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Following an extensive review, our team concluded that the best company that installs air conditioning in Canberra is Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning which offers excellent service and value to their customers.

Our conclusion was based on a number of carefully selected criteria which include:

• prices - which we found to be competitive, when compared to others in the Canberra market;
• quotations – these are easy to understand, clearly set out and itemised;
• customer service - their they happy to do the extra work to make sure that the customer’s experience is a good one;
• response times - speedy response to email and phone requests when customers reach out for a quote or assistance;
• technical expertise - this Canberra-based air conditioning installation company is table to install a range of leading air conditioning brands;
• experience – their staff have extensive experience in the industry and in Canberra.

Voltair Electrical and Airconditioning to be a really reliable and good option for anyone looking to install air conditioning in Canberra.


Our Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning Review found that when Voltair prices are comparable with other top rated air conditioning installation companies in Canberra. They are highly competitive across their entire product range. The Voltair prices that are quoted are not the very lowest prices in Canberra but they are lower than the market average for air conditioning installation Canberra companies.

Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning requires a 30% deposit prior to installation which is relatively low compared to other air conditioning installation companies in Canberra

There are no other payments required until installation is completed. Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning is also willing to match competitors’ prices if the quote is genuinely like for like and it will try and beat them if possible. They also offer prices for a number of back-to-back installations.

Helpfully, if Voltair sales staff are aware of any industry promotions or special deals they will pass them on to the customer but they do suggest that customers do their own research to see if any brands are currently offering promotions. Voltair has set prices and does not generally offer volume discounts, but the sales staff will try and work out something for a sale of three or more units.

Voltair review price effectiveness graph

Quotation system

Voltair provides well presented itemised quotations that are especially user friendly when compared to other companies that install air conditioning in Canberra. Each quote is set out clearly which makes it easy to read and comprehend. This creates an experience that is painless and not overly burdensome to comprehend.

Quotations are usually provided within two days of request. This is on the quick side of things. Each quote includes the contact details of the sales team for follow up and any questions that the customer may have. They also have an online quotation form which can be submitted by email. The option to interact easily by phone and email adds an extra layer of flexibility which our Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning Review team found helpful.

Our Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning Review team used this method to request a quote and the response to the email provided all the information that was needed. The salesperson who prepared the quote politely noted that the sales team were happy to answer any further questions.

Voltair review online form
( Source: https://voltair.com.au )


Voltair does not currently offer financing options.

Customer Service

Voltair’s customer service is outstanding. Our Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning Review found that their staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and they are willing to go beyond the usual and expected service standards for Canberra air conditioning installation companies to provide quality service and a satisfactory experience for potential customers.

Voltair review customer service

The sales team have sound technical knowledge and answer questions in a manner that is both detailed and very easy to understand, and they called back and followed up queries promptly and courteously. They are equally prompt, helpful and knowledgeable when responding to customers and answering queries both in person and by email. The installation and repair crews are also capable and friendly.

Voltair review response times

Overall it was a pleasure to deal with Voltair staff at all levels when carrying out the Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning Review. The Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning Canberra website is well presented and is easy to navigate and use. It includes an email address, the online quotation form and an online feedback service for customer queries and comments.

Our air conditioning installation Canberra review of website

Voltair perform very strongly in online forums giving customer feedback. For example, our Voltair Electrical and Airconditioning review team found that this Canberra based air conditioning installation company has Google Review average of 5/5 stars, and each of these customers gave glowing feedback and recommended them.

Voltair Electrical and Airconditioning review overall customer feedback rating
( Source: https://voltair.com.au )

Product range

Each of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Canberra offer an extensive range of products and each one recommends a particular brand or brands. The recommendations appear to be based on each supplier’s history of installation and service. Voltair recommends the installation of Fujitsu units because of their particular experience with this premium brand. However they have the expertise and experience to install a range of products from market leading brands including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Panasonic and LG. This was amply demonstrated during the Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning Review

Voltair also installs ducted heating. They do not offer evaporative cooling, hydronic boiler or steam boiler heating but there is minimal demand for these products in Canberra given the local climate so this was not a significant consideration for our Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning Review or the broader review of other air conditioning installation Canberra. Overall, our review team found their product range to be extensive, with ample options for the local climate and market, giving customers a broad range of options to suit their particular needs.

Technical expertise and experience

Voltair offers a high level of technical expertise and experience. It stands out in the marketplace for air conditioning installation Canberra because it has 13 years of local experience in air-conditioning installation. It also offers a 5 year warranty on its installations. Voltair is also able to install units in apartments and does so on a regular basis.

All of our technical questions were answered promptly in clear and concise fashion so that the customer was able to easily understand the answer or explanation.

Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning review additional image
( Source: https://voltair.com.au )

In summary, we found Voltair Electrical and Airconditioning to be a really reliable and good option for anyone looking to install air conditioning in Canberra. Our Voltair Electrical and Airconditioning review team was thoroughly impressed and found them to be helpful with strong customer service.

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