Deep Blue Air Conditioning Review

Deep Blue Air Conditioning is a Gold Coast based installation company, with more than 20 years of industry experience and knowledge. The company provides high quality of service and value to their customers with installations and repairs of various air conditioning systems. The business is family owned and operates in the local and surrounding regions of Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, South East QLD and Northern NSW.

In light of their decades of experience and customer testimonials, and based on their outstanding customer service and competitive prices, our Deep Blue Air Conditioning Review team found them to be the top air-conditioning installation company in the Gold Coast.

Our team found Deep Blue Air Conditioning had brilliant customer service standards and offered a consistently high level of performance, leading us to consider them the current market leaders.


Our Deep Blue Air Conditioning Review team found that the Gold Coast based air conditioning installation company offer fairly competitive prices on their installations and repairs. Their quotes are often equal to, or below the market average.

Deep Blue do not offer volume discounts, though their original set prices are fairly reasonable from the start. They do not charge call out fee, though this is relatively standard in the Gold Coast installation market. In terms of price matching to quotes provided by competitiors in the industry, Deep Blue will consider offering matches, however it would have to be a match on a truly like-for-like installation and precise model.

The graph below depicts our top 5 Gold Coast based air conditioning installation companies and how they line up terms of cost effectiveness. Our Deep Blue Air Conditioning Review team ranked this business’ cost effectiveness as a 4 out of 5, placing them in second place along with two other Gold Coast based air conditioning installation companies.

Deep Blue review graph regarding cost

Quotation system

The Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast based company, Deep Blue Air Conditioning, offer their customers both fully digital quotes and free on-site quotes. At the time of the initial inspection for on-site quotes, no fee is charged upfront to the customer. Our Deep Blue Air Conditioning Review team found that response time on receiving quotes is fairly quick and, comparing to other Gold Coast companies, fairly comprehensive.

Deep Blue Air Conditioning offer a service reviewing their customers floor plans in order to recommend the most suitable brand and placement of the system in their home within the quote offered.

Additionally, Our Deep Blue Air Conditioning review team found that the business paid particular attention to the presentation and information included within their quotes. The quotations offered by the company are very clearly set out, stipulating the standard inclusions and exclusions of the agreement. Furthermore, a thorough breakdown of warranties and terms of payment is included. The information offered within the quote is detailed, but user-friendly, making information easily accessible.

The image below shows Deep Blues online quotation form. The easily accessible form enables customers to make a general enquiry through the company’s website.

Deep Blue review online form
( Source: http://deepblueac.com.au/ )


Through our Deep Blue Air Conditioning Review, we found that the Gold Coast based air conditioning installation company does offer financing options for its customers, which can assist customers who are unable to pay the entire amount upfront.

Customer Service

Deep Blue is a family owned business, with friendly staff that value high quality customer service and have good knowledge about the business. Our Deep Blue Air conditioning review team found that the Deep Blue staff were polite and concise through email. The quote prepared for us upon enquiry was presented in a user-friendly format that came across as easy to understand while still being very comprehensive. The staff then run through it all with you and take time to explain details and answer questions.

Through the examination of test calls, our Deep Blue Air Conditioning review team found that you are able to immediately speak to someone on the phone who is knowledgeable and willing to answer customers enquiries. Furthermore, the directors, who talk you through the technical details and run up the quote came across as accessible and responsive to client needs.

Ultimately, the Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast based company Deep Blue Air Conditioning came across as genuinely accommodating with their customer service. They are able to offer great technical expertise and advice whilst also providing a direct mobile number to a technician who is able to be contacted quickly and respond to any follow up queries. Through our interactions with Deep Blue Air Conditioning over phone and email, we rated their customer service as an 8 out of 10.

The graph below illustrates the customer service ratings of our review team’s experience of this Gold Coast air conditioning installation company by email and phone. Our review team rated them an 8 out of 10 for customer service by phone and a 9 out of 10 for customer service by email, ranking them as the bests customer service of the companies we reviewed in the Gold Coast.

Air conditioning installation Gold Coast graph about customer service

The below graph illustrates the median response times produced by Deep Blue when replying to initial email requests and quote enquires. It is highlighted that Deep Blue commonly acknowledge initial email requests within 2-4 days of the request and provide a full quote within that same time period. Deep Blue Air Conditioning placed with a medium response time compared to other air conditioning installation companies in the Gold Coast region.

Deep Blue review graph from air conditioning installation Gold Coast page

The below imagery summarises the customer service and response time ratings from our review team of each our top 5 Gold Coast companies. As the table indicates, Deep Blue Air Conditioning rate a 4.2 out of 5 for their overall high standard of customer service experience and with a medium response, placing them first for customer service and in the middle region for response time when compared to the top 5 local companies in the industry.

Deep Blue review extract from table

The example show below is one of the many positive customer testimonials accessible on Deep Blue’s company website.

Our Deep Blue review customer testimonial
( Source: http://deepblueac.com.au/ )

Product range

In terms of Gold Coast based air conditioning installation companies, Deep Blue have a good product range and they are able to install and offer a merit of advice on many of the leading brands. The company is a warranty agent for brands such as Daikin, Fujitsu and Gree and offer up to 5 year warranties on these installations.

Based on the low number of issues generally experience by customers once installed as well as the company’s experience of their quality, Deep Blue Air Conditioning recommend Daikin and Fujitsu as their first choices for installation.

Due on the Gold Coast climate, Deep Blue does not offer ducted heating, hydronic, boiler heating or evaporative cooling as they are not the most appropriate for the environment.

Our extract from Deep Blue review air conditioning site
( Source: http://deepblueac.com.au/ )

Deep Blue are able to install an extensive range of air conditioning systems such as a wide range of split systems, including reverse cycle split systems, inverter split systems, multi split systems and also ducted heating and cooling.

Our Deep Blue Air Conditioning Review found there was a notable eagerness to install quality products most suited to the customers needs.

The below image shows the recommended brands sold and installed by the company, including the brands for which they are warranty agents.

Deep Blue review of website reveals top brands
( Source: http://deepblueac.com.au/ )

Technical expertise and experience

The Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast based company, Deep Blue, offer a dedicated team that provide solutions for both residential and commercial properties to install and repair air conditioning systems.

The business has operated for 5 years, with over 20 years of experience within the team. Our Deep Blue Air Conditioning review team found the company to have a particularly well experienced team in comparison to other Gold Coast based air conditioning installation companies.

Throughout the process from quote to installation, the Deep Blue team offer a good understanding of the products being installed with support and direction that comes only from knowledge and experience.

As Deep Blue offer a 5-year installation warranty, it means all issues that may arise as a result of installation are covered for a prolonged period of time. The company also possess a ARC tick of approval. This tick is a must have for companies installing air conditioning units as it gives them a licence to handle refrigerants.

Ultimately, we found in our Deep Blue Air Conditioning Review that the company preformed consistently across all the relevant areas, making them our top-rated air conditioning installation company in the Gold Coast. Offering a wide range of products, knowledge and experience that enable them to offer to highest quality of service to their customers.

Based on our Deep Blue Review, we gave the business an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and found them to be the best value Gold Coast based air conditioning installation company.

Deep Blue review star rating

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