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Air Turners


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Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning
  • Strong customer service
  • Competitive pricing and discounts
  • Strong online reviews
Air Turners
  • Affordable pricing
  • Installs/services/repairs any brand
  • Weekend availability for appointments only


Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning
  • No weekend availability
  • 5 year warranty period
  • Average response times
Air Turners
  • No price matching
  • No volume discounts
  • Slow email quote response times


Following an extensive review, our team concluded that Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning, who commenced operations 15 years ago, is the best air conditioning installation company in Canberra, offering excellent service and value to their customers. They have competitive pricing and discounts.

Also based in Canberra, Air Turners are a family owned air conditioning installation company, operating in the area since 1998. Air Turners will install, repair and service any brand or make of air conditioner, with Air Turners happy to install an air conditioning product the customer may have purchased elsewhere. Uniquely they work in collaboration with other big companies like Harvey Norman and The Good Guys. They also offer excellent pricing and solid customer service.


Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning

Air Turners

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Volume discounts

Deals and promotions

Price Matching

Financing availability

From the outset Air Turners offer great and comparative prices on the products and services they provide. Their pricing rates on installation of air conditioning units are generally on average or lower than standard market pricing. This has resulted in Air Turners scoring a perfect 5 out of 5 on this aspect of our review.

Our Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning Review found that their prices are comparable with other top rated air conditioning installation companies in Canberra. They were scored a strong 4 out 5, and are highly competitive across their entire product range. Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning ask for a 15% deposit prior to installation, which is relatively low compared to other air conditioning installation companies in Canberra. They have set prices and do not generally offer volume discounts, but sales staff are willing to try and work out something for a sale of three or more units.

Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning are willing to match competitors’ prices and beat them if possible, only if a quote is genuinely like for like. Air Turners believe they already provide products and services at their best price points and are unable to offer further discounts in terms of price matching and volume discounts. Air Turners do offer to install any brand or make of air conditioner that the customer has purchased elsewhere, which could mean a possible saving on unit price. Air Turners may also offer prices for a number of back-to-back installations.

Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning sales staff will pass industry promotions or special deals on to the customer but they suggest that customers also do their own research.

Air Turners pricing and cost effectiveness are impressive for a smaller company, as its buying power is more limited than some of the other bigger Canberra-based air conditioning installation companies.

Customer Service

Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning

Air Turners

Clear quote

Weekend availability

Customer service rating by phone


Customer service rating by email


Response time to acknowledge request

24 - 48 hours
6 - 24 hours

Response time to provide quote

24 - 48 hours
> 4 days

Online ratings / reviews


Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning’s customer service is outstanding, with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. They are willing to go beyond the usual and expected service standards for Canberra air conditioning installation companies to provide quality service. Air Turners also performed well on customer service delivered via phone, equalling Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning’s rating of 7 out of 10. The Air Turners team were helpful, knowledgeable and also clear in their responses, even on initial inquiry calls. Via email, however, Air Turners were let down by a slow response time. In acknowledging an initial request Air Turners were fast, replying within 6 to 24 hours where Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning took 24 to 48 hours both for their initial response and in issuing a quote. However Air Turners took over 4 days to issue a quote, and this is reflected in their customer service score of 5 out of 10. Due to their quicker email response Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning scored an impressive 8 out of 10 on this factor.

Both companies also scored well in online reviews, with Voltair Electrical and Airconditioning’s Google Review averaging an impressive 5 out of 5 stars, with customers giving glowing feedback and recommendations. Air Turners weren’t far behind in terms of scores and positive feedback, with a solid 4.6 out of 5 average in this field. Air Turners are also available by appointment on weekends, which is very convenient to those working weekdays.

Our Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning and Air Turners Review teams found that these companies do not offer financing options, which is common in the Canberra market.

For the convenience of customers, Air Turners advertise specials and promotions on their website. Furthermore their team members can advise customers of special manufacturer promotions at the time of purchase. It is then up to the customer to access the promotion themselves.


Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning

Air Turners


Commercial and residential

ARC Tick

Year established


Installation warranty


Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning stands out in the marketplace for air conditioning installation in Canberra due to their 13 years of local experience in the industry. They answered all our technical questions promptly, in a clear and concise fashion so that the customer was able to easily understand the answer or explanation. In summary, Voltair Electrical and Airconditioning come across as a really reliable and good option for anyone looking to install air conditioning in Canberra.

The Air Turners and Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning technical teams are certified, with an ARC licence on their website.

While being a smaller sized company than Voltair Electrical & Airconditioning, Air Turners have a lot to offer. This includes, experience, affordable pricing, weekend availability and the ability to install and service any air conditioning brand. They are a great option for Canberra customers looking to install air conditioning systems.

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