Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating Review

Nortan is a specialist air conditioning company, offering a complete heating and cooling service, from design, installation and maintenance. The company provides services for all sectors including commercial, residential and industrial. Our Nortan review compared Nortan with other air conditioning installation companies in the Melbourne area, in relation to a number of categories, considered important to a successful air conditioning company. Nortan performed very well in a number of the review categories and was found to be a high quality option for customers in the Melbourne area and was rated as one of the top 5 Melbourne-based air conditioning installation company.

Located in Blackburn, in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Nortan services the Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsular areas. The Nortan team are highly experienced in heating and cooling systems and offer a great range of solutions such as ducted systems, split systems, evaporative air conditioning, hydronic heating, and other heating options. Nortan aims to provide total air conditioning services to their customers, offering a comprehensive end to end air conditioning service. The company provides complete design solutions, air conditioning installation, service, maintenance and 24/7 breakdowns service.

Our Nortan review found also the company has an impressive philosophy to their workmanship and customer service. The team at Nortan focus on problem solving for their customers, whether it be in regards to a new installation or service or breakdown. This customer-focused philosophy is what our Compare Air Conditioning team believes sets Nortan apart from other air conditioning installation companies in the Melbourne area. Their problem solving abilities and focus ensures that they solve any problem, no matter how complex. Based on this work ethic, the company generally receives outstanding customer reviews, which lead to new referrals and work opportunities.

Nortan was found by our Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating review team to have a standard and average pricing range. The company is not the absolute cheapest option in the Melbourne market, but is also not the most expensive. However this standard price range, when matched with the Nortan team’s high quality of workmanship and customer service, makes this company a highly desirable option for Melbourne customers.

Nortan was ranked as one of the top 5 air conditioning installation company in the Melbourne area, based on its performance across a range of review categories and its highly beneficial qualities and features.

The Nortan team’s high quality of workmanship and customer service, makes this company a highly desirable option for Melbourne customers


Our Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating review, found the company has a standard and sometimes slightly higher than standard pricing range on their air conditioners and installation services. However our review team acknowledges that the pricing when lined with their quality customer service and workmanship, sets them apart from other companies.

The review team based the pricing on quotes received over the phone or by email from the Nortan team. Customers can request a price quote by phone, email or via one of their online forms. However as with most air conditioning installation companies, it is best to have a free onsite quote conducted as to be more certain of the expected costing and installation requirements, before making a decision.

Nortan does offer a little flexibility in their pricing, with the price matching of competitors’ quotes. Pricing matching will only be considered by the team at Nortan if the two quotes match, in terms of air conditioning models and manufacturers and installation requirements. It is important to remember that any decision regarding price matching is at the discretion of the Nortan management and is considered on a case to case basis. Nortan does not offer further price flexibility via volume discounts or special air conditioning manufacturers’ deals and promotions, which are offered by some of the other Melbourne-based air conditioning companies.

This Melbourne-based air conditioning installation company was found to have standard pricing in comparison to other Melbourne air conditioning installation companies. However Nortan’s price range is still very competitive and solid pricing. Although the company is not the cheapest in the Melbourne market, they are also definitely not the most expensive. Our Nortan review team believes the company’s great and competitive pricing range and as well high quality workmanship and great customer service make them an excellent option for Melbourne customers.

The graph shows a comparison of our top 5 Melbourne-based air conditioning companies and their cost effectiveness ratings. Nortan received an impressive and competitive rating of 4 out 5 overall for their cost effectiveness, which is similar to some of the other top 5 air conditioning companies.

Nortan Review Cost Effectiveness Graph

Quotation system

At Nortan, a customer can receive a quote either over the phone, email or through the online contact forms. Again it is important to note, that quotes are subject to change based on a free-onsite assessment and this is standard practise for most Melbourne-based air installation companies. The Nortan review team found the phone to be the fastest way to receive a basic quote, however the Nortan team are also responsive to email requests.

Quotes requested via the Nortan website, can be completed through one of their many online forms. In the image below, is their general online contact form, which can be used to request a quote. The form is simple and quick and easy to fill out, with room for the customer’s personal contact details, service and enquiry types, as well as room for a short message. The online form is a great way for customers to contact the company, however does not have a way to upload a floor plan with the message, which is unlike some other online forms of air conditioning installation companies in the Melbourne area.

Nortan Review Online Form
( Source: https://www.nortan.com.au/contact-us)

The second online form is a service booking online form, as seen in the image below from the Nortan website. Customers can use the form to book or request a service easily as the form is straightforward and easy to use.

Nortan Review Online Form 2
( Source: https://www.nortan.com.au/service-booking

The third online form is an emergency break down repair form, which is not specifically for quote requests, however customers can use the form to request a call back for repair services or other services. Customers can complete the form, as in the image below or alternatively contact the Nortan team anytime on their 1300 number to receive an urgent response.

Nortan Review Online Form 2
( Source: https://www.nortan.com.au/emergency-repair

The fourth and last online form is a simple contact form, as in the image below. This form is a very simple and quick form to fill out for customers who want to send an inquiry or request a quote or service request.

Nortan Review Online Form 3
( Source: https://www.nortan.com.au/)

As with most air conditioning installation companies, it is recommended to follow up any email correspondence or online form request for a quote with a phone call. The phone call ensures that the email request was received and may possibly help the customer receive a response more quickly.


Nortan does not offer a formal third-party financing plan for its customers. Our review team acknowledges this to be similar practise of most other Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies

Customer Service

Our Nortan review rated this Melbourne-based air conditioning installation company highly on their level of customer service. Our review team found that phone calls were answered immediately by knowledgeable and friendly team members. Responses received via email and online inquiries, are generally answered by helpful staff members, with a high level of industry knowledge.

Our Nortan review team found that the company’s email response times to inquires and quotes to be of medium speed, with answers generally within 24 hours. A medium response speed is acknowledged by our review team, as being an acceptable and great response time for air conditioning installation companies.

The Nortan review team found both the phone and email as quick and easy methods to gain a quote. Answers given by team members both over the phone and via email show that they have a very knowledgeable and comprehensive understanding of the air conditioning industry. The Nortan review team also found staff members at Nortan to be friendly and professional from the first point of contact, whether by phone or online.

Our Nortan review team assessed the customer service performances of the Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies, focussing on the customer service provided by email and phone– with the results displayed in the graph below. Our Nortan review team rated this Melbourne-based company with impressive scores in both modes of contact; scoring Nortan, 8 out of 10 for both their customer service by phone, and again 8 out of 10 for their email customer service.

Nortan’s phone customer service rating was similar to the top performing company in the phone customer service category, from the top 5 Melbourne-based companies. This is an outstanding result and reflective of their high quality customer service standards. For their email customer service, the rating matched again with another one of the top 5 Melbourne-based companies.

Nortan Review Customer Service graph

The graph below compares our top 5 Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies on their email response times. Firstly, how long it generally takes to respond to a customer’s initial email request, and secondly, how long it normally takes to email back a prepared quote. Our Nortan review found that the Melbourne-based company had a medium speed rate in both email response categories, with responses on average received within 24 hours.

Nortan Review Response Times graph

The company’s medium response speeds to initial email requests, was similar to one of the top 5 Melbourne-based installation companies and higher than two of the other companies from the top 5. Nortan’s response speed in providing prepared emailed quotes was lower than four of the other top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Melbourne area.

Our Nortan review awarded this Melbourne-based company an impressive overall score of 4 out of 5 for its overall customer service performance, a result which was similar to one of the other top 5 Melbourne -based air conditioning companies and higher than three of the other top 5 companies. This score reflects Nortan’s great and high quality of customer service standards.

The company provides most of its services and installations during business hours, however offers an emergency air conditioning repair service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These emergency repair services are available to residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne.

The Nortan team services the city of Melbourne and Mornington Peninsular and can provide services to customers in the surrounding areas. With technicians located throughout Melbourne, the Nortan team can reach their customers quicker and have their air conditioning system operating smoothly in no time. Below is an image taken from the Nortan website, which is their Service Map, which shows all the areas they provide services to.

Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating Services Map

Online reviews for Nortan reflect that customers with Nortan rate their experience and customer service satisfaction highly, with reviews found on Google and other sites. The average satisfaction rating across these sites is 4.25 out of 5 stars, which is a great score and similar to some of our top 5 Melbourne -based air conditioning installation companies.

The Nortan team aims to provide the best air conditioning and heating installation and repairs in Melbourne to their customers and it is reflected in the customer testimonials that they receive. Here is an example of a customer testimonial which was found on the Nortan website. The customer relates her positive experience with the company, making mention of amazing level of customer service, technical knowledge and cost effectiveness, she experienced.

Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating Review Customer Testimonial
( Source: https://www.nortan.com.au/testimonials)

The next customer testimonial is from the company’s Google review page. The customer is extremely happy with the customer service he received from the company, making special note of their efficiency and easiness to deal with. Uniquely, our review team acknowledged that the owner of Nortan takes care and pride in acknowledging and answering, most of the customer testimonials the company receives. Whether the customer testimonial is positive or negative, a professional and courteous reply is given to customers, as seen in the testimonial below. This is a credit to the company, and highlights their aim to ensure they provide high quality customer service.

Nortan Review Customer Testimonial 2
Nortan Review Customer Testimonial 3
( Source: https://www.google.com/search

After reviewing customer testimonials for the Nortan company, the Compare Air Conditioning review team found that the Nortan team’s focus is really on problem solving and finding the best solution for their customers. This is one of the company’s qualities that sets them apart from other companies, that being their ability to solve any problem no matter how complex. By this approach, the company generally received outstanding customer reviews and new work referrals

Product Range

Nortan supplies and installs a range of air conditioning products and brands. Daikin and Fujitsu are some of the company’s most recommended brands based on their quality and consistency. The manufacturers’ brands that the company works with, are shown in the images below from the Nortan website.

Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating brands 1
Nortan Review brands 2
Nortan Review brands 3
( Source: https://www.nortan.com.au/contact-us)

Technical expertise and experience

In operation for over 20 years, Nortan is an industry specialist for Melbourne customers seeking air conditioning services. Their experienced and multi-skilled technicians provide installation services and repairs for ducted air conditioning and heating, split systems, gas heaters and evaporative cooling repairs throughout Melbourne.

For expert advice on the best heating or cooling option for homes or businesses, ongoing maintenance and emergency, or specialist repairs, customers can choose Nortan. The team also work with hydronic boiler systems, however generally for new builds only.

Nortan prides itself on having thorough experience across all brands, and is able to service and repair most brands of air conditioners .For customers that are needing a heating or cooling solution for a new construction, existing buildings or extensions, Nortan has design and install solutions and work with builders to deliver excellent results.

Nortan also are experienced in servicing and maintenance, providing 24/7 breakdown and repair service to both their commercial and residential clients. Their highly experienced technicians are reliable and professional and provide customer focused service.

The company prides itself on being certified and registered, including holding a industry required ARC Tick and other industry certifications and licences, as seen in the image from their website below. It is important to have certified and accredited technicians, not only to ensure that a service is provided by experienced and capable team members, but also to ensure that the warranty on the air conditioning system is valid.

Nortan Review ARC Tick

Nortan offers a six year installation warranty on their workmanship and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. When customers purchase an air conditioner from Nortan, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they purchased a quality product and have a long protection guarantee on the installation workmanship.

Nortan Review warranty
( Source: https://www.nortan.com.au/contact-us)

The number of years that the installation warranties covers for our top 5 Melbourne-based air conditioning companies are presented below. Nortan’s installation warranty coverage is similar to most of the other top 5 Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies’ warranties in terms of years of coverage.

Nortan Review warranty graph

In summary, our Nortan review found Nortan to be a very experienced air conditioning installation company in the Melbourne area, offering a full range of air conditioning services, from design to install and servicing and repair, which not all Melbourne-based companies offer the same.

The Nortan company offers a range of great features and qualities which are highly beneficial to their customers. Some of these include a 24/7 breakdown and repair service, good online reviews, strong installation guarantee, a wide geographical service area, great customer service, standard pricing range and high quality installations and services.

Our Nortan review team investigated the company on a number of categories and compared the scores with other Melbourne-based air conditioning companies. Based on Nortan’s performance across a range of categories, the company was ranked as the 3rd top air conditioning installation company in the Melbourne area. Nortan is a company that provides high quality customer service and workmanship, with a very experienced team that get the job done right. Nortan was found to be a great option for all customers in the Melbourne area, who require the design, supply, installation or repair of heating and cooling systems.

Nortan Review comparison graph


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