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Our review of air conditioning installation companies in Melbourne found that overall, Optima currently provides the best value for customers. They have a comprehensive range of products and services, competitive prices, and many years of knowledge and experience. Our Optima review also found they provide a high level of customer service, and are happy to help you select air conditioning installation solutions in Melbourne.

We found in our Optima review that this company consistently performed highly across the majority of categories, making them our top-rated brand in Melbourne.


Compared to other air conditioning installation Melbourne companies, Optima’s prices are very competitive, and are generally lower or equal to other providers. Compared to our top five ranked air conditioning installation companies in Melbourne, Optima tied with one other provider for most cost effective overall. Our Optima review found they don’t offer a price match guarantee, as they find that competitor products and services are not always truly “like for like”. Instead they prefer to give a realistic and competitive quote from the beginning, to avoid “hidden” costs. When conducting our Optima review of Optima, we found that they are considered and consistent in their quotes, know their products and systems, and offer fair prices without needing to price-match or offer dramatic seasonal discounts.

As the graph below demonstrates, Optima rank equal first in terms of cost effectiveness, against our top 5 Melbourne-based companies, rating a strong 4 out of 5.

Quotation system

Compared to other air conditioning installation Melbourne companies, Optima’s quotation system is straightforward and comprehensive. Our Optima review found that this company promptly provide an initial quote via email, subject to confirmation after a free on-site inspection. This is relatively standard industry practice.

The image below is taken from the Optima website. Their online Quick Enquiry form is easy to use and is a speedy way to contact the sales and support team for any question.

The online Optima review form
( Source: https://www.optimaairconditioning.com.au )

Compared to other Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies, our Optima review found that Optima’s quotation turnaround is generally faster than the market average. After submitting their online form, you’ll typically have a response including a quote within 24 hours. This means no waiting around for a belated reply. You’ll probably be able to get a pretty good idea of prices and options within a day of submitting your initial query.

As mentioned above, Optima’s quotes include all costs, included related, “hidden” and additional fees where foreseeable. This means that, pending an on-site inspecting, Optima’s quotes are no-surprises and all-inclusive. If you prefer meeting with a consultant, they are happy to provide a free, on-site inspection and quote based on your particular Melbourne air conditioning installation requirements.


Unlike some other Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies, Optima do not generally provide financing options. Instead, they offer up-front, reliable prices rather than offering special deals. During our Optima review, we found them accommodating of different budgets and individual circumstances related to air conditioning installation Melbourne needs. However, if you require a financing arrangement to pay off the installation over a long period of time, you may need to look elsewhere.

Customer Service

We conducted extensive test calls and enquiries throughout the course of our Optima  Heating and Air Conditioning review, and found their customer service ranked very highly compared to other Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies. In terms of phone interactions and email responses, they are ahead of other similar installation companies. Their representatives respond to queries in a prompt and friendly manner, either immediately or within a couple of hours. Because they are one of the more established Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies (having been around for over 30 years), they are able to use their experience to provide fast and consistent advice on a wider range of products than some of the smaller and/or newer competitors.

Our Optima review team ranked this company very highly when it comes to customer service. With respect to customer service by phone, this company ranked an impressive 8 out of 10, which was the highest score of any Melbourne-based air con installation company. Their score of 9 out of 10 for customer service by email was equally as impressive, and was the equal highest score for customer service in the Melbourne market.

Some highlights of Optima’s customer service offerings include:

  • Optima respond very quickly to email queries. In fact, they tied for fastest response to an initial email request.
  • Their sales representatives have a good understanding of Optima’s products and services. Their manner is polite and helpful, without being pushy.
  • Staff are eager to assist you find solutions to a range of needs and queries – if you still haven’t decided what your best option is, they are happy to talk you through the different air conditioning installation options to determine which works best for you. Staff are especially willing to talk you through a range of alternative options.
  • Optima received a strong customer feedback rating on online reviews, averaging 4.4/5, showing that their existing and prior customers are generally very pleased with the service they have received.

Optima’s response time was outstanding, as our review team found that this Melbourne based company generally acknowledge receipt of an online request and provide a quote following that request within an impressive 6 hours. This was the quickest response time in the Melbourne installation market.

Graph setting out the Optima review response times

As mentioned, Optima are happy to come to you and provide a free on-site quote. That being said, their main stomping-ground is metro Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs, so if you aren’t in this area, there may be some additional factors to consider. Optima Heating and Air Conditioning do service more regional areas, however they charge an additional fee for travel time. Additionally, they are only open during the week, so if you have any issues over the weekend, you may incur an additional call-out fee.

As is clear from the image below, taken from the Melbourne comparison table, our Optima review team ranked this company an impressive 4.3 out of 10, with a ‘fastest’ rating for response time. This ranked them highest for customer service according to our review.

the comparison table of air conditioning installation Melbourne companies

Overall, Optima ranked very highly for customer service compared to other brands, and provide a friendly, helpful and prompt service. Compared to other air conditioning installation companies in Melbourne, their customer service is of a high standard, and their many years of experience really pay off.

Product range

Optima have a good product range compared to other air conditioning installation companies in Melbourne, and are happy to install most brands of air conditioning unit, based on your specific preferences and requirements. That being said, it should be noted that they are a Club Daikin dealer, and for certain installations, such as wall hung split systems, they recommend Daikin. Their reasons for recommending Daikin are that they are Australian (making it easier to repair units and source parts). In their experience, they find Daikin’s products to be reliable, sturdy and durable. Also, in Optima’s experience, Daikin’s air conditioning units are consistently high quality and low maintenance.

The image below, taken from Optima’s website, shows the full list of brands the company is willing to install.

Our Optima review set of brands installed
( Source: https://www.optimaairconditioning.com.au )

Optima are able to install an extensive range of air conditioning systems, including:

  • reverse cycle split systems
  • inverter split systems
  • multi unit split systems
  • ducted heating and cooling, and
  • hydronic boiler systems.

Our Optima review found that there was an impressive willingness to install the product most suited to your needs. This means you can receive support and guidance from a company who are willing to install a range of air conditioning units, and are reasonably familiar with the different features of each brand, enabling them to give skilled and insightful support in deciding on the optimal air conditioner to install.

Technical expertise and experience

Optima have been around for over 30 years. They are an experienced air conditioning installation company in Melbourne. They are happy to help find solutions no matter how unique your requirements are, and are comfortable installing air conditioners for all different types of buildings, including commercial, residential and apartments. That being said, when we were conducting our Optima review, they did note that on occasion they may decide not to install air con in an apartment building. Their reasoning being that if a building already has a relationship with another company, it can be better to stick with that Melbourne air conditioning installation company, if they are already familiar with the requirements of a particular building. Customers should also always keep in mind the need for Owner’s Corporation approval prior to installing an air conditioner in an apartment.

Optima offer a 6-year installation warranty, meaning any issues arising as a result of installation are covered for a long period of time. They also have an ARC tick of approval.

Optima review heating and cooling, side by side options
( Source: https://www.optimaairconditioning.com.au )

Ultimately, we found in our Optima Heating and Air Conditioning review that this company consistently performed highly across the majority of categories, making them our top-rated brand in Melbourne. They have a good range of products, are highly knowledgeable and experience, and willing to go the extra mile in terms of customer service.

Our Optima review team gave this company a holistic overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, and the best value Melbourne-based air conditioning installation company.

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