Frost Air Review

Frost Air is one of the most experienced air conditioning supply, installation and repairs specialists in the Sydney area. Established in 1971, the company provides sales, installation, repair and maintenance for domestic, commercial and government customers. Frost Air has a broad customer base and is renowned as one of the largest Australian privately owned air conditioning specialists. They offer installation of ducted and split system air conditioning systems, as well as maintenance and a 24 hour emergency breakdown repair service. In our Frost Air review, Frost Air was rated as being just outside our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies, based on a range of factors considered important to a company’s success.
The services and options offered by Frost Air have obviously been refined and tailored to suit the Sydney market and are based on their extensive experience in the industry. Some of the great services and features offered by Frost Air include a 24 hour emergency breakdown service, online warranty claim form, a formal financing option and a great online special promotions page. Frost Air’s 24 hour breakdown service is for all air conditioning emergencies, with their qualified and licensed technicians aiming to respond immediately to all service requests. The warranty page gives customers detailed information about the warranty process and an online warranty claim form. Frost Air offers their customers an established interest free finance option, with Skye Mastercard as a way to help customers to make a major air conditioning purchase. Frost Air has amazing specials and promotions on their promotions page, some which are the company’s own deals and air conditioning manufacturer’s promotions.
Frost Air also prides themselves on providing a high quality of workmanship and customer service, They also offer services at a standard industry pricing, providing cost effectiveness for their customers. Their website states that Frost Air is dedicated to upholding a commitment to excellence and maintaining a high standard of quality work at competitive prices. They also believe they are one of the market leaders in air conditioning, due to their innovative and technologically advanced products and services.
Being a well established and larger company, Frost Air has the resources and know how to take on many different types of air conditioning projects. They have a huge staff base, with over 50 professional staff members, who are able to undertake all forms of commercial and domestic sales, service, maintenance and installation. They also have 20 service vehicles with technicians, to assist with any warranty breakdowns and general service work. They have an immediate supply of air conditioning products at hand. Frost Air also has many different departmental teams to handle the each customer’s needs, including professional installation teams and an installation manager and co-ordinator in the office to handle any customer queries regarding installation. The company and its team handle over 600 ducted air conditioners and 1500 split systems installations per year, which reflects their wide experience and high level of technical skills and abilities. All Frost Air technicians have fully equipped vehicles and can usually respond immediately to undertake service and installation work for all air conditioning, refrigeration, evaporative cooler, mechanical ventilation and cooling tower equipment.
Frost Air however does not offer weekend availability for on-site quotes or installation. They also do not install any air conditioning units which have not been purchased from Frost Air.
The Frost Air review found that the company has received high online customer review and testimonials, on Google, Facebook and TrueLocal sites, which are testaments to the level of service and quality of work provided by Frost Air. They are located in the Hills District and service the Sydney metropolitan area.

Frost Air is also great option for customers wanting knowledgeable staff, friendly customer service and affordable and flexible pricing.


Our Frost Air review found the company offers affordable pricing on their brands and service. They work with some of the leading air conditioning brands, with pricing based on the unit price and service. The Frost Air review found their pricing to be competitive and generally on par with standard market prices for the Sydney area.

It is important for customers to note that the company’s websites specials page offers packages of air conditioners with installation. The pricing given are the starting prices for the purchase and installation of the air conditioning product, so the price may change after an onsite inspection. Also the current package promotions are only for installations in single storey homes, not apartments or townhouse style dwellings. As with most air conditioning installation companies, it is best to have a free onsite quote conducted to be certain of the expected costing and installation requirements, before making a decision.

Frost Air advertise special offers and promotions on their website, via the specials page. The promotions and specials are Frost Air company deals as well as special offers from air conditioning manufacturers. If there is a promotion on a specific brand, at the time a customer is looking into an air conditioning system, they can check online or ask one of the Frost Air team. The customer can access and redeem the promotion themselves or the Frost Air team are happy to assist them.

Frost Air is open to offering their customers volume discounts and price matching of competitor’s quotes. The company may be able offer volume discounts for customers purchasing three or more units at a time, however only after all costs are taken into consideration. Also the company offers price matching to the best of their ability and advertise this fact on their website.

This Sydney-based air conditioning installation company was found to have competitive and affordable pricing, with matching the price ratings of 3 of our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies, as seen in the graph below. Frost Air appears to have affordable and reasonable pricing, receiving a rating of 3 out 5 overall for their cost effectiveness. This result is comparable to the Air Con Guys, Relevant Air and Endeavour Air, 3 of our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies.

Frost Air Review cost effectiveness graph

Quotation system

At Frost Air, a customer can receive a quote either over the phone, via email or through the company’s online form. They offer basic initial quotes and special package option as well as providing comprehensive quotes, with a breakdown of charges to their customers after an in-home appraisal.

Quotes can be requested via the Frost Air website, where there is an online quote request form, as seen partly in the image below. The Frost Air review found this company’s online quotation form to be similar in comparison to the forms found on the websites of the other air conditioning installation companies in our Sydney-based top 5. The form is easy to fill out, with drop down box answers as well as room for a message from the customer.

Frost Air Review online form
( Source: https://www.frostair.com.au/contact/ )

As with most other Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies, our Frost Air review recommends following up any email correspondence with a phone call to ensure that it was received. Also when using the Frost Air quote online form, a phone call would be beneficial to confirm the booking or service request for the scheduled day and time.
Frost Air endeavours to provide a cost effective value for money quotes up front, with their company slogan saying “Allow us to beat any genuine written quote, as in the image from their website below. Customers can use the “Quick Enquiry” button, which directs them to the quote request form or they can contact by phone an air conditioning consultant or the sales department in the Frost Air office, for a price match consideration.

Frost Air Review price comparison
( Source: https://www.frostair.com.au/about-us/ )


Frost Air has an established formal financing option for their customers, with a third party lending company, Skye. This interest free finance option is highly beneficial for Frost Air customers, with not many other Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies offering the same. The finance company offers a Skye Mastercard, with up to 6 months interest free which can be applied for online or the Frost Air sales team are happy to help you in store. Applicants are given instant approval and the Mastercard can be used to purchase any brand of air conditioning, giving customers freedom of choice and easing the financial pressure that can come when making a major purchase.

The Frost Air review team found that the Frost Air staff members were helpful when discussing the finance option and process over the phone. The interest free finance option allows customers to pay in instalments over a period of time and without interest. By providing the option of an interest free payment plan, through Skye Mastercard, Frost Air are helping some customers to have an option to purchase, which may have not been possible otherwise. There may be the extra fees (required for establishing and managing the account and processing payments), so customers should read all the terms and conditions before applying and making a purchase. Our Frost Air review team were very impressed by the finance option for Frost Air customers, as well as the easy application process, interest free terms and immediate approval.

The image below shows the advertisement for Skye finance on the Frost Air website. Under the “Skye Finance” tab on the Frost Air website customers can find all about the finance company, with a link to apply and the terms and conditions.

Frost Air Review financing
( Source: https://www.frostair.com.au/skye-finance/ )

Customer Service

Our Frost Air review rated this Sydney-based air conditioning installation company highly on their level of customer service. They are helpful and friendly and provide genuine and informative responses to questions, even on an initial phone enquiry. Customers are able to choose to speak with different departments within the Frost Air company, by selecting the department they wish to speak to at the start of the call. Frost Air have a standard level of response times to online and email enquiries regarding requests for a quote. The team members seemed very knowledgeable with a comprehensive understanding of the air conditioning industry as well as experience.

Our Frost Air review team investigated the customer service performances of the Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies, focusing on two main means of customer communication – email and phone – with their findings displayed in the graph below. Our Frost Air review rated this Sydney-based company with average scores in both modes of contact; scoring Frost Air 7 out of 10 for their customer service by phone, and 6 out of 10 for their response to customer email inquiries. These two scores ranked Frost Air comparable to another air conditioning installation company, AirOMania in their customer service by email and similar to Endeavour Air in the customer service by phone. The Frost Air customer services rating were generally lower than our top 5 air companies installation companies in the Sydney area.

Frost Air Review Customer Service Graph

Frost Air established good and friendly rapport with customers by phone on every call. Phone calls are generally answered or put through to knowledgeable team members who can answer technical questions, which help the customer understand their own needs and the best product that suits for their situation. The staff members at Frost Air are friendly and professional from the first point of contact, whether by phone or online. Each staff member that our Frost Air review team spoke with showed professionalism and friendliness as well as patience and politeness to customer inquiries and questions.

The graph below compares our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies on their response times: specifically, at what rate they generally respond to a customer’s initial email request, and how long it normally takes to respond with a prepared quote. Our Frost Air review found that the Sydney-based company were average in their response times, generally responding within 24 hours after receiving an email request and taking longer to provide customers with a quote, generally after 4 days. As seen in the graph below, these response times are comparable and similar to some of the top 5 Sydney-based installation companies.

Frost Air Review Response Times Graph

Our Frost Air review gave the Perth-based company a high score of 3.25 out of 5 for its overall customer service performance, a slightly lower result in comparison to the other air conditioning installation companies being compared in our Sydney-based top 5; however still a competitive and solid score.

Frost Air is located in the Hills District of Sydney, and services the Sydney metropolitan area. The company also only offers a 5 day business operation, with no services on the weekend.

Online reviews for Frost Air show customers with Frost Air consistently rate their experience and service satisfaction highly, with reviews on Google, True Local and Facebook. Their average satisfaction rating across these sites was an impressive 4.2 out of 5 stars, Frost Air’s strong satisfaction rating is comparable to some of our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies.

The customer testimonials presented below, from the Google Review website that Frost Air has received. In these testimonials, the customers are clearly impressed by their experiences with the company and their installation, making specific note of its high standard of workmanship, timeliness, cost effectiveness and customer service.

Frost Air Review customer testimonial 1
( Source: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=frost+air&oq=frost+air&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60l3j0l2.3747j1j9&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x6b12a195cabec373:0x3072e126648ee63,1,,, )

Product range

Our Frost Air review found that the company supply and install high quality and energy efficient systems from leading brands such as Daikin and Fujitsu. The image below shows the product categories as listed on the Frost Air website, listing the major air conditioning brands they sell and install.

Frost Air can supply and install leading brands air conditioners into residential, commercial or government spaces, also specializing in new buildings custom designs. Frost Air stands behind the brands they install as they consider them not only to be some of the best air conditioners available in Australia, but also energy efficient and value for money.

Frost Air Review brands
( Source: https://www.frostair.com.au/ )

Technical expertise and experience

Frost Air is a well established and reputable air conditioning installation company in the Sydney area. Their experience and knowledge is evident in the range of services they offer to residential, commercial and government clients. It is important to note however that Frost Air does not offer all types of heating and cooling solutions, like hydronic and steam boiler systems. However, the impressive features and services offered by Frost Air are hard to miss and reflect the company’s understanding of the Sydney air conditioning industry and their customer needs.

Special offers and promotions can be seen on the Frost Air website, using the “Specials” tab. Frost Air offers both their own special price packages as well as manufacturers promotions and deals. Frost Air also use their Facebook page to post details about up and coming special offers for their customers. Below is an example, from the Frost Air website of a manufacturer’s promotion that is currently running.

Special Promotions Offers Frost Air review
( Source: https://www.frostair.com.au/specials/)

Our Frost Air review found that Frost Air offers a comprehensive warranty program. They offer the standard 5 years manufacturer’s warranty, as well as a 5 year installation warranty guarantee. In addition, customers are able to submit a warranty claim online, using the tab as shown in the image below. There is also detailed information on the Frost Air website in regards to the warranty coverage and things to check before submitting a claim.

Frost Air warranty request form
( Source: https://www.frostair.com.au/warranty-request-form/)


The number of years that the installation warranties covers for our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning companies are presented below. Frost Air‘s installation warranty coverage is comparable to 3 of the top 5 Sydney air conditioning installation companies warranties in terms of years of coverage. The Frost Air team note that installation issues usually arise very soon after installation.

Frost Air Installation Guarantee Graph

The Frost Air team are fully licensed, certified and fully insured, with Frost Air being an approved NSW Government Supplier for Air Conditioning works up to $1 Million under Scheme (Id: SCM0256). Frost Air has also received awards for being the top air conditioner dealer in NSW, receiving the LG NSW Dealer of the Year for 2015, 2016 and 2018 and the Fujitsu NSW Dealer of the Year for 2015.

In summary, our Frost Air review found that Frost Air is a solid and great option for customers in the Sydney area who are looking for air conditioning installation. Frost Air is a larger sized company with a lot to offer, with a warranty claim page, a great financing option and a 24 hour emergency breakdown repair service. Frost Air is also great option for customers wanting knowledgeable staff, friendly customer service and affordable and flexible pricing.

The company also has consistent ratings and customer reviews online, with our Frost Air review finding them a great option for customers and rated them just outside the top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies.

Our Frost Air review considered a comprehensive range of factors associated with making an air conditioning installation company successful. These factors were assessed and the results compared against other Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies. Our Frost Air review gave this company an overall Compare Air Conditioning Rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars; placing them just outside the top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies.

Compare Air Con comparison table for Frost Air

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