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Northernair is an air conditioning installation company, servicing the North Coast of New South Wales and Southern Queensland, including the Gold Coast area. Northernair specialize in the installation of residential ducted and split system air conditioning units, as well as providing commercial air conditioning solutions. The company also performs service maintenance and repairs for air conditioning systems, offering a 24/7 emergency breakdown service. In our Northernair company review, Northernair was found to be to be one of the most established air conditioning installation companies in the Gold Coast, operating since 1980. The Northernair review rated the company as having a 3 out of 5 star rating, which is a similar rating to the lowest company of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies on the Gold Coast.

With over 35 years of relevant industry experience, Northernair is an established air conditioning installation company in the Gold Coast area. With two office locations, in Lismore and Tweed Heads, Northernair services the Northern New South Wales area as well as the Gold Coast, offering their customers a broad range of air conditioning installation services. They also offer specialist services like air conditioning design advice, scheduled maintenance services and emergency repair of a range of air conditioning units.

Our Northernair review team found this company is well known for its versatility in the range of air conditioning installations and servicing they perform. Northernair commercial customers range from small businesses to very large ones and their service department can assist from emergency breakdown assistance to scheduled maintenance. Northernair offer extensive comprehensive services they offer their customers, from basic air conditioning installations and maintenance in residential properties to more complex installations involving many air conditioning units in large commercial properties.

The Northernair however does not offer all types of heating and cooling solutions, like hydronic and steam boiler systems. They also have slower than average response times to emails and online inquiries, than other Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation companies. Northernair also do not offer any customer financing option or deals and promotions, as the Northernair team believe that they already offer the lowest price point for their customers.

The Northernair review researched and found the company has only a few online customer review and testimonials. This is unusual for an established and reputable company, with a lot of years experience in the industry. Industry reviews are important as it allows potential customers to read prior customers’ feedback regarding the company’s technical and customer service standards. However the few online reviews for Northernair show very positive feedback from customers in their star ratings and in their testimonials.

Northernair has grown and developed since its inception into a large air conditioning installation company, offering a high level of skills and knowledge to handle installations of any type.


In the Northernair Review, this southern Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation company was found to offer competitive and affordable pricing, when compared with other air conditioning installation companies in the Queensland surrounding areas.

As a whole, the review found this air conditioning installation company to be genuine and up front about their costs and provide reasonable and affordable quotes.
Northernair delivers reliable digital and over the phone quotes. They install and service many different kinds of air conditioning units, including split systems and reverse, inverter and multi systems, and ducted cooling. Customers can obtain a quote by calling the company directly or by emailing to obtain information regarding air conditioning installation. However, our review team noted that it is beneficial for customers to call Northernair, instead of emailing as they are easier to reach by phone and have a faster response rate.

Northernair are willing to negotiate volume discounts per installation, where more than one air conditioning unit is being installed at the same time. They are happy to discuss and compare competitor’s quotes and offer a price match on a competitors quote if possible. These pricing options are on a case to case basis and at the discretion of the Northernair management.

It is important to note, that the company does not offer special promotions and deals due to already low and affordable pricing from the outset.

The graph below compares our top 5 Gold Coast based air conditioning installation companies and how they rank on cost effectiveness. Our Northernair review team noted that Northernair does not rank as one of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies, however when it comes to cost effectiveness they are comparable to some of the top 5 companies. Northernair were found to have relatively competitive pricing and offer a fair system that relies on customer satisfaction. Their pricing range was similar to Deep Blue, Cold Front and Acclaim, with our review team rated their cost effectiveness as 4 out of 5, scoring them equal 2nd together with these companies for this review category.

Northern Air Review cost effectiveness graph

Quotation system

Northernair have a competitive quotation system as compared with other local air conditioning installation companies in the Gold Coast and Queensland. This company gives general estimates based on the house and room structure and dimensions. As with most air conditioning installation companies, quotes provided by Northernair over the phone, are subject to change based on an onsite inspection. This is due to unknown factors that may influence and impact the installation and therefore the price may vary. Our review team found Northernair’s response time to be fast over the phone, but for customers inquiring by email, the response time was significantly slower.

The image below has been taken from the Northernair website, is an online form where customers can contact the company regarding air conditioning installation through their website. The online form is a general contact information form, however can be used for quote requests as well. The simple form asks for personal details, a best contact method and space for a message, as seen in image below. The fact that customers are able to access a quote through a digital channel, means that customers can contact this company out of working hours. Again it is important to note that Northernair tends to respond more efficiently through direct phone calls.

Northern Air Review online form
( Source: https://northernair.com.au/contact-us/ )


Our Northernair review team scored Northernair 6 out of 10 for the customer service experience, from dealing with the sales team online through their website and via email. This score took into account the accuracy of the quote and its comparison to other air conditioning installation companies on the Gold Coast, as well as the response times and general online customer experience online. This score indicates a slightly higher than average rating, proving that Northernair is a solid air conditioning installation contender in the Gold Coast market. However, a major factor on the rating is the slow response time to customer inquires by email or by the online form. Northernair rated lower for their customer service experience when compared relatively against our top 5 installation companies in the Gold Coast.


Northernair does not offer any kind of financing plan to their customers, meaning that customers will need to pay the entire amount at the completion of the installation. Payment is for all costs related to the cost of the air conditioning unit itself and for the installation of the unit.

Customer Service

Our Northernair review team rated this Gold Coast based air conditioning installation company as having a high level of customer service. They were found to have a quick and high response rate to receiving and attending to customer phone calls and inquiries. They were also found to always forward requests for specific information to an appropriate technician or team member. The company were open and genuine to giving out relevant information as needed by customers and our Northernair review recorded that the team have a helpful, friendly and informative manner over the phone.

Our Northernair review team scored Northernair 6 out of 10 on their customer service via email due to their slow response rate, and 7 out of 10 for phone customer service, which indicates again that Northernair is more responsive by phone and direct contact, resulting in an overall better customer experience by phone.

These findings show that Northernair has one of the slowest rankings for response times, scoring below our top 5 air conditioning installation companies on the Gold Coast. This company generally acknowledges receipt of an email request for a quote in more than 4 days and also provides a quote generally after more than 4 days. As the graph below shows, the Northernair ratings are comparable to the CCRAC company, however are relatively slower when compared to the rest of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Gold Coast market.

Northern Air Review response time graph

As can be seen from the graph below, when compared to the other top installation companies in the Gold Coast, the customer service experience by email (6/10) ranks slightly below the 5th best air conditioning installation Gold Coast company, while the customer service by phone (7/10) compares better and is comparable with equal 3rd with 2 of our other top 5 companies.

Our Northernair review gave the Gold Coast-based company a solid average score of 3.25 out of 5 for its overall customer service performance, which ranked the company just outside of the Gold Coast-based top 5 air conditioning installation companies.

Northern Air Review customer service graph

Northernair offer customers service during business hours, Monday through Friday and are closed on the weekend. They therefore perform all air conditioning installations on weekdays and may certain customers who require air conditioning installations over the weekend.

The customer review below, originally found on the Northernair website, is an example of work that has been successfully completed by the company. This customer review highlights the friendly nature of the company, who prides itself on its high level of care towards its customers.

Northern Air Review customer testimonial 1
( Source: https://northernair.com.au/about/ )


With very few reviews for a well established company like Northernair, the Northernair review found the online reviews to be very positive, with three reviews presented below from the Local Search website. Northernair is unlike most Gold Coast-based air installation companies, as they usually have a number of reviews on sites, such as Google, Facebook or TrueLocal.

Northern Air Review customer testimonial 2
( Source: https://www.localsearch.com.au/profile/northernair/lismore-nsw/KB8a)

Product range

Northernair prefers to install mostly Daikin air conditioning units, however they offer and supply a range of other air conditioning manufacturers and systems. They also work with Actron Air, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, and Carrier, with the following brands presented on their website as in the image below. Although, Daikin units are their specialty, Northernair are able to install any of the above brands of air conditioners.

Northern Air review brands

Northernair also offer a 12 month installation warranty, which covers the actual air conditioning unit installation and any problems that may arrive from it being installed. There is also a 5 year manufacturer warranty on the units, however this is standard and this warranty is provided by the manufacturer, not by Northernair.

The 12 month installation guarantee is comparable against 3 other companies in our top 5 companies in the Gold Coast (Cold Front, Air Supply and Acclaim), but is not as good, in terms of years of coverage as Deep Blue and CCRAC. However, the Northernair review team found that for issues related to installation workmanship are most likely to arise within the first 12 months after installation.

Northern Air installation guarantee

Technical expertise and experience

Northernair are a reputable air conditioning installation company that are based on the southern end of the Gold Coast in Tweed Heads, with another office in Lismore in Northern New South Wales. Established as a small team in 1980, they have grown considerably to a larger reputable company and that services anywhere from Tweed Heads to Byron Bay to Surfers Paradise, and can go as far as Brisbane.

Northernair offer a high level and range of repair and maintenance services, with fully licensed and certified technicians. They have an online form on their website where customers can request maintenance or repair service. They offer monthly, quarterly, annual or custom maintenance schedules on all domestic and commercial air conditioners. The online form is quite detailed allowing the Northernair team to provide the best service possible, with the form shown in part below. The form includes personal details, the air conditioning problem/service required, model and serial numbers, day and time preference and additional space for a message.

Contact information of Northern Air review
( Source: https://northernair.com.au/service-repair/)


Being in operation for over 35 years, Northernair are experienced to help customers throughout the whole process of installing an air conditioner, from obtaining a quote to the completion of the air conditioning installation. Northernair has grown and developed since its inception into a large air conditioning installation company, that offers a high level of skills and knowledge to handle installations of any type. Northernair has extensive industry experience that enables them to continue making a name for themselves, as capable and responsible air conditioning installation experts.

In summary, Northernair is a valued company that offers customers with competitive pricing and flexible rates. Although Northernair did not make our review team’s top 5 air conditioning installation companies on the Gold Coast, it is still a highly regarded air conditioning installation company, which offers customers a friendly approach and outlook to help meet their air conditioning installation needs.
Northernair is a company whose longevity in the air conditioning installation industry, and solid and consistent work ethic, makes them a strong contender for customers looking to install new air conditioning units who are living in the Gold Coast and its surrounding areas.

The Northernair review assessed a comprehensive range of factors considered essential to successful air conditioning installation companies. These factors were reviewed for Northernair company and the results were compared with the other Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation companies in our top 5. Our Northernair gave the company an overall Compare Air Conditioning Rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, a solid and competitive score, ranking Northernair as just outside our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Gold Coast region.

Compare Air Con comparison table for Northern Air review

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