Why it is important to choose a top installer?

Air Conditioning FAQs

Choosing the right installer is the most important decision you’ll make if you’re looking to put air conditioning in your home.

A top installer will be able to:

  • guide you through the process
  • answer any questions you have
  • install your system so that you’re not even aware they have been around.
  • will clean up the site after the job, allowing you to kick back and enjoy your temperature-controlled environments.

Some people gamble on an installer they don’t know much about or heard about from a friend of a friend. Some people will simply go with the cheapest option they find.

These strategies can save a little bit of money in the short term.  However, their shoddy work could end up costing you more, especially if your whole system implodes.

It helps to consider a number of factors when choosing your installer. While you are asking for quotes keep in mind that a high quality job should involve:

  • Assessment of the site prior to installation, known as an on-site quote. These are generally free and no-commitment, although a call-out fee is occasionally required during the peak busy periods
  • Visible qualifications and training
  • An ability to minimise harm and disruption to your property and daily life
  • Provision of a comprehensive warranty that cannot be voided by shoddy work.

The Value of Professionalism

A good installer can confidently talk you through any questions you might have, not only about installation but also your system and energy efficiency.

Due to their knowledge and qualifications a top installer can provide the most appropriate system for your space. This includes systems that the installer can service and repair should something go wrong.

A good installer:

  • Advises on the best system for you, your budget and your space
  • Does work properly the first time
  • Takes responsibility for their work
  • Has good knowledge of the brands and manufacturers in order to pass on specials and promotions and ensure you’re choosing the best model for you
  • Provides a clear quote with no hidden costs or extras
  • Has the ability to service your air conditioner and clean the filters in the future
  • Provides you with a thorough assessment that tells how long the installation process will take
  • Is trained in the installation of the brands they prefer.

They deliver clear information that lay people can understand. This helps us as consumers make an informed choice.

To save time, you can also just call us at Compare Air Conditioning on 1300 741 451. We’ve reviewed and compared hundreds of installers, so you don’t have to.

It’s also helpful to check reviews on online forums such as our own to see what installer’s customers have got to say.  These reviews are not selected by the installation company and will give you a good idea of what the installer does well. This will help you narrow down the field of installation companies in your area in order to identify the best ones for your requirements.

What could happen if a bad installer does my installation?

  • Without a good installer, you could not only get bad advice but your unit might be installed incorrectly. This will likely lead to various problems that need fixing. If the installation is problematic customers could also face utility bills with an increase of as much as 30%. A faulty system could mean repeated and pricey repairs, or even the breakdown of an entire air conditioner.
  • If an installer advises you to go with a cheaper system with an unrecognised brand, it may be difficult to get parts for repair or a decent warranty. If you can’t repair a faulty unit you may end up having to take that unit out and replacing it altogether. This extra cost can certainly be avoided by finding a professionally reputable installer.
  • Faulty units and installations can lead to electrical issues, putting your pets, family and possessions in danger. While accidents can happen a good installer will generally be responsible for fixing these as part of the installation warranty and they are well versed in OH&S.
  • The wrong system may be unable to address your heat load. This is determined by the type of windows, exposed walls, shade around the house, amount of insulation, and the total size of your house.
  • Your house may be left in a mess with dust everywhere.
  • Bad installations could void warranties again making you liable for unexpected costs.

Building a relationship with a good installer

A good installation company will keep you up-to-date with what’s going on every step of the way. This is not only reassuring but helps customers organise their time around the installation process. You should feel comfortable enough to put any questions to them; professionals have usually heard it all before and can answer with surety.

In terms of the installation process you would expect:

  • To task questions and have them answered in an informed manner
  • A technician to notify you of the time and day when they will arrive so that you can be prepared for the work to take place.
  • They will thoroughly explain the installation process to you, how long the job might take, and what you can expect as far as the work environment in your home
  • Be shown how to use your system effectively
  • That they clean up after themselves

You should also take note of when your first service is due and how much that might cost.

Getting a good installer is essential for obvious reasons such as budget, efficiency and safety. They are also invaluable in terms of offering customers peace of mind and after service care. This extends to the ability of your new system to handle the heat load of your home without excessive increases in your bills. A good installer’s own professional relationships can further lead to special deals and promotions on high-end brands.

The advice and service a good installer can offer protects you from problems and is financially prudent. They will be able to accommodate your needs and have your new system up and running with very little fuss.  In identifying the right installer for you the process should run smoothly and without concerns about hidden or excessive costs.


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