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Ford & Doonan is a Perth based air conditioning installation company that commenced operating in 1985. It started from only 2 people and extended over the years to 150 employees. With eight branches in Perth and ten branches across Western Australia, Ford & Doonan provide strong customer service and quality products.

The Perth based air conditioning installation company offers commercial and residential installation and repairing services. Our Ford & Doonan review positioned Ford & Doonan as a leading company out of five listed in Perth. While reviewing the company performance our team considered factors relevant to customers, including price, customer service, financing options, professional performance and expertise. Although the price they charge is relatively high, customer service was outstanding. Ford & Doonan trading hours are from Monday to Friday from 8am - 5pm. They do not offer any services on weekend.

Ford & Doonan is a Perth based air conditioning installation company that commenced operating in 1985.


Ford & Doonan is our top-rated air conditioning installation Perth company. Our Ford & Doonan review team found this Perth based air conditioning installation company to be slightly more expensive compared to the other companies in our top five.

That being said, Ford & Doonan are very confident in charging the price for what they offering; quality products and services. The Ford & Doonan review team also found that they do not offer volume discounts for customers who install multiple units throughout their home, however it’s possible to get special project prices for huge apartments blocks but not homes. Unlike other competitors Ford & Doonan does not offer price matching for their customers and they will charge travel time to rural areas.

Our review teams evaluated the relative cost effectiveness of our top 5 Perth-based air conditioning installation companies and the results are displayed in the graph below. Our Ford & Doonan Review gave this company a rating of 3 out of 5 for its overall cost effectiveness, ranking Ford & Doonan in equal third place when compared for this factor to the other businesses in our top 5.

Ford and Doonan review price effectiveness graph

Quotation system

The Perth based air conditioning installation company Ford & Doonan provide free quotes, either online, over the phone or on-site. It’s an easy application process and initial response happened within 24 hours and quote has been given within 24 hours too.

The given quote covered the cost of the air conditioner unit and installation, however they did not give individual pricing breakdown.

The image below is of Ford & Doonan’s online quotation form, which can be used by customers to request a quote for the installation of an air conditioning system. By simply selecting a box on the form a person can choose to provide additional relevant information, such as a copy of the floor plan and the type of system being considered. The form’s clear layout makes the enquiry process simple and quick to complete, serving as an effective form of communication between a potential customer and Ford & Doonan staff.

Ford and Doonan review online form
( Source: https://fordanddoonan.com.au/ )


The Perth based air conditioning installation company Ford & Doonan offers financing options up to 36-months interest free.

So, if you are older than 18 years old, are an Australian permanent resident, earn above $25,000+ per annual and have a clear credit history, you may be eligible.

If you don’t meet the criteria, alternative payment option such as Lombard 180 card is another way to repay your bill. Customers will be able to arrange flexible up to 6 month instalments plan which suits their needs and lifestyle.

Ford & Doonan provide customers with finance options, as illustrated in the image below from the company’s website. This is a flexible repayment plan through a Lombard 180 card, which offers customers 6 months interest free on purchases of $250 or more. By providing customers with the finance option of paying the total amount in a series of more manageable repayments, customers will not have to delay the purchase of an air conditioning system due to financial reasons. Another benefit of a Lombard 180 card is that the process for checking eligibility and completing the application can be easily done online, and approval can be confirmed very quickly in response. The website offers finance options with up to 36 months interest free, so you may be able to access longer interest free periods depending on the promotion and offering available at the time.

Finance options from our Ford and Doonan review


( Source: https://fordanddoonan.com.au/ )

Customer Service

As part of Ford & Doonan review, our team have spoken with them over the phone a number of times, and found them to be polite, helpful and knowledgeable, professional and confident from receptionist to technician and sales team. Although they are not the cheapest option, their customer services was exceptional as well as after sales service. There is no problem that can’t be sorted no matter how big or small. This places Ford & Doonan above the other competitor companies in Perth.

The graph below displays how our Ford & Doonan Review rated the Perth-based company based on customer service delivered through the phone and via email, and how these ratings compare to the other companies in our top 5. Our Ford & Doonan Review gave this company a rating of 8 out of 10 for the strong customer service delivered when responding to enquiries over the phone, and an impressive result of 9 out of 10 for the outstanding customer service shown via email correspondence. When these ratings are viewed in comparison to those of our other Perth-based companies, these results rank Ford & Doonan in equal first place for customer service performance through phone communication and first place for customer service delivered by email.

Ford and Doonan review customer service ratings

The Perth based air conditioning installation company Ford & Doonan has won the Rising Star Award, Master Builder Association Best Customer Service Award for both 2017 and 2016 and HIA customer service award. Our Ford & Doonan review team found that this company generally receives good reviews through True Local and Google.

The response rates of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies to an online request for a quote is set out in the graph below. Ford & Doonan generally takes 6 to 24 hours to acknowledge an online request for a quote, which is the equal second quickest response to an initial request relative to the responses of our other air conditioning companies. When it comes to providing its customers with a quote, Ford & Doonan generally respond within the same time frame, ranking this company in first place when compared to the times it took the other companies in our top 5 to provide quotes to their customers.

Ford and Doonan review response times

As with most air conditioning installation Perth companies, they provide 12-month installation warranty and typically 5-year manufacturer warranty. Customers have an option to extend their warranty to 7 years.

The image below, cropped from the larger Perth Comparison Table found on the Compare Air Conditioning website, compares our top 5 Perth-based companies on the factors of customer service and time taken to respond to customer enquiries. Our Ford & Doonan Review gave this company a rating of 4.2 out of 5 for the high level of customer service displayed, which ranks Ford & Doonan in first place when compared for this factor to the other companies in our top 5. Our review team rated Ford & Doonan as having a “fast” rate of response to customer requests, ranking this company in equal second position in comparison to the response times of our other Perth-based companies.

Overall customer service from Ford and Doonan review

Ford & Doonan’s strong ratings displayed in the graphs and images above seem to accurately reflect the impressions expressed by Ford & Doonan’s customers, as seen in the customer testimonial below. It was not only our review team that was impressed by this Perth-based company – our Ford & Doonan Review’s high praise is echoed in this customer testimonial (as well as in others on this company’s website), particularly noting the customer service satisfaction, quality workmanship and value for money

Ford and Doonan review customer testimonial
( Source: https://fordanddoonan.com.au/ )

Product range

Ford & Doonan is a Perth based air conditioning installation company stock a range of products manufactured by industry leaders such as: Hitachi, Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Actronair, Samsung and Temperzone.

Ford & Doonan are offers to install an extensive range of air conditioning system, including:

  • Split system air conditioning (reverse, inverter, multi)
  • Ducted air conditioning heating and cooling
  • Evaporative air conditioning

The Ford & Doonan review team found that Ford & Doonan install both residential and commercial air conditioning units and systems.

They offer climate control for established homes and apartments and If you’re building a new home they offer a complete package from designing the system though installing and providing after sales customer support.

As a part of Ford & Doonan review process our team also looked at additional products offered by Ford & Doonan and offers a number unique products.

For example, this air conditioning installation Perth company offers a product known as an AirTouch 3, which is a smart air control system that allows customers to control their air conditioning system remotely from personal devices such as smartphones or tablets with the AirTouch app.

On its website, Ford & Doonan assure potential customers that it only stocks and installs brands that it believes offer first-rate top quality products. The image below displays some of these industry-leading air conditioning brands that are endorsed by Ford & Doonan.

Air conditioning installation Perth companies brands
( Source: https://fordanddoonan.com.au/ )

Technical expertise and experience

Ford & Doonan has been in the industry for over 30 years. They have very consistent and impressive history of success and have a qualified and experienced team. This Perth based air conditioning installation company tries where possible to tailor their solution for the home and requirements of the customer.

After considering a multiple factors our Ford & Doonan review team positioned this company as a current leader in installing air conditioning in Perth.

Perth based air conditioning installation company Ford & Doonan is not the cheapest option but definitely one of the best options given their outstanding customer service performance, after sales support and technical expertise. They definitely exceeded our expectations by given us a comprehensive quote included current promotions and financing options.

The image below shows some of the many industry awards that Ford & Doonan have received, including the coveted MBA Customer Service Award. These esteemed industry honours are testament to Ford & Doonan’s status as a leader in the Perth-based air conditioning installation market.

Ford and Doonan review additional image
( Source: https://fordanddoonan.com.au/ )

As a part of Ford & Doonan review our team had an excellent experience by being provided with direct contact number of the person who gave us an initial quote thus he always was there to answer the following up questions.

Below is the final row of our Perth Comparison Table where, having taken into consideration how Ford & Doonan rated on a number of relevant factors, our review team awarded the Perth-based company a Compare Air Conditioning Rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. This near-perfect score for overall performance places Ford & Doonan in the highly coveted position of equal first place, when compared to the Compare Air Conditioning Ratings of the other leading air conditioning installation companies in our Perth-based top 5.

Ford and Doonan review star rating

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