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The Compare Air Conditioning review teams conducted comprehensive reviews of air conditioning installation companies in the South East Melbourne area. Review categories measure fundamental elements that are considered important to successful air conditioning installation companies. Each company received a rating in each review category and then compared against the other South East Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies.

Five companies were ranked as the five overall best performing companies, with All Climate Solutions awarded as the top rated air conditioning installation company. The company received this ranking due to its impressive performance across a number of review categories and was rated as the current best choice of air conditioning installation companies, for customers in the South East Melbourne area. View our comparison table below.*



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* Up-to-date as at 13 January 2021. We review our comparison tables regularly to ensure our data is up-to-date.
* The ARC Tick identifies businesses authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

All Climate Solutions was found to be the number one choice for air conditioning installation in South East Melbourne

The Compare Air Conditioning review team conducted a thorough investigation of all South East Melbourne air conditioning installation companies and concluded that All Climate Solutions is the current top choice. Whilst a number of the other South East Melbourne-based companies performed strongly in many of the review categories, the number one ranking was given to All Climate Solutions. The company was awarded as the top company in South East Melbourne based on its:

  • Fast email response times to customer inquiries and request for quotes;
  • Services availability over the weekend;
  • Wide range of heating and cooling options;
  • Professional customer service standards;
  • Comprehensive air conditioning services, from supply and install to maintenance and repair;
  • Open to offering further discounts on their pricing; and
  • Third party finance option, with Interest-free terms.

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All Climate Solutions has a wide range of heating and cooling solutions and aim to find the best air conditioning solution for their customers’ needs.

Covid-19 update

During the Covid-19 pandemic, South East Melbourne installation companies have implemented practices that aim to reduce the chances of viral transmission. Our top-rated installers are taking steps to keep their customers safe:

  • All Climate Solutions are trying their best to ensure staff are in good health without symptoms of Covid-19 and customers are kept safe during the pandemic. They are implementing heightened safety measures and hygiene practices during this period.
  • Nortan are taking precautions to protect customers and staff, including complying with OH&S standards and relevant government guidelines. Upon the request of customers they are implementing sensible social distancing practices and use of personal protective equipment.
  • McKinnon have a Covid-19 policy on their website directed at technicians, sales staff and office staff.
  • Our Maroondah review team found this company has taken sensible steps to keep their customers safe, including increased hygiene practices.
  • Our Cool Control review team found this company are instituting common sense hygiene practices and are taking steps to ensure staff are heavy and customers are safe.


All Climate Solutions’ price range was investigated and was found to be at standard market prices, offering a competitive price range on their air conditioning products and services. There are further pricing flexibility on the company’s pricing, with the All Climate Solutions team happy to consider volume discounts for customers purchasing multiple air conditioning systems. Also the All Climate Solutions team will inform customers of any current manufacturers’ special deals and promotions at the time of quoting.

Each company was awarded a cost effectiveness rating, with the ratings for the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the South East Melbourne area displayed in the graph below. The All Climate Solutions company was awarded with a solid score of 3 out of 5 for their cost effectiveness, reflecting their standard and competitive price range. The company’s cost effectiveness was slightly lower than all of the other top 5 South East Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies.

Highlights of the cost effectiveness of the other top 5 companies are detailed below:

  • Nortan, McKinnon Heating and Cooling, Maroondah and Cool Control all share a similar pricing range, which is slightly lower than the pricing offered by the All Climates Solutions team;
  • The Nortan company offers further flexibility on their great price range, through advertising manufacturers’ special deals and promotions;
  • McKinnon Heating & Cooling and Maroondah Heating & Cooling aim is to provide their best price from the outset, rather than offering price matches or special deals. The team however is happy to assist customers to access any cash back offers from air conditioning manufacturers.
  • Cool Control do not offer price matching as they believe that competitors’ cheaper quotes may be indicative of a poorer quality workmanship or service, which is not consistent with the service provided by Cool Control and therefore cannot be matched; and
  • Similarly to All Climate Solutions, McKinnon Heating & Cooling and Maroondah Heating & Cooling have a financing payment option for their customers, which is highly beneficial for customers who are making a larger purchase such as an air conditioning system.

Quotation system

The quotation process of each individual company was investigated and compared. All Climate Solution’s quotation process was found to be professional and well structured, when compared with other air conditioning installation companies in the South East Melbourne  area. Great features of the All Climate Solutions quotation system include;

  • The quotes provided by the All Climate Solutions team were simple and easy to follow;
  • Quotes can be requested both online and over the phone, although customers are recommended and encouraged to have an onsite quote appraisal conducted by the All Climate Solutions team, as initial quote prices are subject to change upon inspection; and
  • Basic quotes received from All Climate Solutions team before an onsite inspection is conducted, were found to be reasonable and close in accuracy.

Differences and similarities between air conditioning companies in the South East Melbourne area were noted by the review team, with some of the findings listed below:

  • With four online forms on their website, Nortan makes it easy for their customers to make contact with the company or to request a quote, however the review team found the phone to be the fastest way to receive a basic quote;
  • As with most companies, the basic initial quotes provided by McKinnon Heating & Cooling are only “ball park” figures, with customers needing to book a free onsite quote as to be more certain of the expected costing and installation requirements;
  • When quoting air conditioning installation in apartments, the Maroondah team’s policy is that an inspection needs to be conducted before providing a quote. This is due to their experience that apartment buildings tend to have particular technical requirements which can be difficult to predict; and
  • Cool Control’s quotes are generally simplistic in nature, with not a lot of price breakdown of costs.

Customer Service

The customer service standards of the individual air conditioning installation companies in South East Melbourne were investigated and compared. Our review team contacted each company by different communication methods on repeated occasions.

The Compare Air Conditioning review team found that All Climate Solutions provide professional and friendly customer service. The team were able to assist customer with their queries and provided genuine and informative responses to questions. Knowledgeable team members were immediately available or available within a short timeframe to speak customers, with email response times to customer inquiries and quotes recorded as quite fast.

The top 5 South East Melbourne-based air conditioning installation companies’ ratings of customer service, by email and over the phone are displayed in the graph below.

  • All Climate
  • Nortan
  • McKinnon H & C
  • Maroondah
  • Cool Con

All Climate Solutions’ high level of customer service standards were demonstrated in a number of ways:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable team members happily provided initial basic quotes over the phone;
  • All Climate Solutions provide services to customers in the metro Melbourne region, including the South East Melbourne area;
  • The company offers availability over the weekend, which is beneficial for customers who work during business hours;
  • With an extensive range of heating and cooling solutions, the All Climate Solutions team aim to find the best air conditioning solution based on their customers’ needs;
  • The All Climate Solutions team were described as friendly, polite and helpful over the phone as well as willing to assist with email inquiries;
  • Online reviews and ratings for the company show great satisfaction ratings, with the overall average for All Climate Solutions being an impressive 3 out of 5 stars; and
  • All Climate Solutions offers an interest-free finance payment option for eligible customers, through a third-party loan provider, which is helpful to customers who are committing to major purchase like a new air conditioning unit.

Email responses times for each individual company were recorded and compared by the Compare Air Conditioning review team. The graph below shows the recorded email response times of All Climate Solutions and the other top 5 South East Melbourne companies to customers’ inquiries and requests for a quote by email.

Email response times were rated by the Compare Air Conditioning review team on a scale between 1 and 5. Scores of 1 indicate very quick response times, with responses generally within 6 hours and scores of 5, reflecting slower responses, which were generally received after 48 hours.

The All Climate Solutions response rate to enquiries is fairly quick, with their general response time to acknowledge a request is within 24 hours, and to provide a written quote is on average within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Response time for quote
  • Response time to initial email request

The customer service standards of all of the top 5 air conditioning installation South East Melbourne companies were investigated and compared. Examples of the high customer service standards of the top 5 companies include:

  • The Nortan team is available to their customers, night and day, offering an emergency air conditioning repair service, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other services, like installation is provided during business hours;
  • Our McKinnon Heating & Cooling review team found this company aim to provide complete climate solutions by supplying the best suited products that give customers the ultimate comfort and control of their heating and cooling systems;
  • The Maroondah team aim to find their customers the best product, at their best price, which suits their customers’ needs; and

The Cool Control team responds to customers’ initial inquires quite fast and generally within 6 hours. When providing customers with a prepared quote, their response speed was found to be slower, with a response generally received only after 2 days.

South East Melbourne-based Air Conditioning Installation expert

Product range

All Climate Solutions have great experience with a variety of air conditioning systems and brands. Offering a complete air conditioning service, the team can expertly design, install, maintain and repair the brands that they supply. The team was found to  possess a great deal of knowledge and information about all the products and systems they supply and install, however All Climate Solutions’ recommended brand is, Daikin due to:

  • The All Climate Solutions team believing that Daikin is one of the best brands of air conditioners in the market;
  • The wide range of air conditioning products produced and offered by the Daikin manufacturer; and
  • Daikin’s reputation for producing quality and reliable air conditioning products.

With the product ranges of the other top 5 South East Melbourne based air conditioning installation companies, our review team found that:

  • The Nortan company supplies and installs a range of different air conditioning products and brands, with their preferred brands being Daikin and Fujitsu;
  • McKinnon Heating & Cooling offer a great range of heating and cooling solutions such as ducted systems, wall mount split systems, multi head split systems, evaporative air conditioning, hydronic heating, evaporative systems and solar heating and cooling systems;
  • Customers who approach Maroondah Heating & Cooling will find that their recommended brands are Daikin and Panasonic; and
  • Cool Control supplies leading manufacturer brands, however the company recommends Mitsubishi Heavy Industries due to their competitively priced and reliable products.
Air Conditioning Installation South East Melbourne expert adjusting split system

Technical expertise and experience

Technical expertise and experience can vary between companies, however the top 5 air conditioning installation Melbourne companies in the South East were all found to have high levels of technical expertise in the industry.

Air Conditioning Installation South East Melbourne technician

Even though All Climate Solutions is one of the newer companies to the South East Melbourne area, their levels of technical expertise and industry experience are still impressive, as seen below:

  • The All Climate Solution team can expertly discuss, recommend and install various types of air conditioning systems suited to their customers’ specific requirements and needs; and
  • The All Climate Solutions team offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning solutions and services to customers in South East Melbourne area, from design and install to maintenance and repair.

Here are some important points to take into account from our top 5 companies:

  • Nortan has experienced and multi-skilled technicians who can provide installation services and repairs for a range of air conditioning systems;
  • The McKinnon Heating & Cooling team are experienced in supplying and installing a wide range of heating and cooling systems such as ducted systems, wall mount split systems, multi head split systems, evaporative air conditioning, hydronic heating and evaporative systems;
  • Maroondah Heating & Cooling can install and repair a range of air conditioning systems in commercial and residential buildings, including apartments;
  • Cool Control offers a further impressive and unique offer of a lifetime guarantee on its workmanship, reflecting their confidence in their installation, knowledge and technical skills.

The graph below indicates the warranty guarantee on installation workmanship offered by each of our top 5 air conditioning installation companies in South East Melbourne. Three of the top 5 air conditioning installation companies, including our top company All Climate Solutions offer a 6-year warranty on their installation workmanship. McKinnon Heating & Cooling offer a 5-year installation warranty, with Cool Control offering an amazing lifetime guarantee on their installation workmanship.

Heating solutions

The Compare Air Conditioning team looked into the heating options provided by the top 5 air conditioning installation companies in the South East Melbourne area.

All Climate Solutions

All Climate Solutions work with all the leading brands of air conditioning manufacturers and can offer ducted gas heating, ducted reverse cycle heating, hydronic heating and split system air conditioning to their customers.

A ducted gas and refrigerant system are the company’s recommended heating and cooling option for South East Melbourne customers, as it provides a total heating comfort as well as cooling. The team prefers Daikin and Braemar products for their ducted gas and refrigerant system, based on their great star ratings and reliability. The All Climate Solutions team does not recommend pairing the ducted heating with an evaporative cooling system, due to its ineffective performance in the humid summer Melbourne weather.

Other recommended options for heating include ducted systems with an electrical heat pump or reverse cycle split systems. The company can also install hydronic heating as well, which is another great option, but can be a more expensive option.


Nortan offers a wide range of heating options including split systems, ducted heating, gas wall heaters, ducted central heating systems, gas underfloor heating, space heaters, hydronic heating and underfloor heating.  The Nortan team are experts in designing the right heating system for homes and enjoy working with their customers to find the best heating solutions.

The Nortan team recommends hydronic heating systems as one of the most reliable forms of heating for customers in the South East Melbourne area. Hydronic heating provides a stable heating comfort, however, is one of the more expensive options. The Nortan team also supplies a wide range of leading manufacturers’ brands, which can be tailored to suit customers’ needs and budgets.

McKinnon Heating & Cooling

The team at McKinnon Heating & Cooling are heating specialists supply and install the following heating systems, gas ducted heating, hydronic heating, reverse cycle ducted heating, space heating, gas log fires, wall furnaces, gas heaters and solar heating.

The McKinnon Heating & Cooling team specialise in hydronic heating and believe that it is the best heating option for South East Melbourne customers. They also specialise in gas ducted heating and prefer to supply and install leading brands such as Brivis, Braemar and Lennox.

Even with their heating recommendations, the company stresses it is impossible to recommend without seeing the property first. There are many factors to consider when selecting or recommending the best heating system and the McKinnon Heating & Cooling team like to conduct a free onsite appraisal, before giving their expert advice.

Maroondah Heating and Cooling

Maroondah Heating and Cooling offers many different heating systems to create total heating comfort, which includes gas ducted heating, reverse cycle ducted systems, hydronic heating and reverse cycle split systems.  The Maroondah Heating and Cooling team aim to provide personalised service and reliable heating options for their customers.

Ducted gas heating is the Maroondah Heating and Cooling team’s top choice for heating in the South East Melbourne area. They believe it to be the most efficient way to heat entire homes due to their high efficiency systems from their preferred brands, Braemar or Brivis.

The company also provides hydronic underfloor heating, which is popular for South East Melbourne customers who are renovating or building, however can also be installed in existing and new homes. For reverse cycle ducted systems, the team prefers Panasonic and Daikin products and is a cost-effective way to achieve heating and cooling in homes across South East Melbourne. Their split system air conditioners are ideal to heat or cool a specific room, or office space and come in a variety of models from their preferred brands, Panasonic and Daikin.

Cool Control

Cool Control offers a great range of heating options for their customers with gas ducted systems, split system heating, hydronic floor heating, hydronic heating panels and electric heating. The Cool Control team are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to heating options across Melbourne and the South East.

The Cool Control team recommends hydronic floor heating as the top heating choice as it can provides a healthy, energy efficient, and affordable way to heat. Hydronic heating systems are healthier, have lower running costs, individual room temperature control capabilities, are versatile, and don’t circulate air.

Cool Control can also supply and install leading Mitsubishi Heavy Industries or Daikin ducted or split systems air conditioners in home or office. These are the best of the best air conditioners available in Australia, and are energy efficient, technically advanced air conditioners are the best on the market. So certain of their expert installations, the Cool Control company has a lifetime guarantee on their workmanship.

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