Ford & Doonan vs D & L Electrical

Ford & Doonan

D & L Electrical


Customer Service

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Ford & Doonan
  • Great Customer Service
  • Quick response times
  • Good pricing
D & L Electrical
  • Financing option
  • 24 emergency breakdown
  • Online shop and service prices


Ford & Doonan
  • Short installation warranty
  • No discounts
  • No weekend availability
D & L Electrical
  • New company
  • Does not offer all types of heating and cooling solutions
  • Weekend installation available only at a higher charge


D & L Electrical is a family owned company that was established in 2013 on the back of another Perth-based company, D &L Building Services. While they rated as being just outside our top 5 Perth-based air conditioning installation companies, D & L Electrical offer stand out features including competitive pricing, great customer service, 24 emergency breakdown capabilities and an online shop.

Rated first in our top five Perth based air conditioning installation companies by the review team, Ford & Doonan commenced operating in 1985. From humble beginnings with only 2 people they have expanded over the years and now have eight branches in Perth and ten across Western Australia. While Ford & Doonan provide strong customer service and good pricing D & L Electrical meet them on these criteria, also performing well in each. 


Ford & Doonan

D & L Electrical

Free on-site quote

Volume discounts

Deals and promotions

Price Matching

Financing availability

Ford & Doonan are slightly more expensive compared to other companies in our top five.
This may be because Ford & Doonan do not offer; volume discounts for customers who install multiple units throughout their home, price matching for their customers and will charge travel time to rural areas. D & L Electrical, however, advertise specials on their website and are open to discussing volume discounts and price matching, although the later two are not part of their standard practise. Conveniently customers can check D & L Electrical’s pricing of products and services via their website and online shop before contacting the company. You can also sign up to a mailing list via the D & L Electrical website to be sent emails of up and coming promotions.

Overall Ford & Doonan still rated a respectful 3 out of 5 on price, placing them equal third for pricing out of the top 5. They are confident in their pricing and believe it matches the products and services they deliver. D & L Electrical was found to have very competitive and affordable pricing, either matching or exceeding price ratings of some of our top 5 Perth-based air conditioning installation companies. Impressively D & L Electrical received a rating of 4 out 5 overall for their cost effectiveness, a result which is comparable to Air Conditioning WA, one of our top 5 Perth-based air conditioning installation companies. Their online store offers pricing combinations of air conditioners with standard installation. Though as with most air conditioning installation companies, we would advise having a free onsite quote to be certain of expected costing and installation requirements before making a decision.

Customer Service

Ford & Doonan

D & L Electrical

Clear quote

Weekend availability

Customer service rating by phone


Customer service rating by email


Response time to acknowledge request

6 - 24 hours
6 - 24 hours

Response time to provide quote

6 - 24 hours
6 - 24 hours

Online ratings / reviews


Our D & L Electrical review rated them highly on their level of customer service. As well as being helpful, knowledgeable and friendly they provide genuine and informative responses in a reasonable amount of time. They equal Ford & Doonan on this front, with both companies acknowledging an email request within 6-24 hours and providing the quote in the same amount of time. Both D & L Electrical and Ford & Doonan were scored 8 out of 10 for their customer service via phone. Ford & Doonan also deliver exceptional customer and after sales service via email, receiving an impressive rating of 9 out of 10. D & L Electrical was scored a reasonable 7 out of 10 for their email service. The review team found Ford & Doonan were always willing to go the extra mile to sort out any problems, no matter big or small.

Ford & Doonan has won the Rising Star Award, Master Builder Association Best Customer Service Award for both 2017 and 2016 and a HIA customer service award. D & L Electrical, however, deliver service comparable to another air conditioning installation company, All Air Services from our top 5 in the Perth area and established good and friendly rapport with their customers by phone at every opportunity. They also offer a longer installation warranty than Ford & Doonan who offer 1 year to D & L Electrical’s 2 years. Helpfully Ford & Doonan provide an option to extend their warranty to 7 years. D & L Electrical’s customer service stands out with their 24 hour emergency breakdown service, accessibility to specials via their website and an online shop with service prices.

In terms of financing Ford & Doonan offers options with up to 36-months interest free. If you don’t meet the criteria of their main financer there is an alternative payment option, which indicates they are committed to accommodating customers as much as possible. D & L Electrical has an interest free established formal financing option for their customers with a third party lending company.


Ford & Doonan

D & L Electrical


Commercial and residential

ARC Tick

Year established


Installation warranty


While D & L Electrical have only been in operation since 2013 their website states that they have over 25 years’ experience in the air conditioning and electrical industry. This technical expertise becomes evident upon talking with their knowledgeable staff.

Ford & Doonan has been in the industry for over 30 years with an impressive history of success and a qualified and experienced team. While they are placed first in our top 5 Perth based air conditioning installation companies Ford & Doonan are not the cheapest option, but they do exceed expectations by delivering a comprehensive quote that included current promotions and financing options.

D & L Electrical do not offer all types of heating and cooling solutions, but the impressive features and services offered by the company including weekend availability, strong pricing and excellent service are hard to miss, making them a great choice for installation in the Perth area.

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