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At Compare Air Conditioning, we make it our business to know everything there is to know about air conditioning. By undertaking comprehensive individual air conditioning company reviews, we have found that not all air conditioning installation companies are the same.

Each company was assessed within a number of review categories and all received a rating in each category. The results then were put through a comparison process with other South West Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies. Five companies in the South West Melbourne area were chosen as the top 5 South West Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies.

The South West Melbourne city review found Optima Heating and Cooling to be the top air conditioning installation company for the area. This ranking was awarded due to the company’s impressive performance across a number of review categories and the company was rated as the current best choice of air conditioning installation company for customers in the South West Melbourne area. View our comparison table below.*



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* Up-to-date as at 13 January 2021. We review our comparison tables regularly to ensure our data is up-to-date.
* The ARC Tick identifies businesses authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

Optima Heating and Cooling is the number one choice for air conditioning installation in the South West Melbourne area

Each South West Melbourne-based air conditioning installation company were reviewed and compared, with Optima Heating and Cooling awarded as being the best air conditioning installation company in the South West Melbourne area. Whilst a number of other South West Melbourne-based companies performed strongly across the review categories, the top ranking was awarded to Optima Heating and Cooling, due to the company’s following great features;

  • A competitive and affordable price range on products and services;
  • Experienced and knowledgeable technical and sales team;
  • Wide range of air conditioning products from leading manufacturers’ brands;
  • High customer service standards by both phone and email;
  • High online satisfaction ratings from past customers; and
  • A well-established, experienced and reputable air conditioning company.

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The Optima Heating and Cooling team are able to find an air conditioning solution for each individual customer, from simple to the most complex jobs.

Covid-19 update

During the Covid-19 pandemic, South West Melbourne installation companies have implemented practices that aim to reduce the chances of viral transmission. Our top-rated installers are taking steps to keep their customers safe:

  • Optima are doing their best to ensure social distances practices are complied with during on-site visits, including sensible steps such as avoiding shaking hands.
  • Nortan are implementing precautionary measures to protect customers and staff, including by acting in compliance with government advice and OH&S standards. When customers request it, they are implementing sensible social distancing practices during on-site visits.
  • Arctic Melbourne are proactively discussing a job with customers before an on-site visit by phone and email, so that work is completed as quickly as possible.
  • Our Coldflow review team found this company are encouraging staff to use PPE and are complying with government advice and federal OH&S regulations. The health of all technicians is being closely monitored.
  • Bradmac is taking a number of precautions during Covid-19, working with customers and staff to maintain safe distancing practices.


Optima Heating and Cooling’s cost effectiveness and price range was investigated and the company was found to offer an affordable and competitive price range on their air conditioning products and installation services. The Optima Heating and Cooling’s team aims to provide customers with their best possible price from the outset, rather than relying on discounts or price match guarantees. The company offers free onsite quotes for their customers and strives to competitively provide air conditioning solutions to suit all customer budgets and lifestyles. Our Compare Air Conditioning review team recommend that potential customers request a free, onsite quote as to receive a more certain quote, before making a decision.

The graph below demonstrates the rankings of each of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in South West Melbourne area in the cost effectiveness category. Optima Heating and Cooling’s price range was found to possess very affordable and reasonable pricing and the company was rated with a top score of an outstanding 5 out of 5 for their cost effectiveness, which was similar to one of the other top 5 companies, Arctic Melbourne.

Finding regarding the cost effectiveness of the other top 5 companies is listed below:

  • Nortan was found to have a slightly higher price range than the top company, Optima Heating and Cooling, however still offered competitive prices, with some price flexibility;
  • Arctic Melbourne shares a similar affordable pricing range as Optima Heating and Cooling on their air conditioning products and installation services; and
  • Coldflow and BradMac offers average mid-range pricing as well as further discounting on their prices, through price matching of competitors’ quotes and special deals and offers.

Quotation system

As part of the company reviews, the quotation process of each company was investigated and compared. The Optima Heating and Cooling quotation process was found to be pain-free process, with other great features of the Optima Heating and Cooling quotation system highlighted below;

  • The company’s written quotes were well laid out, with itemised costs and inclusions;
  • The review team recorded quick response times to requests for a quote, with quotes usually received within 24 hours from the Optima Heating and Cooling team; and
  • Optima Heating and Cooling’s written quotes includes all related or “hidden” costs; however the review team recommends that customers book an on-site inspection.

The Compare Air Conditioning review teams noted some similarities and differences between air conditioning installation South West Melbourne companies, when looking at their quotation processes, with some of the findings below:

  • Customers can easily approach the Nortan team for a quote on air conditioning installation by phone, by email or by using one of their online forms. Team members were found to be happy to assist with quote requests, making it a simple and straight forward process;
  • Our Arctic Melbourne review team found this company provides basic written quotes, however only provide written detailed quotes after conducting an onsite quote, reflecting their genuineness in their quoting;
  • Coldflow customers have a number of different ways to request a quote from the company, either over the phone, by email or by using one of their online forms; and
  • Our Bradmac review team found this company has a website which makes it easy for customers to request a quote, with a  “Request a Quote” box on the top of website, an email icon at the bottom of the site and a 1300 number listed as well.

Customer Service

The review team investigated the customer service standards of all of the air conditioning installation Melbourne companies in the South West. Each company was contacted on a number of occasions by both email and phone.

The top 5 air conditioning companies in South West Melbourne area were found to hold varying standards of customer service. OptimaHeating and Cooling’s customer service was found to be particularly impressive, receiving the highest customer service overall rating amongst the top 5 South West air conditioning installation companies. The company’s customer service standards influenced the decision to award the company as the number one air conditioning installation company, in the South West Melbourne area. OptimaHeating and Cooling’s high customer service standards were demonstrated in a number of ways:

  • The Optima Heating and Cooling team aim to find the best air conditioning solution for every customer, no matter the installation requirements, the type of dwelling or budget constraints;
  • The company has a very knowledgeable sales team, who are able to answer a broad variety of questions, both technical and product related;
  • The sales team take their time with customers, giving individual advice and recommendations about various solutions, based on customer needs;
  • The Optima Heating and Cooling team are easy to contact over the phone and typically have a friendly and knowledgeable team member available to speak to immediately;  and
  • Online customer reviews for Optima Heating and Cooling were found to be very positive with the overall online star rating reviews, averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars.

The graph below shows the top 5 South West Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies customer service rating for their service by phone and email. Optima Heating and Cooling had the highest rating awarded in both categories, reflecting their quality customer service

  • Optima
  • Nortan
  • Arctic Mel
  • Coldflow
  • BradMac

The graph below shows the email response times of Optima Heating and Cooling and the other top 5 companies to customers’ inquiries and the time taken to send a written quote. Each company received an overall score for their response speeds, with 1 indicating a very quick response (within 6 hours) and 5 representing a slower response which were generally received after 48 hours.

  • Response time for quote
  • Response time to initial email request

In the review category of customer service, all of the top 5 air conditioning installation South West Melbourne-based companies were found to have strong customer service standards. Examples of the high customer service standards include:

  • The Arctic Melbourne team were found to be helpful and willing to provide genuine responses to questions, even on an initial phone enquiry. However the customer service ratings were slightly lower than the other South West Melbourne companies;
  • Phone calls to Nortan were answered immediately by knowledgeable and helpful team members, with the company offering a 24/7 breakdown and repair service. The company also received strong ratings in both the email and phone categories;
  • The Coldflow review team found that phone and email enquiries were answered in a prompt manner, and their staff to be knowledgeable and courteous. They offer customer service to their customers over the weekend, which is highly beneficial for customers who work during the week; and

BradMac customers rate their experiences with the company very positively, with an overall average rating 4.4 out of 5 stars for their online reviews, which is similar to the online rating average of the top company, Optima Heating and Cooling.

South West Melbourne-based Air Conditioning Installation expert

Product range

Optima Heating and Cooling supply and install all leading air conditioning brands, allowing customers to have their own preference and/or choice of brands. The company however prefers and recommends Daikin and is a Club Daikin dealer. According to Optima Heating and Cooling, they recommend Daikin because:

  • Daikin is well known for producing high quality and reliable air conditioning products, which do not require a lot of ongoing maintenance; and
  • The Optima Heating and Cooling sales team have received very strong positive feedback from customers in relation to Daikin air conditioning systems.

The product range for our other top 5 South West Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies is listed below:

  • Like Optima Heating and Cooling, Nortan supplies and installs a range of air conditioning products and brands. However Daikin and Fujitsu are their preferred and most recommended brands;
  • Arctic Melbourne also installs many of the leading air conditioning brands and is a Daikin Air Conditioning Specialist, which means that it primarily installs and recommends Daikin air conditioning systems;
  • Coldflow recommend Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Panasonic as their preferred brands.

The  BradMac office location has a working air conditioning showroom for customers to come and experience the air conditioning products and brands for themselves. Brands that BradMac supply and install include ActronAir, Braemar, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric.

Air Conditioning Installation South West Melbourne expert adjusting split system

Technical expertise and experience

All of the top 5 South West Melbourne-based companies all were found to have a high level of technical expertise and industry accreditations like the ARC tick.

Air Conditioning Installation South West Melbourne technician

Optima Heating and Cooling’s technical knowledge and experience was demonstrated by;

  • The Optima Heating and Cooling team are able to find an air conditioning solution for each individual customer, from simple to the most complex jobs;
  • Optima Heating and Cooling’s team can design, supply and install a wide variety of air conditioning systems, for all kinds of homes and businesses;
  • The company has over 40 years in the industry, with their aim to ensure that every job that they undertake exceeds the required industry standards; and
  • Optima Heating and Cooling place importance on providing a safe work environment and practices within their workplace and on every project site.

Here are some important points relating to the technical experience of our top 5 companies:

  • The Nortan team consists of experienced and multi-skilled technicians who can provide installation services and repairs for a range of heating and cooling systems throughout the South West Melbourne area;
  • Arctic Melbourne provides customers with an amazing 24/7 emergency repair call out service, as well as an impressive 10 installation warranty on their high quality workmanship.
  • With over 40 years experience, the Coldflow team possess a substantial understanding of the air conditioning of the air conditioning industry and a working knowledge of most air conditioning systems; and
  • The Bradmac Airconditioning team have a broad range of technical expertise and experience, which is shown in their ability to install many different brands and types of air conditioning systems.

The graph below displays the warranty workmanship guarantees offered by each of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in South West Melbourne. The top company, Optima Heating and Cooling offers a 6 year warranty on their installation workmanship, which is similar to one of the other top 5 companies. Arctic Melbourne however, offers an amazing 10 year installation service warranty to their customers, however is conditional on the air conditioner being serviced yearly, within the 10 year warranty period.

Heating solutions

The Compare Air Conditioning Team has researched the heating options of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the South West Melbourne area.

Optima Heating and Cooling

Optima Heating and Cooling specialises in a wide range of residential and commercial heating options, with their experienced team ensuring that customers are provided with the best suited heating system.

At Optima Heating and Cooling, customers can choose from the following heating options, split systems, gas ducted heating systems, hydronic panel heating, hydronic slab heating and hydronic heating. All the company’s residential and commercial heating systems come from leading Australian and international brands such as Daikin, Bonaire, Brivis, Actron Air, DeLonghi, Immergas and Braemar.

The company’s top recommendation for heating is hydronic heating as it provides stable constant heating, with many different forms to choose from. Hydronic heating however is one of the most expensive heating options to install.

If budget is a consideration, the Optima Heating and Cooling team recommends gas ducted heating as it provides all over heating, at around half the price of a hydronic system. The Optima Heating and Cooling team prefers the two leading brands Daikin and Braemar for their gas ducted heating systems, due to their quality and reliability.


With a range of heating options on offer, Nortan gives their customers the freedom to choose from split systems, ducted heating, gas heating (including gas wall heaters, ducted central heating systems, gas underfloor heating, space heaters, and hydronic heating) and underfloor heating.

Nortan’s top heating recommendation for heating is hydronic heating systems, which can come in many forms. The company believes hydronic heating is one of the most reliable forms of heating, as it provides a stable heating comfort.

Alongside the range of heating options, the company also can supply a majority of leading brands, which assists the Nortan team to tailor their heating recommendations to customers’ needs and budgets.

Arctic Melbourne

Arctic Melbourne’s heating options include ducted gas systems, hydronic heating to split systems and VRV systems for larger commercial places.

With ducted gas systems, the Arctic Melbourne team prefer Brivis as they offer great value and effective solutions. The team can also install split systems, ducted bulk heads and VRV for larger commercial places and they recommend and prefer Daikin high-quality air conditioning products. Arctic Melbourne can also install powerful and dependable hydronic heating, specialising in the Immergas and DeLongi systems.


Coldflow offers the following heating options; ducted gas heating, ducted reverse cycle heating, hydronic heating and split system air conditioning. They supply leading brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Braemar.

Coldflow recommends gas ducted heating to their South West Melbourne customers, as the best option for heating, which can be teamed with an evaporative cooling system. The company prefers Braemar ducted heating systems, as they are an Australian-made brand, with a long 7 year warranty protection. For customers who are looking for an easy installation and cost-effective solution, the Coldflow team prefers high quality Daikin split systems split systems to be installed in individual rooms.


The team at Bradmac offers their residential customers the following heating options: hydronic heating, gas ducted heating and split systems.

The team at Bradmac recommends gas ducted systems as their top heating solution, as gives customers full control and great overall heating coverage. Their preferred and recommended brand for gas ducted heating is Braemar, due to its great reputation and quality products.

The Bradmac team only generally give specific recommendations after viewing floorplans or after conducting an onsite visit. They aim to give customers a few suitable options and brands to choose from, whilst taking into account installation requirements and customers’ needs and budget.

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