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Thinking about air conditioning and not sure where to start? Our Compare Air Conditioning review team regularly conducts comprehensive air conditioning installation company reviews and have found that not all companies are the same. Variations between companies have been found based on their pricing, preferred manufacturer brands, customer service standards, air conditioning services offered and technical experience.

The Compare Air Conditioning review team investigated and compared air conditioning installation companies in Parramatta. Five top performing companies were selected from the Parramatta area, with the number one position awarded to Air Conditioning Guys. The company was selected as the top choice for air conditioning installation, due to its outstanding performance across several review categories. Air Conditioning Guys is currently the best choice for air conditioning installation in the Parramatta area of Sydney. View our comparison table below.*



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* Up-to-date as at 13 January 2021. We review our comparison tables regularly to ensure our data is up-to-date.
* The ARC Tick identifies businesses authorised to install, service and repair fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Guys was selected as the number one company for air conditioning installation in Parramatta

The Compare Air Conditioning review team completed a comprehensive review and comparison process of air conditioning installation Parramatta companies. Air Conditioning Guys were awarded as the top choice based on their:

  • Competitive, standard market pricing;
  • Flexibility on pricing through further discounting opportunities;
  • High customer service standards;
  • Comprehensive and itemised written quotes;
  • Vast technical knowledge and experience;
  • Interest-free finance for eligible customers; and
  • Great range of air conditioning products from leading brands.

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Air Conditioning Guys’ quotation system was one of the company’s best features and set them apart from other companies.

Covid-19 update

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted how installers are engaging with customers. Parramatta Sydney installers have established policies to reduce the spread of Covid-19:

  • Air Conditioning Guys staff complete a Covid-19 e-course and use PPE. They work with customers to ensure they are safe and comfortable with the approach taken
  • Air Conditioning Warehouse are taking precautions such as sanitisers and masks.
  • Relevant Air can quote customers based on floor plans and photos. Their staff wear PPE, such as masks and gloves.
  • AirOMania can use PPE, such as masks and are wiping down and sanitising surfaces the technicians have touched
  • Endeavour Air Conditioning can quote based on floor plans and photos. Staff are using PPE, particularly gloves and wiping down surfaces and equipment.


Although the price range recorded for Air Conditioning Guys was not the absolute cheapest in the Parramatta area, their pricing was still considered competitive and at market level.  Air Conditioning Guys’ pricing is like other top 5 Parramatta-based air conditioning installation companies. Some interesting features of the company’s pricing includes:

  • The Air Conditioning Guys team are open to further discounting on their pricing, through opportunities such as the price matching of competitors quotes;
  • Air conditioning manufacturers’ special offers and promotions area available from time to time, with the sales team advising customers at the time of quoting of any current deals; and
  • The Air Conditioning Guys prefer Daikin brand products, which generally carries a higher price range than other brands and may be reflected in the company’s cost effectiveness rating.

The graph below displays the cost effectiveness rating of each of the top 5 air conditioning installation Sydney companies in the Parramatta area. Air Conditioning Guys’ cost effectiveness rating is the comparative to two other top 5 air conditioning installation companies, due to their similar standard price ranges.

The other top 5 Parramatta-based air conditioning companies also received good cost effectiveness rating, with some highlights regarding their pricing noted below:

  • Air Conditioning Warehouse and AirOMania both have an interest-free payment option to assist eligible customers with their purchase;
  • Air Conditioning Warehouse was found to offer very affordable prices on their air conditioning products and services, receiving the highest cost effectiveness rating of 5 out of 5;
  • Endeavour Air Conditioning can price match competitors’ quotes, however they need to be similar in products and installation requirements; and
  • Relevant Air & Water offers flexibility on their standard market pricing through the price matching of competitors’ quotes and volume discounts for customers purchasing multiple units at the same time.

Quotation system

Each of the quotation systems of Parramatta-based air conditioning installation companies were reviewed and compared by the Compare Air Conditioning review team.  Air Conditioning Guys’ quotation system was one of the company’s best features and set them apart from other companies, due to:

  • Their itemised and detailed written quotes, which show a breakdown of costs;
  • Pricing discounts also appear on the written quotes, such as any current manufacturers’ promotion;
  • Each quote is calculated based on individual requirements and specific factors, like floorplans and installation considerations; and
  • The company aims to provide quotes with all relevant costs and no ‘hidden’ charges.

Most initial written quotes provided by air conditioning installation companies are subject to change based on an on-site appraisal. Air Conditioning Guys offer a free in-home quote to their customers to receive a more exact quote.

The quotation systems of the other top 5 air conditioning companies in Parramatta were also reviewed and compared, with some findings presented below:

  • On the AirOMania website, customers can immediately chat with an experienced team member through their online chat feature and request a quote;
  • Air Conditioning Warehouse’s written quotes were found to be simple and less detailed than other companies;
  • The Endeavour Air Conditioning sales team will generally return a detailed, digital quote within 48 hours after receiving a request; and
  • The written quotes received from Relevant Air & Water were found to be detailed and easy to understand all the requirements and associated costs.

Customer Service

The customer service standards of all the top 5 Parramatta-based air conditioning companies were tested on several occasions, via phone and email. The Air Conditioning Guys were recorded as displaying excellent customer service standards, which set them apart from the other companies.

The graph below shows the customer service ratings for both contact methods, email and phone, awarded to the top 5 Parramatta-based air conditioning installation companies.

  • Air Con Guys
  • Air Con Warehouse
  • Relevant Air
  • AirOMania
  • Endeavour Air

The Air Conditioning Guys excellent customer service standards were demonstrated in several ways, such as:

  • Phone calls are generally answered by highly knowledgeable and experienced technicians, who can immediately assist customers with their queries;
  • The Air Conditioning Guys displayed very fast email response times, with written quotes generally received within 2 hours after sending a request for a quote;
  • The Air Conditioning Guys team offer through customers a range of choices of air conditioning systems and manufacturer brands, to match customers’ requirements and budgets;
  • Generally the Air Conditioning Guys’ team were easy to contact by both email and phone and were friendly and helpful at all times; and
  • Online ratings for Air Conditioning Guys were found to be an overall outstanding rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, reflecting high satisfaction levels from previous customers.

The email responses times for each individual company were recorded and compared with the other Parramatta companies. The graph below shows the email response speeds of the top 5 Parramatta companies to customers’ inquiries and requests for a quote. Response times were rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 reflecting a very quick response, within 6 hours and a score of 5 indicating a slower response, which was generally received after 4 days.

The Air Conditioning Guys recorded some of the fastest email response times and were awarded with the top rating of 1, which was faster than all the other top 5 companies in the Parramatta area.

  • Response time for quote
  • Response time to initial email request

All the other top 5 Parramatta-based air conditioning installation companies were found to offer good customer service standards, such as:

  • Both AirOMania and Air Conditioning Warehouse offer services outside of normal business hours, which is great for customers who work during the week;
  • Customers with Endeavour Air Conditioning can choose to contact the friendly team by phone, email or via their online customer chat system on their website; and
  • Calls to Relevant Air & Water are generally answered by a knowledgeable team member ready to answer questions and discuss options.
Parramatta-based Air Conditioning Installation expert

Product range

Air Conditioning Guys offer air conditioning products from leading air conditioning manufacturers, however, they prefer and recommend the Daikin products, due to:

  • Daikin’s reputation for quality and reliable products;
  • Their comprehensive range of models and product options; and
  • Daikin customers reporting very few issues after installation.

The preferred brands of the other top 5 Parramatta-based air conditioning installation companies vary, with:

  • Both the Air Conditioning Warehouse and Endeavour Air Conditioning’s recommending Fujitsu, due to its affordable and reliable product range;
  • AirOMania recommends and prefers Daikin and Actron Air, due to their high quality and reliable products; and
  • The Relevant Air & Water team’s top choices of brands are Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin, due to their great after-sales service and accessible spare parts.
Air Conditioning Installation Parramatta Sydney person adjusting split system

Technical expertise and experience

The Compare Air review team recorded that all the top 5 Parramatta-based air conditioning installation companies had good technical expertise and knowledge of the air conditioning industry.

Air Conditioning Installation Parramatta technician

The top company, the Air Conditioning Guys were also found to have high levels of technical knowledge and experience, demonstrated by:

  • Their more than 11 years’ experience operating and servicing the Sydney area;
  • Their highly experience team, who are all certified and licenced;
  • A 5-year warranty protection on their workmanship; and
  • Their ability to install and service a range of air conditioning systems.

The technical experience and knowledge of the other top 5 Parramatta-based air conditioning installation companies also were found to be at a high level, with the review team noting:

  • The experienced technicians at Air Conditioning Warehouse can install and service all brands and models of air conditioning systems;
  • The AirOMania team are highly experienced in undertaking apartment installations and understand all the specific requirements and considerations involved;
  • The team at Endeavour Air Conditioning can install and repair most types of air conditioning systems to a high standard; and
  • Even as one of the newest companies in the Parramatta area, Relevant Air & Water can install and repair all the air conditioning systems and brands they supply.

Variations were also found between companies in relation to the lengths of their warranty protection on their workmanship. The graph below displays the installation warranties that the top 5 Parramatta companies offer on their workmanship.

The top company, Air Conditioning Guys and two other top 5 companies all offer a standard 5-year protection on their installation services. Air Conditioning Warehouse offers shorter protection, with a one-year installation guarantee and Relevant Air and Water offered the least protection with only a 3-month guarantee. However, the Compare Air Conditioning review team has found that issues related to the installation workmanship, generally arise soon after completion.

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