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Arctic Melbourne, an air conditioning installation company based in Melbourne, are specialists in hydronic heating and air conditioning installation. They offer a whole range of cooling and heating solutions, with a high level of experience in air conditioning design, specifically custom designs, to suit your home and needs. The Arctic Melbourne team perform installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioners and also work with other companies to ensure the installation of your air conditioning is exactly to your needs. Our Arctic Melbourne Review team rated the company 3.5 out of 5 stars, which is a competitive and strong score in comparison to other Melbourne-based air conditioning companies. Our Arctic Melbourne review team rated this company strongly, but overall just outside the top 5 best air conditioning installation companies in Melbourne.

The Arctic Melbourne team have 20 years of combined industry experience, offering installation, maintenance and repair of most types of air conditioning systems. In addition, they offer an impressive 24/7 call out repair service and a 10 installation warranty, which is much more than the standard 5 year warranty that other air conditioning installation companies offer. The 10 year warranty is conditional, however on the fact that the air conditioner undergoes a yearly service.

The company also has consistently high online Google and Facebook reviews; with comments reflecting that Arctic Melbourne is open to assisting the customer get the best air conditioning deal and meeting individual needs. The sales team are happy to help customers to access air conditioning manufacturer’s promotions, as a way to provide the best deal for the customer. They install most of the leading air conditioning brands with a high level of technical expertise and knowledge.

Arctic Melbourne review found the company’s website very easy to use and navigate.


Our Arctic Melbourne review team found this Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companyto have a competitive price range. They offer competitive rates on installation of air conditioning units that are generally average with standard market prices, though they are not the cheapest in the market.

Overall, we found this air conditioning installation Melbourne based company to give simple,basic quotes over the phone or email, as they prefer to have a through onsite assessment before giving a detailed quote.

They don’t give volume discounts for multiple units; however they recommend installing all units at the same time to save on a call out fee and are willing to negotiate a slightly slower priceif the installation is easy and takes less time than expected. This flexibility reflects a company aim to meet customer needs and customise service based on individual situations.

It is worth noting that our Arctic Melbourne review found that this company offers a free onsite quote, and highlighted that they try to make their quotes are as cost effective as they can from the outset. The Arctic Melbourne sales team indicated that even though they don’t have an established finance option, that it may be possible to set up a personal financial arrangement with the management, which could involve the fee being paid in instalments over time. However, this type of arrangement is not a fixed policy of the company, and would only be approved from time to time on an exceptions basis.

The graph below compares our top 5 Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies on their cost effectiveness. Our review team found that Arctic Melbourne have very reasonable prices and therefore gave them a rating of 3.5 out of 5 for overall cost effectiveness, a result thatcompares to Coldflow and All Climate Solutions, which arein the top 5 Melbourne-based companies, as rated by our Compare Air Conditioning team.

Arctic Melbourne Review cost effectiveness graph

Quotation system

Arctic Melbourne have an easy online contact form or a 1800 number for customer ease of contact when customers are looking for quotes. The company provides fully digital quotes, however seem to prefer to give detailed quotes only after conducting an onsite quote, reflecting their interest in customer needs and being genuine in their quoting system. Our Arctic Melbourne Review found this company to have the slow response time in providing quotes, compared to other air conditioning installation Melbourne based companies.While the sales team are quick to acknowledge receipt of an email request for a quote, it generally takes them more than 4 days to provide a quote following an online or email request for one.

The Arctic Melbourne Review found this company’s online quotation form, shown partly in the image below, to be a relativelysimple, uncomplicatedform compared to the forms found on the websites of the other air conditioning installation companies in our Melbourne-based top 5. With simple personal details, a space for a detailed message and an option to upload plans. Quick and easy, allows for a more basic style of contact and initial quoting. The simplicity of the form may also attract potential customers at Arctic Melbourne not deterring them with a detailed or time consuming form.

Arctic Melbourne Review online form
( Source: http://arcticmelbourne.com.au/#subscribe-newsletter )


Arctic Melbourne Pty Ltd does not have any formal finance options, like some other Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies. Howevertheir sales team reflected that management are open and flexible to customer needs and it may be possible to work out a personal financial agreement on a customer to customer basis. This may involve, on an exceptions basis, an arrangement whereby the customer repays the installation fee in instalments over time.

Customer Service

Our Arctic Melbournereview team rated this Melbourne-based air conditioning installation company with an average level of customer service. They were found to be helpful and willing to provide genuine responses to questions, even on an initial phone enquiry. The team members seemed very knowledgeable with a comprehensive understanding of the air conditioning industry as well as experience. However the customer service lacked fast response times by email and there were also no follow up calls or probing question during the phone conversation.

Our review team explored the customer service performances of the Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies in our top 5, focussing on two main means of customer communication – email and phone – with their findings displayed in the graph below.Our Arctic Melbourne Review rated this Melbourne-based company with lower than average scores in both modes of contact, scoring Arctic Melbourne 6.5 out of 10 for the way they deal with customers’ phone enquiries, and 5 out of 10 for response to customer requests via email correspondence. These two scores ranked Arctic Melbourne Pty Ltd in a lower position for customer service in both email and phone categories, when compared to the customer service satisfaction achieved by our other top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Melbourne area.

Customer service graph Arctic Melbourne review

Arctic Melbourneestablishes good rapport with their customers in many ways. As noted above, phones calls are generally answered knowledgeable team members who can answer technical questions and general industry and company polices. This Melbourne-based air conditioning installation company are comfortable in discussing customer needs and air conditioning options however prefer to discuss quote details and specific costs only after an onsite assessment. The staff members at Arctic Melbourne were friendly andhappy to answer questionsto the best of their ability, by phone or online.

The graph below compares our top 5 Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies on their response times: specifically, their response time to a customer’s initial email request, and how long it normally takes to send a prepared quote. Our Arctic Melbournereview found that the Melbourne-based company had a lower than average rating in both customer service categories. Our review team found that they were quick to acknowledge an initial email enquiry, responding within 6 hours of receiving the request. Their response rate in providing customers with a quote was however very slow, with the process on average taking more than 4 days. These rates ranked Arctic Melbourne as one of the slower companiesin relation to response speed, in comparison to the other top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Melbourne-based industry.

Response time graph for Arctic Melbourne review

Our Arctic Melbourne Review gave the Melbourne-based company an above average score of 2.9 out of 5 for its overall customer service performance, a relatively low result when compared amongst the air conditioning installation companies being compared in our Melbourne-based top 5. Nonetheless, their customer service rated competitively against the rest of the Melbourne air conditioning installation market.

Our review team also noted that Arctic Melbourne Pty Ltd had the slowest email quote response times, when compared to the other top 5 Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies. From this image we can see that our Arctic Melbourne Review didn’t rank them in the top 5 Melbourne air conditioning installation companies for both these measures of comparison.

That said, customers ofArctic Melbourne Pty Ltd consistently rate their experience and service satisfaction highly. This is evidenced across multiple online platforms including Google, True Local, Word of Mouth and ProductReview. This is evidence that customers generally have positive interactions with this company.

The customer testimonial presented below, from the True Local review site, as the Arctic Melbourne website, only had one video review example. This review reflects the individualistic customer service that Arctic Melbourne aim to provide. In this testimonial, the customer is clearly impressed by their experiences with the company, their high standard of customer service and their skill, expertise and quality work.


customer testimonial Arctic Melbourne Review
( Source: https://www.truelocal.com.au/business/arctic-melbourne-pty-hydronic-air-conditioning/keysborough )


Arctic Melbourne installs many of the leading air conditioning brands. These include Daikin, Rehau, Bonair, Immergas and DeLonghi as, presented in the image below, for air conditioning installation. The website states that Arctic Melbourne is a Daikin Air Conditioning Specialist, which means that it primarily installs Daikin air conditioning systems;howeverthe Melbourne-based company would still recommends these brands to their customers as they offer a range of cooling and heating solutions.

Artic Melbourne review air con brands
( Source: http://arcticmelbourne.com.au/#top )

Technical expertise and experience

Arctic Melbourne is an air conditioning installationMelbourne-based company that have 20 years combined experience. Their technical expertise is evident in the products they use and their specialised custom air conditioning needs design.

Further to this, our Arctic Melbournereview team found that they can offer a 10 year installation service warranty.This 10 year warranty is conditional in the fact that the air conditioner is serviced yearly with the 10 year time frame.

In summary, our Arctic Melbourne review found that this Arctic Melbourne are a well-established family based business, having 20 years of combined expertise in market. Their customer service standards were found to be lower than other Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies; however they do pride themselves on offer custom boutique air conditioning solutions. Theyalso provide customers with a great 24/7 repair call out service as well as a 10 installation warranty. Arctic Melbourne has been consistently rated and recommended highly by its customers on review sites. Our Arctic Melbourne review rated them as being a great option to install your air conditioning, rating just outside the top 5Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies, as specialists in installing hydronic heating solutions and ducted and split system air conditioning split systems.

Our Arctic Melbourne Review considered a comprehensive range of factors that we believe make an air conditioning installation company successful. These factors were reviewed for Arctic MelbournePty Ltd and its results were then compared to the other Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies in our top 5. With this in mind our Arctic MelbourneReview gave this company an overall Compare Air Conditioning Rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars

Compare Air Con rating for Arctic Melbourne review

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