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Think Cooling is a Gold Coast- based air conditioning installation company which specializes in residential, commercial, industrial and retail air conditioning solutions. The company specializes in modern, technically advanced heating and cooling systems as well offer climate conscious technology. Think Cooling perform routine air conditioning servicing, preventative maintenance and repair work. An assessment of Think Cooling was conducted by our Think Cooling review team, based on a number of factors, which are considered important in making an air conditioning company successful. The results from this review placed Think Cooling just outside of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Gold coast area.

Think Cooling has been operating in the Gold Coast area for over 10 years and appears to have built a solid customer based and reputation. Located centrally in Ashmore, the company services the local Gold Coast area as well as the Northern NSW region. Think Cooling offers a professional and skilled team to provide installation, maintenance and repair services to their customers. Their extensive industry experience, products and services they provide reflects their understanding of the air conditioning needs of Gold Coast and Northern NSW residents and the climate and housing styles in these areas.

The Think Cooling review found that this Gold Coast-based installation company provides a number of beneficial services and features, some which are not common to all of the top 5 installation companies in the Gold Coast area. One such feature is the air conditioning calculator, in which customers can enter their air conditioning space details like room type, room size and window size and then they receive an air conditioning recommendation of air conditioning brand, model and price range, which allows customers to gain an idea of potential air conditioning systems and pricing. Think Cooling also offers smart technology air conditioning, with MyAir, which allows customers to remotely or onsite to control their air conditioner by the use of their smart phone or tablet. Think Cooling also prides itself on offering climate conscious technology, by using the most energy efficient products and operating with acknowledgment to current global warming trends and climate changes.

Think Cooling does not install or repair air conditioning unit in high rise apartment buildings, only servicing lower level apartments blocks. This is important for customer to note as the Gold Coast region has quite a number of high rise apartment buildings. It is also important for customers to be aware that Think Cooling is quite inflexible in their pricing and do not offer a finance plan or flexible payment options to their customers. They also do not price match competitor’s quotes nor do they give discounts when purchasing multiple units. The Think Cooling staff state that instead of offering price matching or volume discounts, they prefer to work with the customer and their budget, recommending different brands to suit their needs and budget.

The Think Cooling review also found the company has received high online customer review and testimonials, both found on their own website and other online platform which gives positive feedback regarding their technical service, timing and customer service standards.

Think Cooling has grown and developed since its inception into a large air conditioning installation company, offering a high level of skills and knowledge to handle installations of any type.


Our Think Cooling review found this Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation company to be very competitive and affordable on price. They offer competitive rates on installation of top quality air conditioning units, like Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric and their pricing are generally comparable to or lower than the average market prices.

The Think Cooling website has a unique tool for their customers, an air conditioning calculator which can be used to gain an estimate price on recommended air conditioning systems. The calculator asks customers for contact details and then has easy to answer questions, with drop down boxes answers, about their space that they want air conditioned. Part of the calculator can be seen in the images below. This is a great feature for customers to get an approximate pricing and air conditioning model recommendation before proceeding with an in home appraisal. The air conditioning calculator is easy to use and customers receive instant response after filling in the calculator. Customers receive a recommendation of air conditioning model, required system capacity and price range, based on the responses given in the calculator. The price is also only based on a back to back, low set installation. Customers are advised to only use this calculator and recommendations as a guide, with a free in home appraisal is necessary for a more exact costing or appropriate recommendation.

Think Cooling Review online form 1
Think Cooling Review online form 2
( Source: https://thinkcoolingac.com.au/air-conditioning-calculator-gold-coast/ )

The graph below compares our top 5 Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation companies on the factor of cost effectiveness. Our review team found that Think Cooling have very reasonable and affordable pricing and therefore gave them a rating of 5 out of 5 for overall cost effectiveness, which is an amazing result when compared to the cost effectiveness of our other top 5 Gold Coast-based companies. This score matching one of our top Gold Coast installation companies and rates them higher than the other four top air conditioning installation companies. This rating demonstrates that Think Cooling has competitive and strong pricing, which makes the company great on cost effectiveness and value for their customers.

Think Cooling Review cost effectiveness graph

Quotation system

At Think Cooling, a customer can receive a quote either over the phone or through an email. Quotes over the phone are of a general basis and quotes via email are more detailed, with a cost breakdown. The company has an online quick quote form for customer to use, as seen partly in the image below. Simple and easy to use, with a space to upload house plans if necessary. Like with most Gold Coast-based air conditioning companies, the quotes are subject to change based on a more comprehensive in home appraisal.

Think Cooling Review online form 3
( Source: https://thinkcoolingac.com.au/split-systems-air-conditioning-gold-coast/ )


Think Cooling also have the air conditioning calculator to give customers a idea of pricing and approximate model, capacity and price range before they even approach the company for a quote. This shows genuine and transparent pricing, giving customers pricing information before they even contact to compare and consider.

As with most other Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation companies, our Think Cooling review recommends following up any email correspondence or quote request with a phone call to ensure that it was received. Our Think Cooling review also found that a follow up phone call can ensure that a quote is received in a more speedier manner.

Customers can also just use an online form on the Think Cooling website to book an in home appraisal. Quick and easy to use and is seen in the image below.

Think Cooling Review online form 4
( Source: https://thinkcoolingac.com.au/ )


Our Think Cooling review found that this company does not have any formal financing solutions, like some other Gold Coast-based air conditioning companies. Customers are required to pay the full amount by the day of installation.

Customer Service

Our Think Cooling review rated this Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation company with a standard level of customer service. They are knowledgeable, ask probing questions and are able to provide genuine and direct specific responses to questions, even on an initial phone enquiry. Customers are able to speak with team members who possess a solid industry knowledge and experience, and email responses quotes are simple, clear and easy to understand.

Our Think Cooling review explored the customer service performances of the Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation company in comparison to other air conditioning installation companies in the Gold Coast area. The review focuses on two main customer communications methods, email and phone, with the findings of the top 5 Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation company in displayed in the graph below.

Think Cooling Review customer service graph
( Source: https://www.compareairconditioning.com.au/installation-gold-coast/ )

With their customer service over the phone, Think Cooling displayed professionalism and experience. Their answers were clear and easy to understand, with team members showing a high level of knowledge and understanding. Customers are able to receive a basic quote over the phone.

Our Think Cooling review rated this Gold Coast-based company with a high standard of customer service by phone, scoring Think Cooling 8 out of 10. The Think Cool review rated the company, an score of 7 out of 10 for their responses to customer inquiries via email. This scores ranked Think Cooling’s customer service by email to be average or above when compared to the customer service satisfaction achieved by our other top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Gold Coast area.

At Think Cooling, phones call are generally answered or put through to knowledgeable people who can answer technical questions and generally ask other probing questions. This Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation company is comfortable in offering their recommendations about air conditioning solutions and brands and provide clear and direct information to customer, whether it is via phone or email.

The graph below compares our top 5 Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation companies on their response times: specifically, the time it takes to respond to a customer’s initial email request, and how long it normally takes to respond with a prepared quote. Our Think Cooling review found that the Gold Coast-based company were slow in both categories. Their email response times were slow in comparison to some of our top 5 Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation companies, taking generally more than 4 days to respond to an initial email contact and also to respond with a written quote. These customer service response time ratings ranked Think Cooling outside the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Gold Coast-based industry.

As with most of the other Gold Coast-based air conditioning companies, it is best practise to follow up any email correspondence with a phone call.

Think Cooling Review time response graph

Our Think Cooling review gave the Gold Coast-based company a solid average score of 4 out of 5 for its overall customer service performance, which ranked the company just outside of the Gold Coast-based top 5 companies.

In regards to customer experience and customer feedback, Think Cooling has received many customer reviews across online platforms such as Google and Facebook. Many of the reviews from Think Cooling customers, rate their experience and service satisfaction highly, as evidenced on the Think Cooling website and other online sites. The customer testimonials presented below were found on the Think Cooling website, with customers commenting on the company’s reliability, workmanship and good customer service.

Think Cooling Review customer testimonial 1
Think Cooling Review customer testimonial 2
( Source: https://thinkcoolingac.com.au/why-choose-us/ )


The following customer testimonial was from the company’s Google review page, which is an example of customer satisfaction with the company’s communication, timeliness, workmanship and customer service.

Think Cooling Review customer testimonial 3
( Source: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=think+cooling+air+conditioning&oq=think+cooling&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i60j69i57j69i61j69i60j0.8909j1j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x6b911aac1d93be27:0x6d691da783f71d1,1,,,)

Product range

Think Cooling installs two of the leading air conditioning brands, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric, as presented in the image below from their website. In the Think Cooling review, Think Cooling team members often recommended these manufacturers brands as they believe they provide quality air conditioning products, with value for money and a good level of energy efficiency.

Think Cooling review brands
( Source: https://thinkcoolingac.com.au/myair-gold-coast/)

They also use MyAir, a manufacturer and supplier of the latest in air conditioning technology which allows customers to control the air temperature and flow in individual rooms throughout the house by a smart phone or tablet, either remotely or onsite.

Technical expertise and experience

Think Cooling is an air conditioning installation company in the Gold Coast which has been operating for over 10 years. Their technical expertise and experience is evident in the knowledgeable technicians who ask relevant and probing questions to find the best product to suit each customer’s needs.

Think Cooling pride themselves on being an experienced and reputable company, which is fully licensed in accordance with the licensing bodies, as presented in the image below. The vast range of services that they offer also reflects the high level of knowledge, skills and experience of the Think Cooling team.

Experience of Think Cooling review
( Source: https://thinkcoolingac.com.au/myair-gold-coast/)


Further to this, our Think Cooling review found that Think Cooling offer a 1 year installation warranty, which is lower than some of the installation warranties offered by other Gold Coast-based air conditioning companies. That said, the vast majority of warranty claims are made within the first 12 months.

Think Cooling also pride themselves on offer energy efficient air conditioning products and climate conscious company outlook. Their website also has handy energy saving tips which pop up on every page, one such pop up can be seen in the image below.

Energy saving tip for Think Cooling review
( Source: https://thinkcoolingac.com.au/)

In summary, our Think Cooling review found that Think Cooling is a well-established air conditioning installation business on the Gold Coast, with their customer service standards being of a standard industry level. However they offer unique features for potential customers, like a spilt system air conditioning calculator, ethical and sustainable air conditioning choices and energy saving tips on their website. Think Cooling provides customers with detail quotes with cost breakdowns that are provided by experienced staff. As well, they provide customers with competitive and affordable prices, which are comparative to or lower than other air conditioning installation companies on the Gold Coast. Think Cooling has some consistent customer testimonials both on their website as well as through Google review, which rates and recommends highly by its customers. Our Think Cooling review rated them as being outside the top 5 Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation companies; however found Think Cooling is a great option for customers on the Gold Coast and in the Northern NSW region, who require installation of ducted and split system air conditioning split systems. It is important again to note that Think Cooling do not install or service high rise apartment conditioning systems.

The Think Cooling review researched a comprehensive range of factors considered essential to successful air conditioning installation companies. These factors were reviewed for Think Cooling and its results were compared to the other Gold Coast-based air conditioning installation companies in our top 5. Our Think Cooling gave the company an overall Compare Air Conditioning Rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, a solid and competitive score, ranking Think Cooling as just outside our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Gold Coast region.

Compare Air Con comparison table for Think Cooling review

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