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Teknicool is a Sydney-based air conditioning installation company which provides superior residential and commercial air conditioning services for both domestic and commercial customers. Operating since 2005, Teknicool strives to give customers the best solutions for their air conditioning needs, specialising in installations for ducted, multi and split systems. The company deals with only top quality, efficient air conditioning brands and can provide custom solutions for homes or larger air conditioning systems for commercial properties. Teknicool prides itself on having built a solid reputation for the Sydney market, by providing quality air conditioning solutions at affordable prices. The company offers installation, maintenance and repair services, with each project undertaken by Teknicool is complete with a service that strives to be efficient, economical and environment friendly. All work conducted by the Teknicool staff is 100% guaranteed, with up to date licenses and a fully insured installation team, to give customers that piece of mind.
A review of Teknicool was conducted by our Teknicool Air review team, focusing on a number of factors considered essential to a successful air conditioning company, like cost effectiveness, customer service and technical expertise. The results from this review placed Teknicool just outside of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Sydney area.
The Teknicool review found that this Sydney-based installation company provides a number of great services and features. One such feature is a sizing calculator on the website, which gives customers an approximation of what capacity air conditioning unit they may need. The calculator redirects to an outside third party page as at this link: https://apps.ergon.com.au/calculators/airconditioner.aspx. In addition, Teknicool offer air conditioning packages which include installation on their specials page, with also details of pricing ranges for different brands of air conditioners. By providing this information, customers are aware of the pricing and can compare against other quotes they may have received, before contacting Teknicool. This style of upfront pricing reflects a genuine and honest pricing philosophy. They also detail on their website the reasons why an installation of an air conditioner may be hit with additional costs, examples of individual installation requirements. They also offer weekend availability for in-home quote appraisals or air conditioning installation, which is highly favourable for customers that work during the week.
Many air conditioning customers rely on quality services and products that come with affordable pricing. Teknicool also have a dedicated special page for Teknicool’s own promotions such as air conditioning installation packages and cash back offers. They are also open to pricing matching and will offer volume discounts. They are happy to discuss and compare competitor’s quotes and negotiate a discount when buying and installing multiple units. These pricing options are on a case to case basis and at the discretion of Teknicool management.
Located in Condell Park, the company services the Western Suburbs, Blue Mountains, Northern Suburbs area as well as the Inner West and South Western areas of Sydney. The Teknicool team are happy to consider other areas outside of this range, at customer’s requests.
Teknicool however does not offer all types of heating and cooling solutions, like hydronic and steam boiler systems. They also have slower than average response times to emails and online inquiries, than the other top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies. Teknicool does not also have an in-house finance option or payment plan for customers, so full payment is required by the day of installation.
The Teknicool review found the company has received very high online customer review and testimonials, both found on their own website and on other online platforms like Google. Google reviews show an impressive 5 out 5 star ratings for the Teknicool company. Customers rate their experience highly with their testimonials describing positive feedback regarding Teknicool’s high level of technical and customer service standards.

Teknicool prides itself on having built a solid reputation for the Sydney market, by providing quality air conditioning solutions at affordable prices.


Our Teknicool review found this Sydney-based air conditioning installation company to be competitive and affordable on price. They offer competitive rates on installation of top quality air conditioning units, like Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric and their pricing are generally comparable or lower than the average market prices. Their upfront installation packages and price ranges for products with installation, which is advertised on their website, reflects genuine and honest pricing.

The Teknicool team prides themselves on providing quality systems and genuine spare parts at competitive prices, whilst trying catering to every customers budget. The company offers upfront and honest pricing and note on their website that installation costs may changes from the package amount due to installation requirements. Installation requirements may vary depending on the layout, location and structure of a customer’s house, which may result in some additional costs.
The Teknicool team are also open to price matching and offering their customers volume discounts. Their website confidently states that “We will certainly beat any genuine written quote that is being offered by a competitor”.

The graph below compares our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies on the factor of cost effectiveness, with the results displayed in the graph below. Our review team found that Teknicool very reasonable and affordable pricing and therefore gave them a rating of 4 out of 5 for overall cost effectiveness. This is a great result when compared to the cost effectiveness of our other top 5 Sydney-based companies. This score matches 1 of our top 5 Sydney installation companies and rates higher than 3 of the other companies in the top 5. This rating demonstrates that Teknicool has competitive and affordable pricing, which makes the company great on cost effectiveness and good value for money for their customers.

Teknicool Review cost effectiveness graph

Quotation system

At Teknicool, a customer can receive a quote either over the phone, through their email address or through their online forms. Quotes over the phone and email are of a general nature, being more of an estimate, as the company prefers to complete a free in-home appraisal before providing a detailed quote with cost breakdown.

The Teknicool review found customers can receive basic simple quotes over the phone or via email, with phone being the quickest method to receive a quote. Email response times are quite slow in comparison to other top 5 Sydney air conditioning installation companies. Again, for customers who require a detailed quote, the Teknicool team prefer to conduct a free in-home appraisal, in which the team are more than happy to do.

The company’s online quote form is simple and easy for customers to use, as seen partly in the image below. It is a basic form with personal details and space for a message. It is important to note, like with most Sydney-based air conditioning companies, the initial quotes are subject to change, based on a more comprehensive in-home appraisal.

Teknicool Review online form 1
( Source: https://www.teknicoolairconditioning.com.au/ )

Teknicool website also has a simple contact online form, which is exactly like the quote request form, as seen in the image below. This form can also be used for customer questions, inquiries and also requests for a quote.

Teknicool Review online form 2
( Source: https://www.teknicoolairconditioning.com.au/contacts/ )

As with most other Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies, the Teknicool review team recommends customers to follow up any email correspondence or online quote request with a phone call. A phone call ensures that the online request or inquiry was received and generally quickens the returned response time with a quote.


Teknicool does not offer an in-house finance option for their customers, which means customers need to pay their account in full by the day of installation. Payment is for all costs related to the cost of the air conditioning unit itself and for the installation of the unit.

Customer Service

Our Teknicool review rated this Sydney-based air conditioning installation company with a standard level of customer service. They are knowledgeable and provide genuine and direct specific responses to questions, even on an initial phone enquiry. Customers are able to speak with team members who possess a solid industry knowledge and experience, and email responses quotes are simple and easy to understand. The Teknicool team found the Teknicool team have a “can do” attitude in providing service to their customers, meaning that they are willing to help and work with the customer to what they need. The company, like most Sydney –based air conditioning installation companies, initially only provide basic quotes as they prefer to conduct an in-home appraisal before giving a detailed quote with a specific cost breakdown. Teknicool scored a 3.3 out of 5 for their overall customer service rating, which is a solid and competitive rating and similar to two of our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies.

As part of our Teknicool review, our review team researched Teknicool’s customer service performance in comparison to the other air conditioning installation companies in the Sydney area. Two main customer communications methods were assessed by the review team, email and phone, with the scores of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies displayed in the graph below.

Our Teknicool review team scored Teknicool, 6.5 out of 10 on their customer service via email, and 7 out of 10 for their phone customer service. Teknicool generally scored lower than most of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in Sydney, in both categories and the company only scored similarly to some of the top 5 companies on a few occasions.

Teknicool Review Customer Service Graph

At Teknicool, phones calls are generally answered immediately by knowledgeable people who can answer technical questions and assist in providing a quote. This Sydney-based air conditioning installation company is comfortable in offering their recommendations about air conditioning solutions and brands and provide clear and direct information to customer, whether it is via phone or email. They are also eager to offer customers a free in-home appraisal to provide customer with a more definite and descriptive quote.

Next, our review team assessed the response times of Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies, with the results displayed in the graph below. The assessment of response times looked at two areas, specifically, how long it takes for a company to respond to a customer’s initial email request, and how long for the company to respond with a prepared quote.

Our Teknicool review found that the Sydney-based company was average in its response to initial email responses, generally taking between 2 to 4 days to respond to an initial email contact. This rated Teknicool slower than our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies in this category, except for AirOMania who rated slower than Teknicool in their response times.

In the category of time taken to respond with a quote, Teknicool was found to be slow, generally taking more than 4 days to respond with a written quote. This rating scored Teknicool slower in response times than 3 of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies, however similar to 2 other of the top 5 companies, AirOMania and Relevant Air.

As with most of the other Sydney-based air conditioning companies, it is best practice to follow up any email correspondence or inquiries by the online form with a phone call. The phone call ensures that the customer’s inquiry was received and may contribute to a response may be received quicker.

Teknicool Review Response Times Graph

The Teknicool review also looked at the company’s previous customers experiences, by reading at customer feedback and reviews. Teknicool has received many customer reviews, with some displayed on their own website and others can be seen on sites such as Google reviews. Many of the reviews for the Teknicool company reflected a highly rated experience by the customer of the service they received, with the company receiving a 5 star rating from Google. Most reviews showed a very high satisfaction level, with examples of customer testimonials presented below. The first customer testimonial below is from the Teknicool website, with the customer pleased with the customer service he received and was satisfied with the air conditioning product.

Teknicool Review customer testimonial 1
( Source: https://www.teknicoolairconditioning.com.au/ )

The next customer testimonial is from the Google review pages for the company, with the customer giving the company 5 out of 5 stars and commenting on the impressive customer service that was given by Sam the owner of Teknicool and high standard workmanship experienced.

Teknicool Review customer testimonial 2
( Source: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=teknicool+reviews&oq=TEKNICOOL+REVIEWS&aqs=chrome.0.0.8751j1j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x6b12be8f863ad4e3:0xfc83f8ae3a35ef81,1,,, )

Teknicool has an impressive 5 out of 5 stars Google rating, which is not common for most of the Sydney-based air conditioning companies. So proud of this achievement, Teknicool has displayed this on their webpage, with the image below appearing on every page.

Teknicool Review google rating
( Source: https://www.teknicoolairconditioning.com.au/)


Product range

Teknicool deals with top quality and efficient air conditioning brands like Actron, Daikin, Fujitsu, Carrier, Mitsubishi and Samsung. The company provides custom solutions for homes or larger commercial spaces and prides themselves on only using quality parts and materials. The Teknicool team however are happy to help customers and will install all brands, even air conditioners that were bought from another company.

Teknicool also aims to assist customers to choose the right air conditioner for their needs. Part of this is to choose between brands requires and compare different factors. To make it easier for customers, Teknicool provides comparison information on the following factors, warranty, cost, power consumption, filters and efficiency of the air conditioner for different air conditioning brands on their website. Customers are able to find detailed information about the 5 top air conditioner brands, to help in their decision making

Technical expertise and experience

Teknicool is fully licensed and a member of the ARC (Australian Refrigeration council), which shows a commitment to learning and practicing all air conditioning codes and practices. The company is also fully insured and can offer expert advice on air conditioners.

Teknicool records high levels of customer satisfaction, with their technical expertise and experience is evident in the services and features they provide. The Teknicool company prides themselves on being an experienced and reputable company, with is fully licensed technicians. They are able to repair and maintain any brand of air conditioner, reflects the high level of knowledge, skills and experience of Teknicool team.

Teknicool offers a 5 years domestic installation warranty and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. When customers purchase an air conditioner from Teknicool, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they purchased a quality product. All Teknicool residential air conditioning (excluding commercial), carry a five year parts and labour warranty. The Teknicool team will help customers if a warranty issue arises. If the unit is faulty, the unit will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. When customers place a warranty claim, they will need to provide proof of purchase (a Teknicool invoice). Warranty will be voided by the manufacturer, if the system is not installed by a fully licensed and qualified trade’s person, like the Teknicool team.

The number of years that the installation warranties covers for our top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning companies are presented below. Teknicool ‘s installation warranty coverage is comparable that some of the top 5 Sydney air conditioning installation companies warranties in terms of years of coverage. The Teknicool team note that installation issues usually arise very soon after installation.

Installation Guarantee Graph by Teknicool review

The Teknicool also offer customers specials and promotions through their website. The specials page lists all the current offers and promotions in an easy to read and understand format. Teknicool, unlike most other Sydney-based air conditioning companies offers their own company promotions and not just manufacturer’s promotions. A current Teknicool company promotion are presented in the image below, where customers will receive $100 cash back, in a petrol gift card for any new ducted air conditioning installations.

Teknicool free voucher
( Source: https://www.teknicoolairconditioning.com.au/services/residential-air-conditioning/)

Teknicool technicians are fully certified and insured and pride themselves on creating great service and quality workmanship in air conditioning solutions for homes and businesses. Their licensing numbers are displayed on their website, as in the image below.

Teknicool licensing numbers
( Source: https://www.teknicoolairconditioning.com.au/)

In summary, our Teknicool review found that Teknicool is a well-established air conditioning installation company in the Sydney area, with their customer service standards being at good industry level. They offer great features for potential customers, like good specials and promotions, price matching, weekend availability and a 5 star Google rating. Teknicool provides customers with basic estimate quotes over the phone and by email and offers more exact and detailed quotes after an in-home appraisal. As well, they provide customers with competitive and affordable prices, which are comparative to or lower than other air conditioning installation companies on the Sydney. One of the best features of Teknicool’s customer service is their “can do” attitude, reflecting their positive attitude to meeting customer needs. The Teknicool company also has received some consistently high and impressive customer testimonials both on their website as well as on Google, which is rated and recommended highly by its customers. Our Teknicool review team rated Teknicool as being outside the top 5 Sydney-based air conditioning installation companies; however found the company to be a great option for customers in Sydney, who require installation of ducted and split system air conditioning split systems.

Compare Air Con comparison table for Teknicool

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