Celsius vs J E Mechanical

Celsius Heating & Cooling

J E Mechanical


Customer Service

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Celsius Heating & Cooling
  • Detailed quoting
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast response times
J E Mechanical
  • Great customer service
  • Quick email response times
  • Mitsubishi Electric specialist dealer


Celsius Heating & Cooling
  • No online form
  • Not a specialist air con company
J E Mechanical
  • Specialises more in commercial
  • Not a wide ranges of brands
  • More expensive than other companies


Celsius Heating & Cooling review found the company has received highly rated online customer reviews and testimonials on a number of platforms. Customers have detailed their very positive experiences with Celsius Heating & Cooling, with regard to their technical service, workmanship and customer service standards. They also offer detailed quoting, affordable pricing and fast response times. Having been in the air conditioning industry for only 7 years Celsius Heating & Cooling performed outstandingly in a number of our review categories and were rated as being the top air conditioning installation company in Ballarat.

The J E Mechanical team has over 40 years’ combined experience in heating and cooling, employing a team of 20 qualified and competent plumbers, project managers, a dedicated drafting team and administration staff. They offer great customer service, quick email response times and are a Mitsubishi Electric specialist dealer. Ranked just outside our top 5 Ballarat-based air conditioning installation companies they nonetheless have a lot going for them and would be a great choice for installation company for the region.


Celsius Heating & Cooling

J E Mechanical

Free on-site quote

Volume discounts

Deals and promotions

Price Matching

Financing availability

When it comes to flexibility on pricing J E Mechanical generally do not offer volume discounts, special deals/promotions and price matching as standard practise. Their focus is on being a great commercial installation company.  Celsius Heating & Cooling also do not offer volume discounts and quote matching, due to already affordable and cost effective pricing. Celsius Heating & Cooling do however advertise special offers and promotions on their Facebook page.

J E Mechanical was found to have a slightly higher than average pricing range when compared with other installation companies in the area. They received an average rating of 3 out 5 overall for their cost effectiveness, a score similar to one of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the Ballarat area. Celsius Heating & Cooling offer competitive and affordable pricing from the outset. They are also open to price matching and volume discounts on a case-to-case basis. In terms of price matching, the competitor’s quote will need to be very similar with the same brands, models and installation requirements.

Celsius Heating & Cooling received an impressive rating of 5 out 5 overall for their cost effectiveness. J E Mechanical was found to have slightly higher than standard pricing on their air conditioning brands and installation service, receiving a score of 3 out of 5. The J E Mechanical review found their pricing to be competitive when compared against other Ballarat installation companies.

As with most air conditioning installation companies, it is always best to have a free onsite quote conducted. This gives a more exact costing based on the installation requirements of space, design and layout of the house

Customer Service

Celsius Heating & Cooling

J E Mechanical

Clear quote

Weekend availability

Customer service rating by phone


Customer service rating by email


Response time to acknowledge request

6 - 24 hours
2 - 4 days

Response time to provide quote

6 - 24 hours
2 - 4 days

Online ratings / reviews


Our Celsius Heating & Cooling review gave the Ballarat-based company a strong score of 4 out of 5 for its overall customer service performance. J E Mechanical received the same impressive score of 4 out of 5 for the same criteria. This result is comparable to two of the top 5 Ballarat-based air conditioning companies, reflecting a high level of customer service standards.

Celsius Heating & Cooling received high scores in both modes of contact; with a 7 out of 10 for their customer service by phone, and an 8 out of 10 for their response to customer email inquiries. Our J E Mechanical review also rated them with high scores in both modes of contact; a 7 out of 10 for their customer service by phone, and 7.5 out of 10 for their response to customer email inquiries.

In terms of response, Celsius Heating & Cooling were found to be one of the fastest companies in both categories, with their initial response time to an email request and response rate in providing customers with a quote on average being within 6 hours. While not as fast, J E Mechanical’s initial response time to an email request and response rate in providing customers with a quote was, on average, within 24 hours.

Celsius Heating & Cooling does not have a formal payment plan option for their customers, who are required to pay a 50% deposit, payable prior to the work commences and the outstanding balance is due and payable within 7 days of completion of the installation. J E Mechanical also do not offer customers a financing option, requiring customers pay a 25% deposit before booking an installation date.

Both teams showed professionalism and friendliness as well as patience and politeness with customer inquiries and questions.


Celsius Heating & Cooling

J E Mechanical


Commercial and residential

ARC Tick

Year established


Installation warranty


The J E Mechanical team has over 40 years’ combined experience in the heating and cooling industry, employing a highly qualified team of over 20 staff. Their team also work with engineers, designers, architects and builders to help provide customers with their air conditioning needs throughout the whole process, from design and construction to installation. J E Mechanical offers installations only and tends to specialise in larger commercial projects, but they do also offer domestic air conditioning services using Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products.

Celsius Heating & Cooling are a younger, yet still well established, company with over 7 years’ experience. In this small amount of time Celsius Heating & Cooling have proven to offer expert advice, with excellent products and quality installation, all at competitive prices. This has resulted in them being ranked by our review team as the first rated installation company for the area. Celsius Heating & Cooling is not an air conditioning installation specialist, they also offer a range of heating and cooling options and services to their customers.

Both companies offer a 5 year installation warranty and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Each holds the industry standard ARC tick. Either company is a solid choice for installation, with J E Mechanical specialising in the commercial sector.

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