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Morphett Air is an Adelaide based air conditioning installation company established in 1973 with over 40 years’ experience in air conditioning industry. Morphett Air is a Multi Award winning family owned and operated business, specialising in installing air conditioning units in Adelaide and South Australia. Our Morphett Air review team positioned Morphett Air as a second top air conditioning installation Adelaide company. The positioning was based on their professional performance, low prices, expertise and customer service.

A strongly performing Air conditioning installation company in Adelaide, Morphett Air provides maintenance and service air conditioners under warranty or not. Our Morphett Air review team noted that Morphett Air clients receive priority service by fully qualified and highly skilled technicians with exceptional diagnostic abilities.

They do not generally install air conditioning systems in apartments, though they are open to doing it if it is a particularly straight forward job, and there is a balcony to place the external unit.

Our Morphett Air review team found that air conditioning installation Adelaide based company Morphett Air provides professional and reliable services.


Morphett Air is one of our top-rated air conditioning installation Adelaide companies. Morphett Air provides a very competitive price, in fact, they tend to have some of the lowest prices we reviewed and always make sure their clients have peace of mind that their system will exceed their expectations in terms of energy efficiency. Our Morphett Air review team ranked Adelaide based air conditioning installation company the second highest cost effective company in Adelaide. Morphett Air tend to offer a low and very competitive price from the very beginning, rather than relying on heavy discounts. However, they are willing to consider and are open-minded about whether they can match a lower competitor quote that is truly like for like.

They do not, however, offer volume discounts, though the delivery of the units would be reduced if multiple units are purchased at one time.

It is worth noting that sometimes manufactures send promotions which allow customers to obtain even greater value. These are usually offered during winter. While these aren’t offered by Morphett Air themselves, they can assist customers to access these deals.

Our review team evaluated Morphett Air in terms of cost effectiveness, and gave them an impressive rating of 5 out of 5. The graph below displays this strong performance, showing Morphett Air’s top marks alongside the ratings of the other Adelaide-based air conditioning installation companies in our top 5. We can see that Morphett Air secured the coveted equal top place compared to the other top 5 companies, making them a leading company for cost effectiveness.

Morphett Air Conditioning review team cost effectiveness of companies

Quotation system

This Adelaide based air conditioning installation company specialises in providing advice when it comes to making the right selection of air conditioning system to suit customers’ needs, comfort and lifestyle. Compared to other air conditioning installation companies in Adelaide, our Morphett Air review team noted that quotation system is straightforward including free on-site visit. They have a quick and easy online application process and they provide comprehensive quote with potential extra costs and all relevant information. Before scheduling the appointment, Morphett Air will send an email explaining all charges in detail, so customers are able to know what to expect. They keep customers informed when it comes to costs, so that there are no nasty surprise bills down the track. However, our Morphett Air review team found that quotation turnaround is slow, the response time can be more than 7 days.

The image below is of Morphett Air’s online quotation form, found on their website. This clear and concise form allows easy navigation for customers who want to make a quotation request online. Quick and simple to complete, customers can use this form as an effective way to communicate with Morphett Air for all their installation quote enquiries.

Morphett Air Conditioning review online review
( Source: http://www.morphettair.com.au/ )


Morphett Air review team found that Morphett Air does offer financing options with Payright and Zip Pay.

Customer Service

Our team found the sales staff at Morphett Air to be warm and polite. The sales team were comfortable responding to any questions you might have, which made dealing with them a pleasant experience. They try their best to be helpful and responsive. This is a family run business, and each person in the family are knowledgeable about the air conditioning systems they install. There is certainly a bit of an added personal touch when dealing with this company. The team seem eager to please customers and assist them to find the solution that works for them.

The graph below shows our review team’s ratings of Morphett Air, this time based on customer service satisfaction with their response to phone and email enquiries. Morphett Air was given a score of 8 out of 10 for their over-the-phone customer interaction, and 7 out of 10 for their email-based customer service. These strong ratings placed Morphett Air in second position for their response via email, and equal second position for their phone correspondence. This is an impressive performance in terms of customer service satisfaction when compared to the other businesses reviewed, further cementing their spot in our top 5 air conditioning installation companies based in Adelaide.

Morphett Air review of customer service

Our Morphett Air review team noted consistent customer service performance. Online reviews of Morphett Air showing high satisfaction rating with an average score of about 4.7 out of 5 from different sources such as Google, Facebook, True Local and Yelp. From 21 google reviews, they scored a very respectable average of 4.6/5.

The image below is of a testimonial shown on Morphett Air’s website, taken originally from YouTube. This is one of many positive 5-star reviews, taken from a range of websites. It further showcases the company’s success in achieving high levels of customer service satisfaction. The reviewer makes particular note of their professionalism, willingness and ability to provide assistance, and cost effectiveness.

Morphett Air review customer testimonials
( Source: http://www.morphettair.com.au/ )

Our review team continued their evaluation of Morphett Air’s customer service capabilities, this time by recording the company’s response time frames to email and quote requests. The graph below plots these results so that we can see Morphett Air’s response rates when compared to the other top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Adelaide market. The graph depicts Morphett Air as typically taking 48 – 84 hours to acknowledge receipt of an initial email enquiry, one of the slower response times amongst the top 5. The same time frame was taken to respond to quote requests, although in this case it was a better, more medium response time when compared to the market’s other top 5 companies.

Morphett Air review response times

Adelaide based air conditioning installation company Morphett Air is a family business run by siblings. Thus, prompt customer service is a key success for the company but points were deducted for the delayed reply.

The image below focuses on two rows of our larger Adelaide comparison table, examines the overall rating for each of our top 5 companies’ customer service and response times. Our Morphett Air review team scored them 3.7 out of 5 for overall customer service, demonstrating a generally high standard of customer service and ranking them second best for this factor. Our review team classified Morphett Air’s overall response time to customer enquiries as “slow”, a less optimal result, when compared to other top 5 local companies in Adelaide air conditioning installation industry.

Our Morphett Air Conditioning review customer service graph

Product range

Morphett Air is an air conditioning installation company in Adelaide have a wide range of products and models to choose from. Our Morphett Air Conditioning review found they are recommending using Daikin or Panasonic air conditioners to ensure customers can enjoy low noise level and climate comfort.

They are Daikin specialist dealers and have been selling this brand for over 30 years. This means they understand the units very well and have strong expertise using them. These recommendations are based on their experience with these brands over the years and found them extremely reliable.

They have two primary brands Daikin and Panasonic, but also install Hitachi.

The next image, taken from the Morphett Air webpage, provides a snapshot of the range of recommended brands that Morphett Air stock.

air conditioning installation Adelaide brands for Morphett Air Conditioning review
( Source: http://www.morphettair.com.au/ )

Technical expertise and experience

Our Morphett Air review team found that Morphett Air team are fully qualified with years of experience people. They are not only installing but they’re also servicing, maintaining, diagnosing and repairing what they install as well. Their technicians have completed intensive training and apprenticeship programs and appear to be strongly qualified to perform any installation to a high quality. Adelaide based air conditioning installation company Morphett Air Conditioning also provide online guidance on how not to neglect and how to maintain air conditioning systems, to avoid lower performance.

On their website Morphett Air has a tab labelled “Energy Efficiency”, which leads potential customers to information about how Morphett Air offers air conditioning installation options that are kinder on the environment. The banner below reinforces this message of support for providing “greener” air conditioning options.

Air conditioning installation Adelaide additional image
( Source: http://www.morphettair.com.au/ )

In conclusion, our Morphett Air Conditioning review team found that air conditioning installation Adelaide based company Morphett Air provides professional and reliable services. Although they were ranked second Adelaide based air conditioning installation company by our Morphett Air review team, they provide high quality overall services and very competitive prices.

Our Morphett Air Conditioning review team has taken a range of relevant factors into consideration and awarded Morphett Air a very impressive overall Compare Air Conditioning rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, seen in the image below from our Adelaide Comparison Table. This rating cements Morphett Air’s place in our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Adelaide market.

Morphett Air Conditioning review star ratings

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