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AlphaCool is a locally owned and operated air conditioning installation company, which provides all year around service to customers in the Townsville area. AlphaCool and their staff are fully qualified to offer air conditioning installation service, maintenance and repairs for either the home or business. The company offering three service location in North Queeensland, including Townsville, Cairns and Port Douglas. AlphaCool is a large and well established company, who is a recent newcomer to the market, since 2011. Our AlphaCool review rated AlphaCool as being just outside our top 5 Townsville-based air conditioning installation companies. The review team assessed a range of factors considered fundamental to a company’s success and compared them with other Townsville-based air conditioning installation companies.

AlphaCool has a central phone number system for all service locations, which allows customers to choose to be directed to either sales or to book a job. Customers are directed to central department and then to the closest and best suited service office. The AlphaCool team offers a wide range of staff including highly skilled technicians and installers and the company prides itself on installing leading spilt system and ducted air conditioner brands. They also offer prompt and reliable service, free onsite quotes and great level of customer care and support. They also offer the installation, repair and servicing of ducted and split system air conditioning systems.

AlphaCool not only provides air conditioning services but also cool room hire and electrical contractors services. The company offers mainly cooling air conditioning solutions due to climate conditions, supplying and installing split systems, reverse cycle, window air conditioners and ducted systems. They offer a complete air conditioning service from design, installation to repair and maintenance.

The AlphaCool review found this reputable company provides services and features, which are not common to some of the top 5 Townville-based air conditioning installation companies. AlphaCool is an authorised distributor and installer of Daikin air conditioning systems, however can supply any brand required by the customers. The company provides tailored air conditioning solutions by qualified technicians, 24 hour emergency repair service, and regular maintenance services to keep systems in tip-top condition. The AlphaCool team can give expert advice and assistance in finding the right system for a customer’s needs and budget. The company offers weekend availability for repair service and installations, as well as services to customers outside of the city of Townsville. Please note that travel costs to areas outside of Townsville city may incur travel costs.

The AlphaCool team found that the company offers a higher than average pricing on their services, than other installation companies in the Townsville area. The company is also inflexible in their pricing, not offering further discounts such as price matching of competitor’s quotes or volume discounts as not standard practise.

The AlphaCool review also found the company has received highly rated online customer reviews and testimonials on online platforms. Customers have detailed their mainly positive experiences with the AlphaCool company, in regards their technical service, workmanship and customer service standards.

AlphaCool and their staff are fully qualified to offer air conditioning installation service, maintenance and repairs for either the home or business.


AlphaCool is a larger air conditioning company located in North Queensland, which was found to have a median price range when compared with the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Townsville area. The AlphaCool review found their pricing to be slightly higher than other air conditioning companies in the Townsville area, however this may be due to the fact that they prefer and supply Daikin brands of air conditioners, which are known for thier quality and generally come with a higher price range than other air conditioning brands. As with most air conditioning installation companies, it is best to have a free onsite quote conducted as to be more certain of the expected costing and installation requirements, before making a decision.

AlphaCool does not advertise special offers and promotions on their website or Facebook page, which is uncommon as generally most air conditioning installation companies in the Townsville area will advertise special offers. The company was also found to be also inflexible on offering further discounts in their pricing such as volume discounts and price matching. These pricing discounts are not standard practise, however our review team found at times that the AlphaCool sales team can negotiate on price, however this is on a case to case basis and at the discretion of the AlphaCool management.

This Townsville-based air conditioning installation company was found to have very slightly higher than average pricing on their service than our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Townsville area. The graph below ranks the cost effectiveness of each of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Townsville area. AlphaCool was given a 3 out of 5 for their general cost effectiveness, placing them in a similar position to one of the top 5 companies, however lower in cost effectiveness than the rest of the top 5.

AlphaCool Cooling Review Cost Effectiveness Graph

Quotation system

Customers can call the AlphaCool team on a 1300 number, for a quote on their services or to book a free consultation, or for air conditioning installation. The company can also be contacted by their central email address or customers can submit a request or inquiry via the contact page on their website. Again it is important to note, that quotes are subject to change based on a free onsite assessment and this is standard practise for most Townsville-based air installation companies.

Quotes by phone can be requested through a central 1300 number, which is the central number for all of the AlphaCool service depots. Quotes over the phone are of a general nature and the pricing is subject to change. The website also lists all of the company’s locations, with addresses and direct contact numbers. The AlphaCool review team found the phone to be the fastest way to receive a basic quote.

Quotes can also be requested via the AlphaCool website, where there is an online contact form. The online form is simplistic in nature and quick and easy to fill out, as seen in the image below.

AlphaCool Review Quotation
( Source: https://alphacool.com.au/)

Our AlphaCool review team found that the business provides potential clients with fairly basic quotes that are easy to understand. All quotes provided were found to cover all the relevant information and the team at AlphaCool are able to discuss further specifics and details if required.

Through the initial quotes process at AlphaCool can be timely, the company’s quotes team come across as knowledgeable and eager to help with finding the best solution for their clients specific needs.

As with most air conditioning installation companies, it is recommended to follow up any email correspondence or request for a quote with a phone call. The phone call ensures that the email request was received and may possibly help the customer receive a response more quickly.


Through the review process, AlphaCool was found to not offer financing options to their customers. The company generally follow a two-part payment system whereupon a 50% deposit is required before work commences and the remaining amount paid on the day of service. Further details about payment and workmanship price points can be discussed further during the quotation process with the AlphaCool team. Our review noted the company are more than happy to negotiate prices and installation options based on the consumers’ needs.

Customer Service

Our AlphaCool review rated this Townsvulle-based air conditioning installation company highly on their level of customer service. They are friendly and professional and are able and willing to provide genuine and informative responses to questions, even on an initial phone enquiry. Customers are able to speak with an expert who can answer technical questions throughout the customer experience; however their response times are slow to online enquiries regarding quotes. The AlphaCool review team found the quickest way to obtain a quote was by phone with this company. Calls to the central 1300 numbers, are answered by a central service department staff member, who can give quotes over the phone or can redirect the call to a AlphaCool Service location, in the customers area. Answers given by team members both over the phone and via email show that they have a very knowledgeable and comprehensive understanding of the air conditioning industry.

Our AlphaCool review found that this Townsville-based air conditioning installation company provided their customers with high levels of service through their interactions. Even though email response time were slower than expected for a larger company, our review team were able to quickly receive a quote via phone.

Our AlphaCool review team found the staff at the Townsville-based company come across as polite, eager to help and very professional. They are extremely knowledgeable and able to answer and explain technical questions in a clear manner. Additionally, the company’s website is easy to navigate and offers AlphaCool’s clients an initial reference point for business enquires and information.
The graph below demonstrates the overall customer service satisfaction rankings of our top 5 installation companies in terms of their service via email and phone interactions. As the graph shows, AlphaCool received a 7.5 out of 10 for their customer service by phone and 6.5 out of 10 for their email customer service satisfaction, when compared to our other top 5 Cairns based air conditioning installation companies.

The customer service rating for phone service ranked AlphaCool higher than 3 of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies and slightly lower than 2 of the other top 5. In the customer service by email, AlphaCool was found to have a rating similar to one of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies RowanAir as well as being higher than another company and slightly slower than the rest of the top 5 companies.

AlphaCool Review Customer Service Graph

In the AlphaCool review, phone calls were generally answered or transferred to particular departments to help customers with their inquiries. The team members were found be very helpful, friendly and able to answer technical question. The AlphaCool team were found to be friendly, accommodating and professional from the first point of contact, whether by phone or online. Each staff member that our AlphaCool review team spoke with showed professionalism and friendliness as well as patience and politeness with customer inquiries and questions.

The graph below compares our top 5 Townsville-based air conditioning installation companies on their email response times. Firstly, how long it generally takes to respond to a customer’s initial email request, and secondly, how long it normally takes to email back a prepared quote. Our AlphaCool review found that the Townsville-based company were slow in both response categories, with their initial response time to an email request and response rate in providing customers with a quote on average took between 2- 4 days. These ratings reflected that AlphaCool was similar to two fo the top 5 companies in response to an initial email and slower than two fo the other top 5 companies. In the response rating for an email quote request AlphaCool was found to be similar to one of the top 5 companies and faster that two other top 5 air conditioning companies.

AlphaCool Review Response Times Graph

Our AlphaCool review gave the Townsville-based company a great score of 3.5 out of 5 for its overall customer service performance, a great result which is higher than three of the top 5 companies, reflecting a competitive and solid customer service standard.

AlphaCool has 3 service office locations in North Queensland, in Townsville, Cairns and Port Douglas. AlphaCool services the city of Townsville and can provide services in regional areas if it is a larger job. It is important to note, that rural areas and locations outside of the metropolitan area may incur additional costs due to travel costs and time.

Online reviews for AlphaCool show customers with AlphaCool rate their experience and customer service satisfaction highly, with reviews on Local Search, One Flare and Facebook. The average satisfaction rating across these sites is 4.3 out of 5 stars, which is a strong and comparable score to our top 5 Townsville-based air conditioning installation companies.

The customer testimonials presented below, are from the company’s website and one from a online page. The customer testimonial below is from the company’s website page, with the customer commenting on her positive experience with the company. The customer makes mention of the impressive customer service and workmanship she received.

AlphaCool Review Customer Testimonials 1
( Source: https://alphacool.com.au/our-products/)

The next customer testimonial is from the Local Search website with the customer scoring the company 5 out of 5 stars and commenting on the true and honest service and will use the service again.

AlphaCool Review Customer Testimonials 1
( Source: https://www.localsearch.com.au/profile/alpha-cool/townsville-qld/yWYH)

Product range

Our AlphaCool review found that the company is an authorised distributor and installer of Daikin air conditioning systems but the company can provide any brand of air conditioner that the customers chooses. AlphaCool offers an extensive ranges of brands and products in the region, include Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, ActionAir, TemperZone, Panasonic and Fujitsu.

The first image below, taken from AlphaCool’s website gives an example of some of the domestic air conditioning manufacturers, that the company works with. The second image shows the commercial brands that AlphaCool supplies and installs.

AlphaCool Review Brands
( Source: https://alphacool.com.au/our-products/)
AlphaCool Review Brands 2
( Source: https://alphacool.com.au/our-products/)

Technical expertise and experience

AlphaCool has a team of skilled technicians are equally comfortable conducting a domestic air conditioner repair and service as they are when working on commercial installations and maintenance projects. AlphaCool believes having an infrastructure of highly skilled professionals and suppliers has been paramount when supporting extensive development plans for clients. Their large demographical spread allows the company to regularly use local resources, keeping the cost of travel and deliveries at a minimum. These significant savings are routinely passed onto the client.

The company’s strategic planning, design and administration support operates from the head office in Cairns, where the care team that supports the service location, such as Townsville and Port Douglas based teams, undertaking all the administration and procurement duties.

AlphaCool has a fully qualified team who are able to undertake a variety of air conditioning services. The image below from the AlphaCool shows the areas that the team are qualified to offer services in.

AlphaCool in various fields
( Source: https://alphacool.com.au/)

AlphaCool offers an impressive 1 year installation warranty and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. The number of years that the installation warranties covers for our top 5 Townsville-based air conditioning companies are presented below. AlphaCool‘s installation warranty coverage is comparable to 1 of the top 5 Townsville air conditioning installation companies warranties in terms of years of coverage.

AlphaCool Warranty Graph

The AlphaCool technicians are fully certified and insured and pride themselves on creating great service and quality workmanship in air conditioning solutions for homes and businesses. The company like most Townsville-based air conditioning companies, possesses the air conditioning industry certification of a ARC tick.

In summary, our AlphaCool review found that AlphaCool is a well-established, reputable and experienced air conditioning installation company in the Townsville area, with a high level of customer service standards, an authorised distributor and installer of Daikin, 24 hour emergency repair service and full air conditioning services and affordable pricing. The AlphaCool team offers customers basic quotes over the phone and more exact and detailed quotes after an in-home appraisal. The company however was found to have a more expensive price range, inflexible pricing and slow email response times.

The AlphaCool company also has received some consistently high and impressive customer testimonials both on their website as well as on multiple other online platforms, which shows AlphaCool is rated and recommended highly by its customers. Our AlphaCool review team rated AlphaCool as being outside the top 5 Townsville-based air conditioning installation companies; however found the company to be a great option for customers in Townsville, who require installation of ducted and split system air conditioning split systems.

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