to sell.

If you’re still not sure it helps to reflect on what you may pay in terms of utilities with having only air conditioning installed.

For example, a smaller room such as a bedroom using an appropriately sized 3.5 kW split system, running for 8 hours a day for 3 months of the year at 24 degrees will run at approximately $134.16 a year. If you multiply that price by how many bedrooms you have the costs are already quite high. And that’s without even considering the cost of running an air conditioner in the lounge room. Electric costs will of course vary from state to state but it makes more sense to generate your own electricity from a renewable resource rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a non-renewable one.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that rebates on solar installation are presently being offered in various states around Australia. This may take some sting out of the initial outlay and there’s always the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something that will benefit future generations.


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